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Bront Found in: DLC 9/7 - Vanilla Ice & Whitney Houston
This week is amazing.
9/05/17 10:36 PM
Bront Found in: Song missing on exported list
Ugh, my Bront50 RB4 account is now missing more songs (1192, should be 1257)

There's the ugly RB3/RB merge that I know is an issue, but there are also 8 RBN songs in the Megapack that do work in RB4, the RB2 Free 20 work.

Part of the issue may be I'm using the Karaoke Book generator (which suddenly the link isn't working in export, it was moments ago).

Strangely, if I just go to that link directly, I'm getting different results now. I'm now getting 1271.

Edit: Ok, now it's working, and I get what's going on. The list is working properly now.
8/08/17 11:17 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 8/3 - Blondfire & The Shelters
non_zero said:
I've been tweaking it a bit to get rid of incompatible songs when the "Incompatible with latest Rock Band" isn't checked. Let me know what troubles you're having specifically.

All ACDC is missing. It might be some of the country pack too.

Bront50 is my RB4 tracking account, anything owned there should work.
8/08/17 12:18 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 8/3 - Blondfire & The Shelters
A few good ones in there for the month, not sure about this week.

Anyone else having issues with the Export lists?
8/03/17 10:28 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 7/27 - Rage Against The Machine & The Temper Trap
Alive is kinda catchy.

Dissapointed it wasn't also Pearl Jam's Alive as a rewind. A double Alive week would have been amusing.
7/25/17 11:53 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 6/15 - Permaband
They were kinda fun on guitar. Killings is a Means isn't bad.
6/15/17 11:36 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 6/15 - Permaband
Meh, at least it's free.
6/13/17 6:44 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 6/8 - Dream Theater & Pierce the Veil
Pull Me Under definitely. Not sure about Circles.
6/08/17 3:04 PM
Bront Found in: The Official Rock Band 4 Thread
Big Quality of Life patch today. Supposedly a fix for the stuttering.
5/31/17 5:58 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 5/25 - Blink-182 & The Hunna
Need to listen to both.

Glad we're back again.
5/23/17 1:51 PM
Bront Found in: Welcome back!
I was getting worried for a while.
5/13/17 4:43 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 4/13 - Kaleo and New Order
Feeling Glass Houses, not sure about BLT. Checking out a few other Kaleo songs though, they have a good vibe. I may have to listen to that album.
4/12/17 11:36 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 3/23 - RB VR Singles
Getting Counting Stars. Not sure on the other 2. Need to listen to more than just the preview. If it had been a pack, I probably would just have gotten it. They sound OK, but I'm not a huge Mumford & Sons fan, and I don't think I know the Kings of Leon's song from what I heard on the preview.

itzJV said:
Hope it stays this way with 3 new songs each week.
We got 1 song last week, so that could be why.

Or we may get a bunch of 3 song weeks with RBVR songs.
3/21/17 8:54 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 3/16 - Kenny Loggins
All we need now is "Hanging With The Boys" and a beach volleyball stage.
3/15/17 3:06 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 1/26 - Lady Gaga 03
I like Applause, and Edge of Glory might be fun.
1/24/17 8:58 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 1/12 - All-American Rejects, fun. and Omi
Some Nights is a song that took a while to catch on with me, but I enjoy it, so will gladly pick up.

Cheerleader... not horrible, but my opinion of it worsens every time I listen to it. And not in Rock Band.
1/13/17 12:10 AM
Bront Found in: DLC 12/22 - Aerosmith 03
Love the picks.

Also love the Genre selections. Well done whoever did that.
12/21/16 10:53 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 11/10 - The Cure, Cyndi Lauper & Fine Young Cannibals
This is apparently Take My Money November.
11/08/16 7:31 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 10/25 - Maroon 5 & Matchbox Twenty
Cheep thrills and another song came out today.
10/27/16 12:24 PM
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