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Obligatory Steam sale alert, 10 bucks for Rocksmith 2014 for the weekend, 40% off all DLC up until and including the Tenacious D pack.
3/24/16 1:10 PM
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I was actually wondering why they didn't have more tiers with DLC, it makes sense to give out some DLC from some artists you have a lot of DLC of, like Megadeth, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, et cetera. People want it and it'll make people more likely to buy more DLC, it seems like it'd be an ideal tier or add-on.

As it is I think this crowdfunding did a poor job of people wanting to invest for a hundred or less, which is where the majority of backers will sit. I guess it's a 30-day thing for 1.5 million so they wanted to try to strike it up for the premium tiers, but it looks like people aren't biting.
3/22/16 3:56 PM
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Man I hope Blame is in there, that's definitely my favorite Collective Soul song on guitar, but there's a lot of hits so I don't BLAME them if it's not in there, ah ah.

I will still complain Tuesday though, don't worry.
3/12/16 12:47 AM
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If every semi-active member of DLCQP donated just one thousand dollars, we could put in a made-by-committee theme song for DLCQP as free DLC.
3/10/16 9:08 PM
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I look forward to the random guesses every week where someone's like 'maybe this is what the newsletter's clue for 'a trip to the movies was referencing'' because every time. I'm not even sure why they put the first week's hint in there because it just leads to these poor confused souls, why doesn't Ubisoft save them the torment.
3/02/16 8:27 PM
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What I don't like is how adamant they are that new RBN stuff will never come to consoles.

They're adamant the infrastructure will never come to consoles, not the songs themselves:

The Fig site said:
(with the exception of Rock Band Network, which will only run on PC - although we hope to be able to take select RBN songs and bring across to console also).

More than likely it's a usual licensing is tough thing, as well as the PC having different infrastructure (because it has a different pipeline for distribution set up for this, because they're trying to add more encryption, because it's a different company entirely handling the PC release) so it'll probably take the same amount of effort transferring over old RBN stuff did, and their team is smaller now.
3/02/16 2:43 PM
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The thirty free songs are the Harmonix band ones (from RB1/2/RBN) handed out for the Amazon pre-order of the console versions of Rock Band 4.

There are three new DLC songs in addition, but I'm confident they'll make their way over after the campaign because why wouldn't they.
3/02/16 12:21 AM
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I'm into a PC version, especially for the return of the Rock Band Network on Steam. I'll definitely chip in something at some point during the campaign.
3/01/16 2:17 PM
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While the general point is obvious, if you think about some of the artists they've done packs for it's genuinely ridiculous we've never seen Joan Jett, her stuff's everywhere in rhythm games including Guitar Hero I so it's not like it's prohibitively expensive or anything.

Karm rambles on his own:

Sleater-Kinney falls into the punk-esque stuff they love to fill off-weeks with. Already mentioned so I'll try not to ramble, but yes please already. Ugh limiting myself to singles links here or else this would be the entire post.

Distillers also fall into the punk stuff they love, but it tends to be very bass focused and ha ha on that.

Tracy Chapman falls into the nineties which they love to hit on off-weeks as well, as well as blues which they also love. The lack of Tracy Chapman in ANY rhythm game has always infuriated me, but given the complete lack it's POSSIBLE it's a licensing thing rather than solely due to omission? I don't know, I think I'm being too forgiving.

The Cardigans, also someone who falls into their nineties lust (which no bad thing to have), have a range of singles that have decent hooks and interesting effects.

Ditto with Elastica, falling into the nineties and Britpop they often hit.

Sonic Youth's a bit more abrasive than a lot of what they hit, but again unique hooks and effects. I should probably link more than Titanium Expose, but I decided not to so deal.

Really I think I'm gonna hafta reduce my nineties one to a list, as I always hafta. Stay by Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories, Come to My Window by Melissa Etheridge, What's Up by 4 Non Blondes, Natalie Imbruglia's cover of Torn (or the original by Ednaswap but ha ha), Sunny Came Home by Shawn Colin, these are all songs the overwhelming majority of people alive at the time know of.


Rilo Kiley, while admittedly being not as recognizable as the above (or as within their safety zones), has really interesting music and lyrics, again a resplendent pool of hooks and effects to pull from.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals have tons of great stuff as well, but I'm not holding my breath for any other representation, sadly.

Modern country has yet to be represented in Rocksmith sadly, and, while there's some classics I can think of, I'd REALLY like to see some Lucinda Williams. Miranda Lambert's nice too, but Lucinda Williams' stuff tends to have more layers and those are neat in Rocksmith.

In classic rock, Shocking Blue's original versions of Venus, Aretha Franklin's Chain of Fools, and Carole King's I Feel the Earth Move are all killer.

Speaking of, Janis Joplin's mentioned and everyone can think of Piece of My Heart and Me and Bobby McGee, but I'd also like to note Summertime, a song driven by two contrasting guitar parts. Like one of my favorite guitar songs of all time.

In Karm snobbery:

Oh my goodness could we get some Seatbelts in something. Rocksmith's shown a love for Japanese music briefly and I love so much Seatbelts. But again predominantly bass and ha ha aw.

Curved Air would be excellent for a prog pack, but this is a genre they haven't represented much.

The Hush Sound have some really good stuff, they never made it superbig but we have Greta Morgan's other band Gold Motel so I'd love-love-love some of this in there.

The Irresponsibles might not be terribly recognizable outside of the circle of people who bought their songs here, but I've got their albums and I think they're one of the best modern rock bands.

Juliette and the Licks have some killer stuff from Four on the Floor, but given that album has Dave Grohl on drums I'd probably rather see in Rock Band.

Beebs and Her Moneymakers have some killer bass lines, but I'm not holding my breath on ska getting any major representation, much less someone who isn't one of the biggest acts in the subculture. Also ha ha focusing on bass.

Five Iron Frenzy have a female saxophonist. It's not an instrument glamorized in any way in Rocksmith, but mmm Five Iron Frenzy.

Screaming Females are unlikely to get any more representation, but the whole album Ugly is really cool on guitar, actually, I was very surprised when I picked up just how strong the hooks were.

And the biggest dream Karm ever had, Splashdown. A fairly obscure Boston band made up of Harmonix employees that broke up over a dispute with their record label, I don't see this happening in about the next three runs of the universe. Still, I assume part of my rambling is also to promote these bands in general, so here you go.

Unless we're counting 8 Inch Betsy, but ha ha even proving that band existed outside of the Rock Band Network.

So hey Quina remember when I said I was gonna make you a mixtape? There you go, there's like half of one. (a good chunk of this stuff i suspect you already know or is not your speed but this post shockingly is not just for you it's mostly just for me)
2/07/16 1:25 AM
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Steam sale until the 12th. 75% off Rocksmith 2014, only 50% off Rocksmith 1 for some reason, but Steam supposedly fixed the glitch to where now you can buy Rocksmith 1 DLC for Rocksmith 2014 without having to own the first one finally.

40% off DLC, up until Black Keys 02, which is nice, because I was waiting for that pack to go on sale.
2/05/16 2:29 PM
Karmeleaux Found in: The Official "Rocksmith 2014" Thread
Surprised Runaway Train wasn't on the guesses, definitely the type of nineties they like to hit.
2/04/16 2:51 AM
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