Bront50 Found in: Song missing on exported list
There's a lot missing from the Export lists now. AC/DC for example. My exported list should be 1262 songs, and it's showing 1203.
8/03/17 12:58 AM
Bront50 Found in: Relicensing update - Rock Band Blitz
Buy it anyway, as you get the 25 songs. You'll still be able to download it and play it if you get a PS3 later.
8/03/17 12:43 AM
Bront50 Found in: DLC 6/15 - Permaband
They were kinda fun on guitar. Killings is a Means isn't bad.
6/15/17 11:34 PM
Bront50 Found in: Welcome back!
Posting on Facebook work. I think Non-Zero kicked the server and that's all.
5/14/17 2:51 PM
Bront50 Found in: DLC 9/13 - Jason Aldean & Sister Hazel
9/16/16 12:53 AM
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