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Some point after the release of the Green Album, Weezer started copying other people's songs.

Take for instance "Then He Kissed Me". Have you listened to it? Good. Now listen to "Pork and Beans." Yeah, sounds a bit similar eh?

How about "Town Called Malice"? Now listen to "(If You're Wondering If I want You To) I Want You To." That's pretty bad.

Oh, Weezer. I know you guys needed a crappy radio single for your album. But C'MON.
09.16.11 4:05pm 4 Replies | Reply -1 Relevance
SlayerIsTheStuff - DO NOT QUESTION THE ALMIGHTY WEEZER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply
01.15.17 4:41 pm
CloudWolf - I like Pork and Beans

Flame away
09.20.11 3:10 pm
Dog - I do really enjoy their running gag of having a different bassist on each one of their self titled album covers. Reply
09.16.11 5:48 pm
Santa - You forgot to mention how they constantly throw in brand names and subliminal name drops in a ton of their songs/videos! Reply
09.16.11 5:41 pm
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