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Song: I Got You (I Feel Good)       "Badly tiered drum songs on RB3?" zyyzyyzyy
lso, I'd like to say that yet another example that Harmonix doesn't know how to tier on-disc songs sometimes. I know it's relative, but come on, this song is harder than two or three devil- RB3 drum songs. It's a problem with all instruments on RB3, but on drums, here's some of the ones I found:

Low Rider (0 dots -> 3 dots)
In a Big Country (1 dot -> 4 dots)
Whip It (3 dots -> devil dots)
I Got You (3 dots -> devil dots)
Rock Lobster (5 dots -> 2 dots)
Humanoid (5 dots -> 2 dots)
Jerry Was A Racecar Driver (devil dots -> 4 dots)
No One Knows (devil dots -> 4 dots)

It just doesn't make any sense to me how Low Rider and In a Big Country, a 0 and 1-dot song respectively, is easily just as hard, if not even harder, than both Humanoid and Rock Lobster. which are both 5-dot songs.
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