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Runa216 Found in: Free RBN 10-song pack coming to RB4 on 11/20
bWo said:
And I guess Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy) by Big & Rich is now ready to install for Spotlight Pass owners. Yee-haw!

Wait, what? I heard nothing about this. I hope you're not trolling because I love that song!
11/18/17 6:38 PM
Runa216 Found in: DLC 1/19 - 90s Grunge
So....are we back to Friday announcements or is this a one off? Anyone know?
1/16/16 1:06 AM
Runa216 Found in: DLC 12/15 - Off the Charts 02
Not that into modern pop rock, but I'll probably pick this up by the end of the year. we shall see how that works out for me.
12/14/15 11:55 AM
Runa216 Found in: DLC 11/24 - Van Halen
Honestly, the two songs I know are both great, but the charts don't look as fun as I was expecting. Well, it's Van Halen, so I'm sure they'll all be as fun as Panama, so I'll buy it anyway and decide for myself!
11/23/15 11:21 AM
Runa216 Found in: PS Plus members who pre-order RB4 get 10 extra songs
Weird, all of these songs sound fun! Every single one of them!

I'll likely get the Band in the Box for the instruments and the amazon pre order songs, as well as the digital version for the 10 songs (And honestly, Pantera? HELLS YES! Wanted this song since Rock Band 1 days)
8/12/15 2:03 AM
Runa216 Found in: 17 more songs revealed for Rock Band 4
I like to judge mine based on a 5-tier system I categorize by color.

Blue - Love this entry. Band I love, Song I love, sounds like fun to play. No real downsides. The Total PAckage.
Green - Looking forward to it. Might be a lot of fun, even if I'm not as familair with the song/band. Or might be a favorite band but not the most fun song. A hearty win.
Yellow - Unsure. Neutral. Might be something I think sounds fun but I dislike the band/song, or might be a song I like that doesn't sound great in Rock Band. Awaiting judgement.
Orange - Not looking forward to it. The cons outweigh the pros, but it still has a chance to be fun and blow my mind.
Red - Don't like it at all. Don't like the song/band, sounds poor to play, just doesn't sound fun in any way.

4 Non Blondes – What’s Up? (Green)

Like the song a lot, sounds like it has some fun parts, but overall kinda okay. I give it thumbs up!

The Black Keys – Fever (Yellow)

They're okay. This song sounds moderately fun, but I will wait to judge until I have played it. Neutral.

Disturbed – Prayer (Blue)

Call be a numetal moron, but I love this song. It's got a place in my heart, and I am super stoked to have it.

Duck & Cover – Knock Em Down (Green)

Quick, Fast, Fun, and messy. Sounds like a lot of fun to play even if I'm not super into it.

Eddie Japan – Albert (Green)

Kinda torn on this one. Sounds like a great song with some great instruments in it. I will reserve judgement, but cautiously optimistic.

Fall Out Boy – Centuries (Orange)

Some Fallout Boy is good. I liked the one in RB1. This one, not so much. Don't like it, but might be fun.

Halestorm – I Miss The Misery (Yellow)

I like the sound of it, reminds me of some other female fronted hard rock. Cautiously Optimistic but need more data.

Heart – Kick It Out (Green)

I really do love this song, and Heart tends to be pretty fun, in my experience. Looking forward to it.

Heaven’s Basement – I Am Electric (Yellow)

I Still don't know what I think about this one. Not exciting, not bad either. Neutral on this one, so I'll reserve judgement.

Lightning Bolt – Dream Genie (Green)

Sounds like an absolute mess, but have you HEARD those instruments? Sounds like an onslaught of awesomeness, even if it's not pleasant to listen to.

Rick Derringer – Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo (Blue)

This song sounds awesome, and the instruments (Especially guitar) sound like a lot of fun. Need I say more? The total package

Rush – A Passage To Bangkok (Blue)

Everything rush does is amazing, and I love this song. Will surely be amazing on all instruments, and it's my second favorite band.

Scorpions – No One Like You (Green)

I actually really like the sound of this one. Not as familiar with Scorpions, but I'd not disliked anything I've heard by them so far. And 80's are awesome.

Slydigs – Light The Fuse (Yellow)

I can't find anything on this song. The rest of the band's work sounds fun, but I'll reserve judgement.

Soul Remnants – Dead Black (Heart of Ice) (Green)

Say what you will about the vocals and the messy sound, this song sounds like a LOT of fun, at least for Guitarists/Bassists (Which I am)

System of a Down – Spiders (Green)

SOAD is one of my favorite bands (well, used to be when I was a teen), but this is one of their slower, less interesting songs.

