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Bront Found in: DLC 5/25 - Blink-182 & The Hunna
Need to listen to both.

Glad we're back again.
5/23/17 1:51 PM
Bront Found in: Welcome back!
I was getting worried for a while.
5/13/17 4:43 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 4/13 - Kaleo and New Order
Feeling Glass Houses, not sure about BLT. Checking out a few other Kaleo songs though, they have a good vibe. I may have to listen to that album.
4/12/17 11:36 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 3/23 - RB VR Singles
Getting Counting Stars. Not sure on the other 2. Need to listen to more than just the preview. If it had been a pack, I probably would just have gotten it. They sound OK, but I'm not a huge Mumford & Sons fan, and I don't think I know the Kings of Leon's song from what I heard on the preview.

itzJV said:
Hope it stays this way with 3 new songs each week.
We got 1 song last week, so that could be why.

Or we may get a bunch of 3 song weeks with RBVR songs.
3/21/17 8:54 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 3/16 - Kenny Loggins
All we need now is "Hanging With The Boys" and a beach volleyball stage.
3/15/17 3:06 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 1/26 - Lady Gaga 03
I like Applause, and Edge of Glory might be fun.
1/24/17 8:58 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 1/12 - All-American Rejects, fun. and Omi
Some Nights is a song that took a while to catch on with me, but I enjoy it, so will gladly pick up.

Cheerleader... not horrible, but my opinion of it worsens every time I listen to it. And not in Rock Band.
1/13/17 12:10 AM
Bront Found in: DLC 12/22 - Aerosmith 03
Love the picks.

Also love the Genre selections. Well done whoever did that.
12/21/16 10:53 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 11/10 - The Cure, Cyndi Lauper & Fine Young Cannibals
This is apparently Take My Money November.
11/08/16 7:31 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 10/25 - Maroon 5 & Matchbox Twenty
Cheep thrills and another song came out today.
10/27/16 12:24 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 9/13 - Jason Aldean & Sister Hazel
GEROMY said:
"All for You" is literally "Runaround" without the harmonica part


It's a shame he mutilated the Blues Traveler song to get it to fit better. He didn't really need to. It's maybe a half-octive shift, but very similar.
9/16/16 12:56 AM
Bront Found in: DLC 9/13 - Jason Aldean & Sister Hazel
Lowlander2 said:
Okay, I actually do recognise this 90s one-hitter...even if it sounds kinda similar to the 90s one-hitter I didn't recognise that came out not long ago. I'll pick it up.
They do sound like Blues Traveler without the Harmonica, but that's hardly a one hit wonder.
9/13/16 8:03 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 6/21 - Imagine Dragons & Three Days Grace
RBAddict666 said:
The Radioactive bass chart... WTF?!
It's part dubstep, so makes sense.
6/22/16 7:49 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 6/14 - Goo Goo Dolls & MAGIC!
Songs that will be popular at parties. Neither was that great on guitar, but they didn't suck either.
6/15/16 10:12 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 6/7 - Blues Traveler & My Chemical Romance
What other Harmonica solos do we need on guitar now?
6/11/16 4:12 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 5/31 - Twisted Sister & Warrant
I was more annoyed when there weren't Trill lanes. I hit the lanes perfectly, masked a Trill when they weren't.
6/01/16 1:01 AM
Bront Found in: DLC 5/17 - Deep Blue Something & Hozier
RBAddict666 said:
Twisted Sister will probably be either "I Wanna Rock" or "We're Not Gonna Take It".
I hope we get both.
5/17/16 12:08 AM
Bront Found in: Relicensing update 4/7
If you don't own the Styx/REO pack or the Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks pack, get both. Styx/REO are both awesome (mostly on guitar, but they're also awesome songs), and Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks pack is generally fun on most instruments in a chill but complex way.
4/06/16 8:14 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 4/5 - 30 Song Mega Pack
Midnight said:
Lodger and Don't Let Me Down (Slowly) are actually both really great songs that I promise you you're much better off getting in RB2/3.
That would require me to still have RB3. Or play keyboard ever.

On a side note, how do I add these to my song list? Do I have to hunt each one down?
4/06/16 8:11 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 4/5 - 30 Song Mega Pack
So, songs I don't have.

Blanks. – “Lodger”
Count Zero – “Shake”
DnA’s Evolution – “The Heist”
Father Octopus – “Blink”
Freezepop – “Super-Sprøde”
Giant Target – “Signs”
Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives – “Entangled”
The Main Drag – “Don’t Let Me Down (Slowly)”
The Main Drag – “What’s Your Favorite Dinosaur?”
Megasus – “Megasus”
Symbion Project – “Synthesized (Inside Your Mind Mix)”
Tijuana Sweetheart – “No Mercy”
Tijuana Sweetheart – “Trash Candy”

Songs I have though RBN so might not get anyway.
Bang Camaro – “Push Push (Lady Lightning)”

So, looks like $15 isn't that bad. I sorta feel bad about getting the Freezepop pack late last year now though. Still will give them a listen, but if it gets close to 7 songs I'd pay for, I might as well.
4/05/16 10:29 PM
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