Kranem Found in: DLC 9/28 - Blue Oyster Cult & Shawn Mendes
nothing for me :C
9/27/17 2:33 PM
Kranem Found in: DLC 9/7 - Vanilla Ice & Whitney Houston
After so many weeks, at last we read something about rock band :D
even though I'm not getting any of the songs XD but I'm glad to be informed
9/08/17 12:25 PM
Kranem Found in: DLC 11/10 - Audioslave, Godsmack, & Linkin Park
Finally!!, "Audioslave - Like a stone" and "Godsmack - Awake" I've been waiting for them like CRAZY!!!
Might get the Linkin Park one later... But not soon...

Don't know why everyone is not as exited as me with "Godsmack - Awake" it's one of the few songs I've been hoping for Harmonix to release (before this one was "Disturbed - Prayer" and "Dream Theater - Metropolis Pt. 1")
Am I getting old? XP
11/10/15 2:00 AM
Kranem Found in: DLCQP Vocals Tournament - Elimination Round 2
It's a shame I didn't make it to the next round... Good luck you all
11/21/12 12:29 PM
Kranem Found in: DLC 11/20 - The Band, NIN, Modern English & more!
calebsnewname said:

Because if you have played music games before and have never heard of Jessica...THEN WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU

HAAHHA HAHAHa You're right, I had completely forgot about that song, it made me remember the days when guitars dind't break so easily as today's

Won't get it anyways, wasn't one of my favs, but I laughed, thanks for the memmory.
11/17/12 3:31 AM
Kranem Found in: DLC 11/20 - The Band, NIN, Modern English & more!
More Dragonforce! Oh yeah!!!

I don't know if I'm the only one around here that doesn't care for all other songs... I don't know what's the big deal, I mean, I haven't even heard of them before ._.
11/16/12 2:24 PM
Kranem Found in: DLCQP Vocals Tournament - Elimination Round 1
Whoops, my bad, I'm not accustomed to receive friend requests.

I already accepted it, even though it doesn't show which songs we have in common.

I'll give you a list of what I found comparing the songs that we all 4 have in common:

Slipknot - Wait and Bleed
Bon Jovi - Livin' on a Prayer (RB3 version)
Nirvana - Come As You Are (Live from MTV Unplugged)

Or you can choose disc songs
11/15/12 3:13 PM
Kranem Found in: DLCQP Vocals Tournament - Elimination Round 1
I think that we must have a limit for picking our songs...

Because I could've build up on my own song and let the others know wich was it until Sunday at 11pm

I know I have just posted mine, but I didn't want my oponents to take advantage of it because I'm not able to play until saturday... So, I would have waited until saturday, but that's not my usual behavior
11/14/12 7:29 PM
Kranem Found in: DLCQP Vocals Tournament - Elimination Round 1
Championship Division

Group AA

Iggy-Sparks - T.N.T. (Live), AC/DC
Master Nobody - Bed Intruder Song, Antoine Dodson & The Gregory Brothers
CTK - Piano Man, Billy Joel
mwcw709 - Welcome to the Family, Avenged Sevenfold

Group BB

Riles - Machinehead, Bush
llamajobuddy - Bully, Shinedown
bWo - Sir Duke, Stevie Wonder
mutr87 - Death on Two Legs (Dedicated To ...), Queen

Group CC

BEatLfrEak - Rock and Roll Band, Boston
Mircosoft93 - Smooth, Santana
ub3r-twist3d - Take On Me, A-ha
x SugarCoated x - Edge of Seventeen (Just Like the White Winged Dove), Stevie Nicks

Group DD

IPlayLeftyVocals - Breath, Breaking Benjamin
GreenPanda12 -
Kingston-B - Sister Christian, Night Ranger
tati81 - The Only Exception, Paramore

Group EE

froglady - Kryptonite, 3 Doors Down
2003041 - Feel Good Inc., Gorillaz
ChaosControlASH - Death on Two Legs (Dedicated To...), Queen

Group FF

The Game Guy - Death on Two Legs (Dedicated To...), Queen
jacoborawr - That's What You Get, Paramore
TSW - El Scorcho, Weezer

Consolation Division

Group AA

Kranem - What I've Done, Linkin Park
rYe -
Nallely - You Give Love A Bad Name, Bon Jovi
laalaa41 -

Group BB

Daddio54 - Piano Man, Billy Joel
Zenzuki - Saturday's Alright For Fighting, Elton John
silverrat23 -
Osaga The Great - Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots - Part 1, The Flaming Lips

Group CC

Lowlander2 -
Edfan1337 - Lasso, Phoenix
Tim13 -
pmslammy - Foreplay/Long Time, Boston

Group DD

MagicMurderBag7 - Love Shack, The B-52's
Excessive_Farce - The Wicker Man, Iron Maiden
Delibird444 - Who'll Stop the Rain, Creedence Clearwater Revival

Group EE

Dr Sardonicus - Lasso, Phoenix
divastarz63 - In a Big Country, Big Country
I Have Friendzz - Our Truth, Lacuna Coil
11/14/12 4:46 PM
Kranem Found in: DLC 11/13 - Kenny Loggins & rest of GD:RB + Pro Upgrades
Cold Kiss at last!!!

