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Karmeleaux Found in: Oasis looks to Dig Out (the rest of) Your Soul.
If I recall correctly, Noel Gallagher said the Beatles were no better than Oasis, they just came out first. Not exactly the same as saying you're better than the Beatles, but it's still pretty arrogant.

I like some Oasis songs, but the bandmembers are pretty whiny from what I've read. I would never go to an Oasis show, and I would never buy an Oasis album for a music rhythm game, so why am I posting here.
2/05/09 5:45 AM
Karmeleaux Found in: My spies tell me what to expect for DLC next week.
I'd like to see Texas Flood at some point. I'd also like to see a surprise album again at some point because I'm not really looking forward to Nothing's Shocking (looking forward to Ten, of course), though I've been surprised before.

I think at this point I just want to see an album again. From a statistical standpoint, they're even due to three albums in September (One for August, the other for January), but from a consumer standpoint YOU GUYS SAID YOU'D TRY AN ALBUM A MONTH SO BWAH.
2/05/09 2:30 AM
Karmeleaux Found in: When did you integrate Lips?
I actually saw that the other day when I was updating my song list. I had to Wikipedia it, so I would say so.
2/04/09 1:09 PM
Karmeleaux Found in: small tiny little update
Out of curiosity, are there any future plans for Wii DLC to be announced here (until the 'eventual catch-up?' I don't really care, being a 360 user, but it was just something I was wondering about.
2/03/09 10:09 AM
Karmeleaux Found in: DLC for the week of 2/3.
Fun facts about 'chick pop:' A lot of chicks dig it.

So, you have three options if you're in a relationship with a girl who enjoys chick pop and you enjoy her company for 'some reason.'

-Voice Dislike
* If you bemoan things she enjoys, this will not endear you to the girl. Acting like you're better than her might be fun for jokes, until you're single again.

-Voice Toleration
* She'll think you're sweet for doing something for her that you don't really want to do (if you didn't, of course, it'd turn into something). She'll probably sit through your polka-metal runs to return the favor.

-Voice Enjoyment
* You and her have something to connect on. Most importantly, you have something to fall back on should you forget any important dates. When you've got something to fall back on, you're less likely to be dropped.

So, readily objecting to chick pop might not be the best course of action. Granted, there's a good chance you're not really getting any if you so readily voice that you have a penis, so moot point.
2/02/09 12:37 AM
Karmeleaux Found in: February DLC!!
Can still I complain that the commercials are* still pretty annoying, though?

Not terribly appealing to me, but I know at least some of my friends are going to flip out about Incubus being GHWT. I'll allow it, but anyone who suggests I should get it for that will probably be knifed. Eh, I'll probably knife 'em anyway.

*were? I haven't seen them recently, but I've cut my TV consumption down too
1/28/09 2:03 AM
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