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Dave Grohl on Glee:

“It’s every band’s right, you shouldn’t have to do fucking Glee. And then the guy who created Glee is so offended that we’re not, like, begging to be on his fucking show… fuck that guy for thinking anybody and everybody should want to do Glee. I watched 10 minutes. It’s not my thing"

Word, bro.
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Dave Grohl Facts non_zero
1. Dave Grohl is featured in every song available for Rock Band, with the lone exception of Cool For Cats.

2. Dave Grohl was a founding member of The Beatles.

3. Dave Grohl once tried to play the intro drums to Young Man Blues with only his left hand, but it just ended up turning into the drum beat for Everlong

4. Dave Grohl played all the instruments for every song on the Foo Fighter's debut album. All at the same time

5. Dave Grohl with stomach congestion inspired Hammer Smashed Face

6. At 1:37 in the Beatles song I Feel Fine in the Beatles: Rock Band, a young Dave Grohl can be spotted in the crowd, holding a red balloon

7. Dave Grohl played the drums on Polly only by using telepathy

9. Dave Grohl can kill the metal if he wants to

10. Dave Grohl FC'd Thrasher on a NTSC disc with DOWNSTRUMS ONLY.

11. The correct english pronoun for Dave Grohl is capitalized, bolded, underlined, and italicized.

More to follow, reply with your own if you feel like it.

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We need some Probot.
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Rock Band Character non_zero
Dave Grohl in Rock Band form:

The key is getting the facial hair right.
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MOAR GROHL! Asterik44
1.Dave Grohl didn't sell his soul to the devil, the devil sold his soul to Grohl.

2.Dave Grohl first started drumming in 1980, when he forced John Bonham to drink himself to death and proceeded to absorb his life force. He then tatooed John's logo to his wrist in mockery of the poor soul. He struck again months later when he shot down John Lennon, it was easy with Yoko's assistance, he then stripped him of his ability. Many years past as Dave went from baand to band seeking a 3rd victim when he came across Nirvana. A final showdown commenced when he forced kurt's own shotgun against him. Claiming the energy Dave triumphantly stands atop a building proclaiming "There can only be ONE!!".

3.Many documentaries have been made about him including The Matrix, Terminator 1&2, and of course 50 first dates.

4.After breaking the soundbarrier twice in one take, a frustrated Grohl suggested playing underwater to reduce his movements. After being submerged with a drumset 30,000 feet below, he readied himself with a warm up. He began with the beat to Monkey wrench which caused violent waves that resulted in the great 1998 disaster of Hokkaido, Japan.
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Grohl FlamingClaw
Dave Grohl has never purchased any instruments, they throw themselves in front of him, begging to be played.
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Dave Grohl has lived for 100,000 years and has 29 fingers to shoot his 21 guns
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Dave Grohl didn't even play drums on Smells Like Teen Spirit. His hands and feet moved so fast that he kept breaking the sound barrier. Nirvana decided to use that as the drum track.
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The Greatest True Story Ever Told doobers
If David Groul and Keith Moon made a song together it would go back in time to beat Elvis for the #1 song on the charts,that song would stay at #1 years and years and every time another song would even try to beat the song it would create a new number high on the charts than one and stay there until everyone got tired of the other song while everyone just kept listinig to the first song.the song would stay there and his cycle would continue for all time.Also everytime the song would be played every third of the song length everyone in the 56 mile area would have an orgasim far better than remotely human figure could ever supply you with.This was the actuall reason for the ''baby boom'' beacuse peope started to take advantage of these extreamly intense orgasims.This would eventually lead to extream overpopulation,poverty,and the end of the human race.And when all life is gone all that will be left is a single ipod shuffle with one song on it,you know what it is.The ipod never ran out of battery.The song was thirty seconds long.
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If harmonix made a setlist of all of David Grohl's songs it would called ''The Endless Setlist....literally''
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David Grohl fears the reaper less than seasons.
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can someone inform me on Dave's role in NIN?
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6 Bands!
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Dave Grohl FC'd Visions using only his fingers and toes and occasionally his tongue.
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Dave Grohl doesn't hit the drums with sticks. He just holds the sticks and stares down the drums until they rise up.
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