Can't wait till tuesday
11/09/12 12:28 PM
Kranem Found in: DLCQP Vocals Tournament - Qualifying (Part 2)

Group A

1. Iggy-Sparks -
22. bWo - Snow (Hey Oh), Red Hot Chili Peppers
43. Kranem - Closer to the Heart, Rush

Group B

2. Master Nobody -
21. rYe -
23. silverrat123 -
42. mutr87 -

Group C

3. Riles -
20. Daddio54 -
24. CTK -
41. Nallely -

Group D

4. llamajobuddy -
19. mwcw709 -
25. Zenzuki -
40. nilesong -

Group E

5. BEatLfrEak -
18. Kingston-B - Misery Business, Paramore
26. Lowlander2 -
39. Delibird444 -

Group F

6. Mircosoft93 - Spaceman, The Killers
17. tati81 -
27. Osaga the Great -
38. Edfan1337 -

Group G

7. IPlayLeftyVocals -
16. ub3r-twist3d - Mr. Brightside, The Killers
28. Tim13 -
37. MagicMurderBag7 -

Group H

8. x SugarCoated x - Lazy Eye, Silversun Pickups
15. Suze60 -
29. GreenPanda12 -
36. Excessive_Farce -

Group I

9. Lolita -
14. froglady -
30. The Mad Dr -
35. TSW -

Group J

10. 2003041 -
13. The Game Guy -
31. divastarz63 - Fireflies, Owl City
34. laalaa41 -

Group K

11. pmslammy -
12. I Have Friendzz -
32. jacoborawr -
33. ChaosControlASH -
11/05/12 3:21 PM
Kranem Found in: O Come All Ye Singers - the DLCQP Vocals Tournament
01. bWo (bWo)
02. Riles (HeyRiles)
03. Osaga the Great (Osaga the Great)
04. tati81 (GiardiniDiMarzo)
05. Edfan1337 (Edfan1337)
06. CTK (ctkxtreme)
07. divastarz63 (divastarz63)
08. TSW (deltaXkila)
09. TheGameGuy (TheGameGuy)
10. Zenzuki (Zenzuki)
11. silverrat23 (silverrat23)
12. Delibird444 (Delibird444)
13. Tuna-Puffa (Suze60)
14. MasterNobody (Master Nobody)
15. x SugarCoated x (x SugarCoated x)
16. ChaosControlASH (ChaosControlASH)
17. pmslammy (SG Lammy)
18. MagicMurderBag7 (MagicMurderBag7)
19. jacoborawr (jacoborawr)
20. froglady (froglady318)
21. Tim 13 (Tim Kaine)
22. laalaa41 (Linda Jane)
23. The Mad Dr (Mike_From_Philly)
24. IPlayLeftyVocals (EMG Derbsterp)
25. Lolita (Milky Planet)
26. nilesong (Nilesong)
27. BEatLfrEak (BEatLfrEak)
28. I Have Friendzz (I Have Friendzz)
29. Mircosoft93 (Mircosoft93)
30. MWcw709 (MWcw709)
31. Lowlander2 (Lowlander2)
32. Iggy-Sparks (McDuboff)
33. llamajobuddy (llamajobuddy)
34. Daddio54 (Daddio54)
35. Nallely (xKrawl)
36. Excessive_Farce (Excessive_Farce)
37. ub3r-twist3d (ub3r-twist3d)
38. Kranem (Kranem)
11/04/12 4:40 AM
Kranem Found in: DLC 10/30 - Sublime
Gamer1st said:
CloudWolf said:
It's stilly to get mad at DLC that's not on-disc. However, I will say now that I'm probably the only person on this site that won't be buying anything from this pack.
I've never heard them before and don't care for what I did when I gave them a first listen.
They might grow on me, but for now they're a no for me as well.

I'm not getting any song of this pack either.

High Five.
10/26/12 5:30 PM
Kranem Found in: New admin wanted
I'm not shure if you should trust a stranger like me, because I made my account like 2 weeks ago to enter the drums tournament xD but I've been watching this site since a couple of months... I didn't have the idea that this website had 4 years of life! it must be quite a big project. If only I had a little more time I would take care of this baby, but as I'm working and studying a mastery (and have a girldfriend) I think I can't take no more compromises as big as this one... I'm sorry (:
9/29/12 12:03 AM
Kranem Found in: New admin wanted
How hard is the work on the site?
I mean, I know PHP / MySQL, but i don't have much free time
9/28/12 2:29 AM
Kranem Found in: Pa-rum-pum-pum-pum: the drums tournament
1. ub3r-twist3d (PSN: ub3r-twist3d)
2. WoodenGlory (PSN: DudeForRock)
3. Zenzuki (Same)
4. Osaga the Great (XBL: Osaga the Great)
5. Dr. Sardonicus (PSN: Mike_From_Philly)
6. josch22 (josch22)
7. Sycocoaster (XBL: Sycocoaster)
8. himama123(PSN: himama123)
9. Daddio54 (Daddio54)
10. Yak (XBL: TheYakIsGo)
11. DoofiestDoofz (XBL: DoofiestDoofz)
12. rageer (XBL: PioneerRedcss)
13. OneOnTheRun (XBL: Odd One Offbeat)
14. Razor_Shark (PSN: RazorSharkz)
15. Phil E the Kid (XBL: Phil E the Kid)
16. llamajobuddy (PSN: llamajobuddy)
17. non_zero (PSN: nonzzero)
18. Kranem (PSN: Kranem)
8/28/12 2:25 AM
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