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Bront Found in: DLC 3/23 - RB VR Singles
Getting Counting Stars. Not sure on the other 2. Need to listen to more than just the preview. If it had been a pack, I probably would just have gotten it. They sound OK, but I'm not a huge Mumford & Sons fan, and I don't think I know the Kings of Leon's song from what I heard on the preview.

itzJV said:
Hope it stays this way with 3 new songs each week.
We got 1 song last week, so that could be why.

Or we may get a bunch of 3 song weeks with RBVR songs.
3/21/17 8:54 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 3/16 - Kenny Loggins
All we need now is "Hanging With The Boys" and a beach volleyball stage.
3/15/17 3:06 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 1/26 - Lady Gaga 03
I like Applause, and Edge of Glory might be fun.
1/24/17 8:58 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 1/12 - All-American Rejects, fun. and Omi
Some Nights is a song that took a while to catch on with me, but I enjoy it, so will gladly pick up.

Cheerleader... not horrible, but my opinion of it worsens every time I listen to it. And not in Rock Band.
1/13/17 12:10 AM
Bront Found in: DLC 12/22 - Aerosmith 03
Love the picks.

Also love the Genre selections. Well done whoever did that.
12/21/16 10:53 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 11/10 - The Cure, Cyndi Lauper & Fine Young Cannibals
This is apparently Take My Money November.
11/08/16 7:31 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 10/25 - Maroon 5 & Matchbox Twenty
Cheep thrills and another song came out today.
10/27/16 12:24 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 9/13 - Jason Aldean & Sister Hazel
GEROMY said:
"All for You" is literally "Runaround" without the harmonica part


It's a shame he mutilated the Blues Traveler song to get it to fit better. He didn't really need to. It's maybe a half-octive shift, but very similar.
9/16/16 12:56 AM
Bront Found in: DLC 9/13 - Jason Aldean & Sister Hazel
Lowlander2 said:
Okay, I actually do recognise this 90s one-hitter...even if it sounds kinda similar to the 90s one-hitter I didn't recognise that came out not long ago. I'll pick it up.
They do sound like Blues Traveler without the Harmonica, but that's hardly a one hit wonder.
9/13/16 8:03 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 6/21 - Imagine Dragons & Three Days Grace
RBAddict666 said:
The Radioactive bass chart... WTF?!
It's part dubstep, so makes sense.
6/22/16 7:49 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 6/14 - Goo Goo Dolls & MAGIC!
Songs that will be popular at parties. Neither was that great on guitar, but they didn't suck either.
6/15/16 10:12 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 6/7 - Blues Traveler & My Chemical Romance
What other Harmonica solos do we need on guitar now?
6/11/16 4:12 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 5/31 - Twisted Sister & Warrant
I was more annoyed when there weren't Trill lanes. I hit the lanes perfectly, masked a Trill when they weren't.
6/01/16 1:01 AM
Bront Found in: DLC 5/17 - Deep Blue Something & Hozier
RBAddict666 said:
Twisted Sister will probably be either "I Wanna Rock" or "We're Not Gonna Take It".
I hope we get both.
5/17/16 12:08 AM
Bront Found in: Relicensing update 4/7
If you don't own the Styx/REO pack or the Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks pack, get both. Styx/REO are both awesome (mostly on guitar, but they're also awesome songs), and Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks pack is generally fun on most instruments in a chill but complex way.
4/06/16 8:14 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 4/5 - 30 Song Mega Pack
Midnight said:
Lodger and Don't Let Me Down (Slowly) are actually both really great songs that I promise you you're much better off getting in RB2/3.
That would require me to still have RB3. Or play keyboard ever.

On a side note, how do I add these to my song list? Do I have to hunt each one down?
4/06/16 8:11 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 4/5 - 30 Song Mega Pack
So, songs I don't have.

Blanks. – “Lodger”
Count Zero – “Shake”
DnA’s Evolution – “The Heist”
Father Octopus – “Blink”
Freezepop – “Super-Sprøde”
Giant Target – “Signs”
Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives – “Entangled”
The Main Drag – “Don’t Let Me Down (Slowly)”
The Main Drag – “What’s Your Favorite Dinosaur?”
Megasus – “Megasus”
Symbion Project – “Synthesized (Inside Your Mind Mix)”
Tijuana Sweetheart – “No Mercy”
Tijuana Sweetheart – “Trash Candy”

Songs I have though RBN so might not get anyway.
Bang Camaro – “Push Push (Lady Lightning)”

So, looks like $15 isn't that bad. I sorta feel bad about getting the Freezepop pack late last year now though. Still will give them a listen, but if it gets close to 7 songs I'd pay for, I might as well.
4/05/16 10:29 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 3/22 - Fall Out Boy, Neon Trees, and 5 Seconds of Summer
Got the pack. Nothing earthshatering but fun.
3/22/16 11:34 PM
Bront Found in: DLC 3/8 - One Direction
Am I the only one that hears Baba O'Reily in the "Best Song Ever" into?
3/09/16 8:52 AM
Bront Found in: DLC 3/8 - One Direction
Getting "What Makes You Beautiful" and "Best Song Ever". "Story of My Life" sounds like it might be OK and on guitar, but "Never Enough" is enough to turn me off the pack, so it's likely just the 2.
3/08/16 1:14 AM
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