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GEROMY Found in: The Most Awesome Thing You've Seen Today
Guys so GOPIRATE spends a disturbing large amount of time posting incomprehensible messages on social media right?



GOPIRATE is Donald Trump
3/21/17 5:33 PM
GEROMY Found in: Relicensing update - 2/27
So um is this band real? I've found absolutely no proof of this group's existence outside them having a song on Rock Band. Which is weird because even RBN artists have like a Bandcamp or something.
3/03/17 5:49 PM
GEROMY Found in: New Neil Cicierega album
OH and they STILL don't have Story of a Girl. Unfuckingbelieveable.
1/26/17 2:24 AM
GEROMY Found in: New Neil Cicierega album
Busta is great but it reminds me. Why is there no TLC in Rock Band? Like when RB3 was announced I was so sure Waterfalls was gonna be on the tracklist and when it wasn't I was like "oh ok, they're saving it for the TLC 3-pack down the road" BUT THEN WE HAD LIKE FOUR YEARS OF DLC WITH NO TLC. Like jesus what the fuck Harmonix, is your idea of 90's nostalgia really Vertical fucking Horizon??? You gave THE FLYZ DLC ffs.

Like, come on. Redeem yourself HMX. TLC 01. Waterfalls and No Scrubs. Creep would be better at parties but Unpretty has a really surprisingly shredding guitar part.
1/26/17 2:19 AM
GEROMY Found in: New Neil Cicierega album

I started crying two seconds into "Floor Corn" and didn't stop until it was over
1/25/17 1:19 PM
GEROMY Found in: DLC 10/11 - Andy Grammer & Shawn Mendes
10/10/16 2:52 PM
GEROMY Found in: DLC 9/20 - Megadeth, Ozzy Osbourne, & Slipknot
This isn't Talking Heads...

Oh and we're like three years too late to get them with keys but I'm really pissed that the Roadrunner pack from 2011 didn't have Type O Negative in it. Come on, so much more fun than Trivium...
9/20/16 8:18 PM
GEROMY Found in: DLC 9/13 - Jason Aldean & Sister Hazel
"All for You" is literally "Runaround" without the harmonica part

9/13/16 8:44 PM
GEROMY Found in: DLC 9/13 - Jason Aldean & Sister Hazel
> 90's one hit wonder
> not "Groove is in the Heart"

hamronix pls
9/13/16 6:33 PM
GEROMY Found in: DLC 8/30 - Heart & Winger
Genre: A "Minor" Love Story

BTW, is "Seventeen" in 17/4?
8/29/16 8:53 PM
GEROMY Found in: DLC 8/16 - Tonic & Vertical Horizon
"Supermarket Music"
"Generic 90s Rock"

8/15/16 9:53 PM
GEROMY Found in: DLC 8/2 - Counting Crows & Robin Thicke
> Counting Crows
> Tonic
> Vertical Horizon

Harmonix it's nice that you like 90's music but there were groups that existed between the years 1990 and 1999 that weren't like unlistenable white people ""alternative"" garbage??????????????????????????
8/01/16 8:26 PM
GEROMY Found in: DLC 7/26 - Bastille & The Black Eyed Peas
Everyone says "I Gotta Feeling" was the obvious pick but I was like 100% sure it was going to be "Pump It" so you could have "Misirlou" with a full band chart
7/27/16 2:46 PM
GEROMY Found in: The Official "Rocksmith 2014" Thread
What are the odds we get something from one of their 90's albums

(Don't tell me or I'll cry)
7/24/16 1:15 PM
GEROMY Found in: DLC 7/5 - Hinder & Pixies
So I guess our prospects of getting an actually good Pixies song are dead in the water now

7/01/16 11:44 AM
GEROMY Found in: DLC 6/28 - The Killers & Toto
That's "Happy?" by Mudvayne which was released as DLC four years ago
6/30/16 10:17 PM
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