White Denim – At Night In Dreams (Green)

Honestly? I am on the verge of giving this a perfect score, because it just sounds so fun! Can't wait to play it, but need to get better acquainted.
8/03/15 2:11 PM
Runa216 Found in: 17 more songs revealed for Rock Band 4
After seeing the selection and listening to them all except SlyDigs (I checked them out on facebook, they seem pretty cool, at least their other stuff), I have to say this announcement is about 50/50. I have some old stuff on my Ultimate Setlist (Disturbed - Prayer), some stuff I liked in high school but grew out of, but am still interested in (system of a Down - Spiders), as well as classically awesome stuff like Rush.

And yeah, Soul Remnants is gonna be...probably more fun to play, but goddamn those vocals. No thanks. Lightning Bolt is also going to be interesting, to say the least.

I do love this tracklist overall, though.

And I'm STILL over the moon about "The Miracle and the Sleeper" being in the game.
8/03/15 12:26 PM
Runa216 Found in: 11 new tracks revealed for Rock Band 4!
Bront said:
You realize this is from their newest album? It was released almost exactly a year ago.

I did not know Judas Priest was still making music, so no I didn't know, but to me it sounds like it comes from the same realm as Painkiller, which is a good thing for me.
7/15/15 9:13 AM
Runa216 Found in: 11 new tracks revealed for Rock Band 4!
Aerosmith - "Toys in the Attic"

Damn this song sounds like a lot of fun to play. Reminds me a lot of "Traim kept A'Rollin'" from Rock Band 1. Lots of guitar work, fun to sing, great bass and drums. Awesome.

The Cure - "Friday I'm in Love"

Super popular song, even sounds kinda fun to play! I didn't like the last cure song, but I'm okay with that. Great addition to the setlist, not all songs need to be metal.

Dream Theater - "Metropolis, Pt. 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper"

Words cannot describe how excited I am for this song. It is no exagerration to say that if I hated every other song on the setlist, Metropolis would make me buy the game regardless. This song has been on my ultimate setlist since my first attempt at an ultimate setlist, and while it's not my favorite Dream Theater song, it is in my top 5, and the 4 above this are too long to be in the game. Regardless, I truly expect this song to be my #1 favorite on disc song and quite possibly my all time favorite Rock Band song. I am immensely excited, and you should be, too. Like Aerosmith did for Rock Band 1, this brings me back to how excited I was about Dream Theater in Rock Band 2.

Mike Portnoy is one of the best and most interesting drummers the world has ever known (Ranked #5 by rolling stone, next to John Bonham, Neal Peart, Buddy Rich, and Keith moon. That's some awesome company to keep. John Myung is up there for all time bassists, and this is one of his best performances, and the guitar work will be amazing. If we get a standard keys chart, the keys will be amazing, too. This will clearly be the full band hardest song in the game, but fun on everything.

Foo Fighters - "The Feast and the Famine"

I'm kinda getting sick of ALL The foo fighters in this game, but this still sounds like a nice chordy easy song with a decent drum chart. Plus, I support popular bands using new, popular songs in music games, so I am happy there's a Foo song here.

Judas Priest - "Halls of Valhalla"

Returning to the love for Rock Band 2 and Painkiller, and this is one of the better sounding Judas Priest songs, taken from one of their more hardcore periods. I loved painkiller, and I predict I will similarly love this...but I think the drums on this one will be more fun (I didn't like Painkiller's drums).

Live - "All Over You"

I'm not familiar with this band, but this sounds simple and fun. One of those songs that's not hard or complicated to play, but has a nice, mellow groove to it. I'm in!

The Outfield - "Your Love"

Another one hit wonder classic that will likely be plenty fun to play and a blast at parties. Pretty much anything from that era is good, as even pop had full bands behind them! I'm in!

Ozzy Osbourne - "Miracle Man"

Not familiar with this song, but virtually every other Ozzy song has been a blast to play, and any Ozzy is a huge win. Glad to see it, that's for sure, andI eagerly anticipate the inevitably awesome charts.

Paramore - "Still Into You"

All the prior Paramore stuff ended up being fun, so while I'm not sold on this track yet, history tells me I'll end up liking it more than I anticipate, so that makes me anticipate this track.

St. Vincent - "Birth in Reverse"

Probably the only one on the list I'm not currently looking forward to, but listening to the song, I imagine it'll be pretty fun to play, even though I don't like the sound.

