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Primus is hit or miss on sound to me, but I imagine I'll pick up a full pack regardless to challenge myself to do some new things on bass, because let's face it there's not a better band for that.
6/21/15 4:28 PM
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kwinza said:
Same on everything good post gonna hire u as my replacement

Sweet, how much does it pay?
6/15/15 3:20 PM
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I suspect Elvis was the band/person the IGN author never expected to see in Rock Band, because I don't think any of us expected it. I'd be pleasantly surprised if some Zep or older U2 or something is in there as well, but I wouldn't be surprised if Elvis is the big 'oh wow' this time.

Still, as it stands, unless I have a ton of money burning a hole in my pocket, I'm probably not pickin' it up at launch without online multiplayer.
6/15/15 2:55 PM
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Lodger better have Pro-Drums now.

Also shit if they do Harmonix tracks on-disc for RB4 we better get Homunculus or M.A.D., those would be FANTASTIC experiences. Especially M.A.D. if they went MAD (ah ah eh) with the visual effects.
6/15/15 12:20 PM
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Think I finally finished off any backlog of songs that interested in me in the slightest thanks to that sale, pretty nice.
6/14/15 2:08 PM
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Rude. Accurate. Rude.
6/12/15 10:02 AM
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I mean I think Muse has always synonymous with over the top, like I love like the entirety of Showbiz and stuff like that but goddamn is it all melodramatic; seriously every goddamn riff, lyric, and vocal note are just way overly theatrical. It's just fun while being melodramatic, as opposed to boring like something like Uprising.
6/09/15 3:08 PM
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I mean if it's something that seriously might not be in the cards for launch then all in all I'm glad they pulled that bandage off early rather than closer to launch, but I do think if they launch with no online play they might find the demand for it tapered off a bit than they expected pre-order-wise.
6/06/15 8:32 PM
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Enjoying the variety packs recently, felt there was a long stretch a bit ago where it was almost entirely single artist weeks and even if it was a few weeks of artists I liked I just didn't feel varied at times.
6/06/15 12:59 AM
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riles said:
Your take was so hot that it shattered the plastic casing on my laptop

Yeah really it was less it occurred to me after the fact and more I was going through something frustrating in real life about the time I typed it and just didn't give a shit about the existence of anyone else. WHO THE HELL DOES EVERYONE ELSE THINK THEY ARE ANYWAY

I mean all things considered I should probably sit back more on this whole thing right now because there's so little information out there currently that I'm unlikely to get be 'I'll get it at launch' myself until we have more, but if I hung back I couldn't jump down people's throats and don't knock it 'til you try it.
6/05/15 10:00 AM
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And for further reference, I'm personally pretty confident there will be online multiplayer. But I don't think it's a good idea to chill when they give a response like that, because even though I trust Harmonix myself to deliver on that, I feel every time consumers don't express concern over something like that it allows developers (or more often publishers) in general to get scummier. If you'll excuse me for being the most melodramatic possible, I feel like as consumers we're often in a struggle with most companies, as consumers want to maximize on polish and features and I mean pretty much every developer (and even moreso publisher) want to maximize profit, so I don't really feel like we can give them anything for free because often once you've given up that territory you're not gettin' it back.

But yeah, in short, I feel like Rock Band 4 will have online multiplayer, definitely hopefully at launch, but I feel like people should be like 'It needs to happen' until it does because we can't let it fall to the wayside. Melodrama over.
6/03/15 6:45 PM
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cablecar93 said:
I seem to be the only one who isn't overreacting to this.

Get off your high horse, you're overcompensating to the opposition. If they aren't ready to talk about it, don't talk about it. Don't tell us 'loliunno,' we're gonna react the way we're gonna react. Some people are overreacting, but I feel it's entirely fair to be legitimately confused by that statement being made public.

EDIT: It occurs to me I might have been way too fucking aggro first sentence, I'll concede. I just feel like saying something like that by itself comes off as condescending. I will also concede that some people come off completely hysterical if not read tongue in cheek, so I suppose respond to like with like, but I currently feel the response should be 'We're not ready to talk about it' the same way that was their response to everything at their announcement of Rock Band 4 to begin with. I get that they want to add new features and some things have to fall by the wayside (like the competitive aspects in Rock Band 3), but I feel this is a rather essential feature in any modern multiplayer game to jettison for new ideas that would not nearly be appreciated as much as the return of it. Is that any better? IF NOT, FUCK EVERYTHING
6/03/15 3:35 PM
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Like on one hand, I get they're adding a lot of improv/freestyle components to the game, and those might be impossible to sync comfortably online.

The obvious solution is to just have those disabled for online.

I feel like Harmonix will backpedal on that answer soon, possibly before/at E3, because that is a huge deterrent. I know I just mentioned that to two friends who were pressuring me to pick up a PS4 to play it with them when it came out and they both just went 'Well I guess we'll see how this plays out first.'
6/02/15 10:33 PM
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WoodenGlory said:
Don't like the simple rhythm of it? Put in some crazy sweeps and HO/PO sections! Actually makes it sound like the guitarist in AAR has chops for all of 10 seconds.

The guitarist for AAR DOES have chops (I mean, check out the little HO/PO chains in Move Along and Gives You Hell). Just for all of ten seconds.
6/01/15 4:50 PM
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Aw, there goes my custom of No One Knows. It happens.
5/30/15 12:28 AM
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