Karmeleaux Found in: DLC 1/19 - 90s Grunge
As an armchair commentator, this is a really good pack, my only complaint is that it's not larger. I'd love to see some Pearl Jam that isn't Ten or Backspacer, there's always more Nirvana, and now that they're into ridiculous alt-charting again we need My Baby Said by Sponge so sax grunge solo is charted to guitar.
1/15/16 1:17 PM
Karmeleaux Found in: Relicensing update 1/13
Levitate's a bummer to lose, I was really hopin' for more I Mother Earth added to the platform after the announcement of RB4.
1/13/16 4:39 PM
Karmeleaux Found in: DLC 1/12 - Disturburbed 04
CloudWolf said:
Opeth, BtBaM and Symphony X are ephemeral pop now?

Also factually U2, Van Halen, the admittedly less than stellar 00's showing (but it was rock), and the older songs that were probably bumped from disc (Iggy Pop/Palmer/Hollies) were in the past nine weeks.

It's hyperbole, but we all do it all the time.
1/12/16 2:17 PM
Karmeleaux Found in: Guitar Hero Live setlist
One of you might want to PM zero about this if you haven't. I know the second post was made during a time he didn't have internet, and the next two he might have been busy with holiday stuff because I know firsthand that can be a beast that eats up like two months, but this is a fair request and I feel like you and/or toymachine would have no problem maintaining it.
1/10/16 6:43 PM
Karmeleaux Found in: RB4 Preorder Songs Missing
None of the songs that were part of that were new additions to the platform as a whole, the ones that were not exports were instead originally released via the RBN, you can find them under that tab on the My DLC if you search for them.

It's not convenient for the user, but that was a weird release.
1/10/16 6:38 PM
Karmeleaux Found in: The Official Rock Band 4 Thread
Aside from score/FC chasers, the mode did have (admittedly diminishing) role for other niche uses. In RB1 and RB2 I used it to play my acoustic drumset, in RB3 I used it to do that when I didn't want my Rock Band page to read 'This fucking loser just got 0 stars on this song.'

It sounds like RB4 is one I could just play along with my acoustic drums, in fact according to some people it sounds like the only way to play drums.

12/24/15 1:34 PM
Karmeleaux Found in: The Official Rock Band 4 Thread
"Oh, and next month, following on the success of our partnership with Bethesda and the Fallout 4 Vault Suit we added to the Rock Shop, we’re teaming up with another amazing studio for a set of tie-in clothing assets that we’re pretty sure you’ll be psyched about."

Oh man are they gettin' Nepnep outfits???
12/23/15 2:37 PM
Karmeleaux Found in: The Official Rock Band 4 Thread
It'd be weird if they weren't because I feel like they've passed through re-licensing for all the bands, and sure those are the biggest hits of those bands but it seems like re-licensing tends to be all or nothing?

But who knows, licensing is weird.
12/23/15 1:00 PM
Karmeleaux Found in: The Official "Rocksmith 2014" Thread
Kinda bummed the response means no Trippin' On a Hole In A Paper Heart given the pack size, but hopin' superhard Big Empty's in the pack. Assuming Interstate Love Song is. Anything else kinda depends on mood or chart for me.
12/19/15 1:51 AM
Karmeleaux Found in: The Official "Rocksmith 2014" Thread
Mm, we'll see the charts, but Skillet's never been my thing. If I personally had to pick a Christian Rock band, I'd choose Relient K (many of their songs go all over the place and are a blast to play as a result) or Switchfoot (mostly for my own nostalgia).

If I had to pick a Christian band, I'd choose Five Iron Frenzy. What do you mean 'shut up, Karm, seriously already, we get it.' Fair enough.

five iron frenzy is so good though seriously
11/30/15 11:58 AM
Karmeleaux Found in: DLC 12/1 - Beck, Cold War Kids, and More!
Curmudgeon mode: Oh hey, Renegades is that song that sounds the least like its subject matter since Hysteria by Def Leppard.

Otherwise, even though I don't own the game yet I still always enjoy diversity weeks, and this is a pretty diverse week.
11/30/15 11:50 AM
Karmeleaux Found in: The Official "Rocksmith 2014" Thread
If you're somehow oblivious to the Steam sale, twenty bucks for Rocksmith 2014 (fifteen for the original) and forty percent off all almost DLC (everything except Breaking Benjamin and newer) until December 1st.
11/25/15 5:26 PM
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