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toymachine said:

Lying From You isn't, because it has more guitar than In The End so why would it be in the game about learning guitar. (to be fair In The End was a huge huge hit, but admitting facts on the internet isn't fun)

Feels quite a bit like they're still working through songs they licensed for ondisc then ultimately bumped to DLC, so everyone complaining should be thankful for that at least.
11/09/15 3:47 PM
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Ugh, Hit Singles I was pretty good, in addition to last week's pack I'm starting to regret using my spending money for the month on weeaboo as fuck games. However, Nepnep 3, mm.
10/30/15 8:07 PM
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Bront said:
I believe Aerosmith is the most successful US band of all time. Not sure if thats in total record sales, money, or what,but it's not even close. They also were big in the 90s as well as the 70s.

I looked this up because Googling it does come up with a few headlines that go into anecdotes if they load at all, but as far as ceritified sales go, Eagles have them beat on the U.S. band scene and that's not even touching solo artists. As an overly critical aside, I also kinda don't get when country stops being a qualifier, like are we gonna be stoked when Sri Lanka's 'most successful' band pops up.

Much less critically, I will cede I was unaware they were even competitive with the Eagles, because as I said the band simply didn't have staying powers in the circles I was in; I did not select them for that of course, with various circles touching country and rap and various broad spectrums so it wasn't a narrow band. I do not mean to imply this is the norm here, but simply in my experience they weren't held as an impactful band. I certainly didn't think they were unsuccessful, mind you, I'm not foolish; I just had always put them more in the 'Journey' bracket of success.

I ceded already that I should have used different phrasing, and I will admit I am surprised at their success in scope to what I thought they had. But I don't know, in the same way I saw a lot of people non-US people seemed to have went 'who' when we got the Sublime pack, I just will not be able to consider Aerosmith a big grab in the worldview I grew up in, especially given this wasn't the legendary first licensing of them, which I did think was neat at the time. A second pack is neat, and it's probably fair that's big to a lot of people; I'll cede that, as I would have already in the different wording I stated I should have used.

Personally, I think we're gonna see sparse 'big new' (there I did it) stuff until mid-December, like one shiny new ooh thing a month, then they're gonna try to really knock out it of the park during at least the first three weeks of January when there's a lot of new adopters due to gifted games and systems. I could very easily and provably end up wrong, but it was just my gut feeling. If I do end up wrong, oh well, there's worse things to be wrong about than DLC release patterns.
10/30/15 3:04 AM
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Bront said:
Aerosmith is hardly not Big stuff. It's week 3 otherwise and 1 week was for some preorder stuff. Every week won't be epic for everyone.

Yeah I thought about responding to Cloudwolf's questioning earlier but it was early enough I didn't want to derail possible discussion about the specific songs.

NOW: I don't know, I've never really grown up in an environment where Aerosmith is a huge deal, definitely not 'A Rank' classic rock in any circle I've been in. When they got the licensing towards the end of Rock Band 3 that was a big enough deal, but once they did that further licensing doesn't particularly impress me.

I'm not saying every week has to be epic for everyone, I've been here since the beginning, I know. I'm saying that they've been like 'We've got U2 and Van Halen lined up, which are shining new licenses for us' but my suspicion is when pre-release they were like 'Yeah they'll be a major patch early December' that they will probably try to time so when some people open it Christmas morning the newest DLC is one of those shiny new bands.

I guess I should have elaborated 'big new' or something but fart.
10/29/15 12:29 PM
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Erin said:
I love INXS but that is a terrible song

3 miss weeks in a row :(

My theory is they might be holding onto some of the 'big' stuff until after the first update and more importantly when it's adopted more by people who got it for Christmas. We'll see in the interim if I'm wrong.
10/26/15 1:23 PM
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Just wrote some (five as of this post) reviews for ondisc bass songs testin' out a review style I've had in mind for a while, I'd appreciate any feedback from interested parties because I'll probably hit DLC at some point with this so ideally it'll actually be informative then.
10/20/15 10:41 PM
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Erin said:

Are you serious? I thought you were talking about Michael Jackson.

