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Song: No One Knows       "GS Cutoff on Drums is way too high" zyyzyyzyy
Despite my positive review, there is something about this song on Drums that bugs me a little bit

The hardest part about this song is hitting the three triplet fills, one of which is in the drum solo. If you miss all three, you don't get the GS, and none of the three fills have overdrive attached to it. Its especially annoying because the drum solo can easily fleece you and rob you of valuable points. Just a warning for the better drum players.
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Song: I Got You (I Feel Good)       "Badly tiered drum songs on RB3?" zyyzyyzyy
lso, I'd like to say that yet another example that Harmonix doesn't know how to tier on-disc songs sometimes. I know it's relative, but come on, this song is harder than two or three devil- RB3 drum songs. It's a problem with all instruments on RB3, but on drums, here's some of the ones I found:

Low Rider (0 dots -> 3 dots)
In a Big Country (1 dot -> 4 dots)
Whip It (3 dots -> devil dots)
I Got You (3 dots -> devil dots)
Rock Lobster (5 dots -> 2 dots)
Humanoid (5 dots -> 2 dots)
Jerry Was A Racecar Driver (devil dots -> 4 dots)
No One Knows (devil dots -> 4 dots)

It just doesn't make any sense to me how Low Rider and In a Big Country, a 0 and 1-dot song respectively, is easily just as hard, if not even harder, than both Humanoid and Rock Lobster. which are both 5-dot songs.
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