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HMXOwl said:
Hey everyone,

After a good gap, it's that time again. The demo and full game for Rock Band Blitz will be coming down on or before August 28th. Released in 2012 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation®3, it's not backwards compatible on either Xbox One or PlayStation®4 (nor will it be in the future), but all 25 songs on the soundtrack can be brought over to Rock Band 4 at no additional charge. The steps for that process can be found here.

Speaking of the songs, all 25 songs featured on Rock Band Blitz were released as standard DLC after the game came out. Those versions of the songs will remain up until further notice.

tl,dr - Songs are safe, game and demo are going.

25 songs for $15 is a pretty good deal if you haven't picked this up yet.
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It adds a ton to any legacy DLC and RBN stuff you have; get this.
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Dog said:
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Realized a couple of weeks ago this was coming as we were approaching the 5 year anniversary of the game. Also no indication that the game will be severely discounted like most soon to be desisted games are. It was such a fun game, I put in well over 100 hours into it.
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Well damn, so much for buying this if I ever got a PS3. Definitely didn't expect that. I never got a chance to play it as I played Rock Band on Wii during the RB3-era, and I bought a PS4 to play Rock Band 4. If I were to get a PS3 in the future, I would definitely have bought Blitz.

From what I understand, those who already bought the game will still be able to play it, but out of pure curiosity, will DLC still be available for it? Or no word on that yet?
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Blitz just used your Rock Band DLC, it didn't have its own DLC. So that should still work.
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Yeah, that's what I meant. I wasn't sure how DLC for it worked but I knew it just supported all existing DLC (pre-RB4, at least).
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Buy it anyway, as you get the 25 songs. You'll still be able to download it and play it if you get a PS3 later.
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That sucks, this game was pretty awesome.
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