Karmeleaux Found in: Rock Band Track Pack: Classic Rock.
quinaking said:
if 1994 is classic rock why is there no Under the Bridge?

I'd imagine they're compiling an Alternative Track Pack but it seems they would already be able to get around to that. Not that I care anyway, I get my additional songs using the internet because I'm hip.
3/23/09 7:01 AM
Karmeleaux Found in: Rock Band Track Pack: Classic Rock.
1994 is considered Classic Rock now?
3/23/09 6:42 AM
Karmeleaux Found in: More Leaked DLC.
Are we human, or are we dancer?

I'm seriously asking.
3/22/09 5:23 AM
Karmeleaux Found in: More Leaked DLC.
quinaking said:
I got my hopes up than I read 'indie"


Also, you mean 'then' and 'matching quotation marks.' :D
3/22/09 5:18 AM
Karmeleaux Found in: I've joined the dark side.
non_zero said:
Why the fuck are my forums so gay.

This angers me!

Well, in general, gay jokes are really easy, and most people are really lazy.

Because they're worn out from all the gay sex.

See? Easy.
3/21/09 1:43 PM
Karmeleaux Found in: I've joined the dark side.
dub said:
he means PS3

Oh, THAT dark side?

Dang, and I was looking forward to working with him. Side by side. Back to back. Face to face. Mouth to mouth.

Wait, what are we talking about again?
3/21/09 1:25 PM
Karmeleaux Found in: Jonny is alive!
lol @ dogmatic

Am I doing this right?
3/21/09 12:00 PM
Karmeleaux Found in: "What RBDLC am I missing?" Game
Well, being an alternative (wee vague genres) whore, I'd say you're missing out on unique songs in the Fratellis and POTUS pack.

Seeing how you say you prefer bass, they're both still good recommendations, I'd say.

Aside from that, you've got a lot of DLC, so I can't say too much. Unless you really didn't decide to buy anything from this week, in which case you're missing out somewhat on the funk (at least Shining Star) and possibly All the Things that Go to Make Heaven and Earth.

I bet I'll get metal recommendations. Partially because it's largely what I'm missing.
3/21/09 11:50 AM
Karmeleaux Found in: I've joined the dark side.
Welcome aboard.
3/21/09 11:34 AM
Karmeleaux Found in: Do People Like *Insert Song Name*?
Playing catch-up:

Shoulder to the Plow - Not really a fan of the style of music, so can't really judge unbiasedly.

Master Exploder - It's alright. It's one of those awkward songs where everyone wants to play it at a party but no one can actually play it and they get all pissy and start whining. And personally I have no reason to play it by myself.

The Trees (Vault Edition) - I like the story in this one, actually, I imagine it's fun to sing. Drums are alright but nothing special like some of their stuff, and it drags in general in the middle to me.

In short, I don't really care for any of 'em. Shoulder to the Plow moreso than the other two, but again, that's a genre barrier for me.

Also, yes on Spirit of Radio. We also need Harmonix to tier it above Last Resort and have them go "SEE KONAMI, THAT'S HOW IT'S FUCKING DONE." At least, if what I'm told about Last Resort being tiered higher than Spirit of Radio on guitar in Rock Revolution is true.
3/21/09 3:41 AM
Karmeleaux Found in: DLC for 3/24
porch damn you bastards

It's like quina's thing with Garden but Garden sucks and quina sucks.

Was that quina's thing? It is now.
3/20/09 3:56 PM
Karmeleaux Found in: Guitar Hero: Metallica Demo is available on XBL
I got a voice message from quinaking saying something like 'Yo dude that whole FullyAvenged being a robot thing can wait. Guitar Hero: Metallica does NOT suck. It is an achievement of mankind. I'm going to go play it nonstop now. Screw that Avenged thing.'

Just thought I'd share with you guys. Also, I guess I'll try it out, I've got time.
3/20/09 5:12 AM
Karmeleaux Found in: DLC for 3/24
I was wondering the same thing about the live tracks. Hopefully they'll do what they did with the Harmonix track pack and just throw them out on the marketplace in a few months, which is better than never.
3/20/09 1:21 AM
Karmeleaux Found in: Do People Like *Insert Song Name*?
quinaking said:
List of song I DON'T like :D

Supreme Girl

): It's got an organ and sax solo in it, what's not to like?
3/20/09 1:09 AM
Karmeleaux Found in: Dyeers Eve (Expert+ / Expert full band)
If I play standing up, I always end up like jumping up and down or getting down on my knees at an epic point*, both of which make me look stupid.

I always play standing up.

*Also, the outro solo to Conventional Lover, which isn't really epic, but I wanna get on my knees like a sex machine there anyway and wait what did I just say.
3/19/09 1:40 PM
Karmeleaux Found in: What musical instruments do you play?
You might want to skip the next step.
3/19/09 12:24 PM
Karmeleaux Found in: Set your iPod, iTunes, mp3 etc on shuffle....
Are you ready for some mood whiplash?

1. "The Final Countdown" Europe, The Final Countdown
2. "Maybe I'm A Leo" Deep Purple, Machine Head
3. "Be My Lady" The Meters, Funkify Your Life
4. "Courage the Cowardly Dog" They Might Be Giants, CN Groovies
5. "Give Me One Reason" Tracy Chapman, New Beginning
6. "You and I Both [Live]" Jason Mraz, Tonight, Not Again
7. "Sea and Sand" The Who, Quadrophenia
8. "Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)" The Offspring, Greatest Hits
9. "Tightrope" The Stone Roses, Second Coming
10. "No One Knows" Queens of the Stone Age, Songs for the Deaf

It actually probably could be more eclectic now that I look at it.

EDIT: Dang Smurfy beating me on Europe.
3/19/09 11:54 AM
Karmeleaux Found in: Woo...Red Ring
Also, the reason I'm so sedate about this is because I can just steal my mom's 360 when I go visit my lovely drums this weekend. She won't notice, she's played it like twice despite demanding we buy it for her. Good times!
3/19/09 5:34 AM
Karmeleaux Found in: Woo...Red Ring
If this isn't too old to bump:

Red ring'd! Hadn't had any problems before, although I do believe like half a year ago I cheated myself out of a red ring via dropkick, so I suppose it's not a complete surprise.
3/19/09 5:24 AM
Karmeleaux Found in: What's the most recent album(s) you've bought and/or got?
I'm saying in general, not at you specifically. At you specifically: Your face is ugly.

Also, I'm too lazy to do that. My plan is to let you do all the work, and then take all the credit. It's not going too well right now, but I have high hopes.
3/19/09 2:05 AM
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