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ares said:

QF--Did I really just agree with Ares?

I... I feel dirty.
3/28/09 2:59 PM
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Live Earth and Live Aid are two different things, dipshit. :]

Again, aware, but I never back out of a bad idea.
3/28/09 2:20 PM
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robondacob said:
Dumbest meme ever ftl

Most memes aren't even funny anymore. The retards at my school drove them to the ground then stomped on them.

Agreed, but when have I ever backed out of a bad idea? And now I'm done with this topic I guess. Rock on.
3/28/09 12:26 PM
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so i heard you like mudkips?
3/28/09 12:22 PM
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Like "Live Earth" that they have every year, where bands come together to play gigs.

We care a lot about starvation and the food that Live Aid bought.
3/28/09 12:13 PM
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quinaking said:
Equality for everyone and all but this idea is stupid and won't accomplish anything.

That's what I told your mom about having you but she didn't listen.
3/28/09 11:53 AM
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dub said:
i want to see my stats on every section like in GH2


Also, I'd love to see Jukebox mode get incorporated (especially would like an option to focus on a specific instrument for the entire song). However, I suspect the reason it was removed and there are no plans to currently revisit it deals with the record labels.
3/28/09 8:01 AM
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Leprosy returns only 'Toothpaste Leprosy' on the site, but I'm not sure if all bands appear on there or only ones for registered users on the site.

quinaking said:
Karmeluex advised against it for Camera Eye or something but eh.

Well, not just Camera Eye. Seeing how you ONLY do vocals, you have no reason to get YYZ either, which is instrumental, and you won't play it with your bandmates because they can't if you're on vocals. Regardless, I was just recommending if you wanted to save some money what to dance around. If you don't care, then do what you want. JUST DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU.
3/28/09 7:58 AM
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FYI, searching bands for Tyrant on rockband.com returns one created by brno32. Did you plan for the contingency of the name already being taken?
3/28/09 3:52 AM
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band feud is a+++ would watch again
3/27/09 11:07 AM
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Guys, the worst thing ever just happened.

Ares posted a topic.

Am I doing this right?
3/27/09 10:16 AM
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I'd say Boston personally, as I think it's all pretty solid. Amazing Journey and Real Nice Boy in the Who pack are missable on guitar/bass, from what I recall.

Honestly, I think most of the albums have their caveats. Ten has Master/Slave as well as Oceans and Release depending on who you ask, Foo Fighters has also has a few songs that aren't great on guitar/bass. But I'm always a fan of handpicking and trying to only have songs I really enjoy in the game. After Doolittle, that is.
3/27/09 2:04 AM
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Can someone record it for me on their camera phone? I'd like to see the reunion show, but the tickets are hella expensive.
3/26/09 3:43 PM
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non_zero said:
I only have 65% DLC.

Let's start our own band.
3/26/09 1:19 PM
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dogmatic said:
- Must have adequate amount of DLC (over 80%)


dogmatic said:
(I don't like waiting 15 minutes while you go and have a )

I'm not a smoker but you might need to look i'm going for a gay joke here okay okay i'm done
3/26/09 1:15 PM
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Ascella Vega - Where You Want to Be
3/26/09 1:10 PM
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I'm a bit concerned about not telling us pricing. It could be the first of those three dollar songs we heard about so long ago.

Or it could be in the same vein as some others where they give us an awesome song halfprice.

Optimism says the latter. Realism says they were probably just trying to be mysterious.
3/26/09 8:25 AM
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I know I certainly prefer getting recommendations from friends or the closest appromixation rather than just going by the internet.

Also, I'm sure there's music players/programs take can create lists like that automatically, and if not, it'd be a simple program to make.
3/26/09 8:03 AM
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My top three recommendations are:

Penturbia by Troubled Hubble
Making Beds in Burning Houses by Troubled Hubble

-Alternative. Told one would like it if you like Weezer and New Pornographers. Both albums have some misses on it, but still a lot of great stuff overall.

Royal by the Amazing Crowns

-Rockabilly (I think Chop Shop and some others push into psychobilly, though). Mr. Fix It appeared in GHII and apparently didn't interest you, but I think that's song probably the weakest instrumentally.

The End is Here by Five Iron Frenzy

-Ska Punk. A double album, first being their last studio album The End is Near (14 tracks), and the other being their last live show (18 tracks). The first disc covers a large range of styles, although I think there are some misses, and That's How the Story Ends won't make any sense if you're not a big FIF fan. The second disc covers the range of their career and is pretty fun to me, but I'm a big FIF fan, so you know, take that as you will.
3/26/09 5:11 AM
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Five Iron Frenzy - See the Flames Begin to Crawl
3/25/09 3:32 PM
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