Look up Jimmy Paige kidnapping and/or pedophile on Google, pretty much the story goes he had a roadie abduct a fourteen-year-old from a club because he liked the look of her. I don't know if that part has ever been fully verified, but it certainly is verified that he definitely 'dated' her for a while before switchin' to another girl.
10/19/15 12:38 PM
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Havin' been a bit burned out on discussions about gender issues in media due to term papers and tumblr going up its own asshole about anything and everything, I don't have much to contribute to the conversation about a certain song except I'm glad it's happening because people being forced to evaluate things critically they hadn't before is how mindsets are changed, and also I honestly just think it's a musically grating song? (Also goddamn is there a version of that song on YouTube with comments disabled because I was like 'Lowlander's YouTube account I know about is terminated, I don't any comments of Lowlander's on the DLC announcement, maybe Lowlander was referring to commenting the specific video linked there but I cannot begin to pierce that bile and I feel bad for anyone who tries)

Otherwise, Cryin' should be okay musically and gameplaywise, Rats in the Cellar is a pretty good choice honestly, Love in an Elevator is not. Would probably buy select singles from the pack if I had the game, though were I charge of DLC this is most definitely not the first disc band I would have thrown a pack out of.
10/19/15 12:34 PM
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Check the Imports and RBN tabs when you're on the My DLC page, all of those songs were actually originally released as on-disc or DLC songs in Rock Band 1/2 or through the Rock Band Network.

I don't know if there's a way zero can make it easier for new people to integrate them rather than hunt them down manually, but if not well you can do that.

To help, from what I recall:
Rock Band 1 Import (under the Imports tab):
Blood Doll by Anarchy Club
Brainpower by Freezepop
Can't Let Go by Death of the Cool
Day Late, Dollar Short by the Acro-Brats
I Get By by Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives
Outside by Tribe
Pleasure (Pleasure) by Bang Camaro
Seven by Tijuana Sweetheart (band name under VAGIANT still possibly? I don't know)

Rock Band 2 Import (under the Imports tab):
A Jagger Gorgeous Winter by The Main Drag
Conventional Lover by Speck
Get Clean by Anarchy Club
Night Lies by Bang Camaro (I think it's been retconned to Bang Camaro II now, whee)
Rob The Prez-O-Dent by That Handsome Devil
Shoulder to the Plough by Breaking Wheel

Rock Band DLC (under DLC (the default tab), though you'll have to type the song and/or band names in the search to easily find them):
Entangled by Honest Bob and the Factory-To-Dealer Incentives
Get Ready 2 Rokk by Freezepop
Less Talk More Rokk by Freezepop
Megasus by Megasus
Shake by Count Zero
Sprode by Freezepop (I think it's listed as Super-Sprode with it being a fancy German o, though)

Rock Band Network (under the RBN tab):
Blink by Father Octopus
Don't Let Me Down (Slowly) by The Main Drag
Lodger by the Blanks.
No Mercy by Tijuana Sweetheart
Push Push (Lady Lightning) by Bang Camaro
Signs by Giant Target
Synthesized by Symbion Project (it's some kind of mix, but you're fine without knowing which type)
The Heist by DnA's Evolution
Trash Candy by Tijuana Sweetheart
What's Yr Favorite Dinosaur? by The Main Drag
10/16/15 5:13 PM
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I was going to link to a friend's screenshot of Nepnep to be obnoxious, but the way they format the screenshots on Steam doesn't gel with the html img tags and I'm not gonna link to an image that would just be weird.

I was being dumb, don't worry about it.
10/12/15 6:06 PM
Karmeleaux Found in: Rocksmith 2014 setlist
Looks good to me, thanks.

Hm, I can't even seem to put in a Steam screenshot. Bummer.
10/12/15 5:56 PM
Karmeleaux Found in: Rocksmith 2014 setlist
I second these motions.

Mostly so I can rate them for no reason. But own my satisfaction, the most important nonreason.
10/11/15 8:19 PM
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