Van Morrison - "Brown Eyed Girl

Another simple song that has a lot more depth to it, both lyrically and instrumentally. Huge win, great to have at parties, andI can't wait to play it, but I doubt it'll be a favorite.
7/14/15 9:26 PM
Runa216 Found in: First 6 songs announced for Rock Band 4!
There's nothing here I don't like. I've truly enjoyed every The Who and every Avenged Sevenfold song to date, all fun to play on all instruments. Fleetwood mac has been fun thus far, The Killers and SPin Doctors I found a bit more fun than I would have expected...and much as I personally dislike Jack White, that song sounds fun!
5/20/15 10:28 PM
Runa216 Found in: Rock Band 4 Offically Announced For 2015
Yeah, come on people, Cross buy compatibility between PS and XB brands is not going to happen. Give it up. Either buy it on your old console's successor or better start whoring yourself out on the corner to re-buy all your old stuff.

I'm glad I stuck with PS3 all those years. I have a PS4 with like 25 games already, and I love it. Gonna be great to get all my songs again, all 1400 of them!
3/08/15 11:59 AM
Runa216 Found in: DLC 4/2 - The Day The Music Died

Sometimes I feel terrible. I will redownload all my tracks when I get a 500 or 1000 gig hard drive. Then I'll get ALL my songs, and I'll rock out one last time.

It's been great, guys.
3/29/13 8:30 PM
Runa216 Found in: Rock Band DLC Ending in April
Truth be told, I haven't played rock band in over 6 months, not even to play the new DLC I bought, and I haven't played with friends for over a year...yet I'm still very saddened about this. I still wake up on friday mornings to see what the new DLC is, I still read almost every one of the replies in these news posts, and I do the same over on the Rock Band forum.

Rock Band was a huge part of my life from 2007-2011 (though it really dropped off the radar post RB3), and continues to be one of my all-time favorite franchises.

It's a shame I don't have a Kinect; I'd buy Dance Central just as a posthumus thank you to Harmonix.

If I had people to play with on a regular basis, I'd still play, but all of my local friends have moved on, and frankly I have no use for online players.

Requiescat in pace, Rock Band.

But hey, now that it's over, maybe I can go through and catch up slowly on the DLC! one of the reasons I stopped (aside from the fact that I had other things to spend my money on) was that I just couldn't keep up so I didn't try!
2/19/13 2:29 PM
Runa216 Found in: The Official Rock Band Blitz Thread
Not sure if I should post this here, but I did do a review for Rock Band Blitz, and it certainly isn't an opinion that is popular.

9/04/12 6:02 PM
Runa216 Found in: DLC 8/14 - Foreigner and Nightwish
Love the anime reactions. I'm really looking forward to Nightwish, but I agree Amaranth isn't the best song of theirs. I'm a fan of The Poet and the Pendulum and Ghost Love Score, myself, but there are dozens of songs in their discography that would be a tonne of fun.

Foreigner will be pretty awesome for parties, too.
8/10/12 11:17 AM
Runa216 Found in: DLC 7/10 - Daughtry 01
Ryan said:
I buy them because they are fun. People need to get past the "oh this is shitty radio rock" and realize that the charts are still fun. If we were going only off of music I probably would have bought half of what I have bought.

But the charts aren't fun. While I myself am not enough to condemn or elevate a song's charts, the accumulated numbers don't lie. That's why this site exists, to give an overall impression.
7/11/12 1:01 PM
Runa216 Found in: DLC 7/10 - Daughtry 01
Things I've Bought in the Last Three Weeks

Slayer 01
Get the Party Started
Drops of Jupiter
RatM 01
Maiden Epics
Dog Days Are Over
Power and the Passion
Teen Angst
In My Head
Will Get Happy when I have money

Nothing at all.

Good for you, you have money to spare and can afford to not be picky! I, on the other hand, don't have a lot of spare cash and need to be very picky with my Rock Band picks....and there's plenty of other stuff on PSN I'd rather spend my money on. With people playing Rock Band less as time goes on, I have fewer justifications for spending money on crowd pleasers.
7/09/12 12:05 PM
Runa216 Found in: DLC 7/10 - Daughtry 01
Madotsuki said:
Just because Harmonix doesn't release dlc of music you like isn't a very good reason to complain. I mean, at least they're still continuously releasing dlc, so who knows? There may not be anything you like right now, but I'm sure all that crap you mentioned will get picked up again......especially since they have so much available already.
I haven't been happy with the recent dlc, but every once in awhile theres something that I REALLY like, and I'm thankful for that.
Besides, Im sure theres a bunch of stuff in the back catalogue for you to pick through.

it has nothing to do with what I don't like...because a lot of the stuff there IS stuff I like. I like Evanescence, I like Bullet for my Valentine, I ADORE fireflies, I like rise Against, I loved Mudvayne way back when. Paramore, Queens of the Stone Age, Incubus, Rage Agaisnt the Machine, Cinderella, Pink, Santana...these are all bands I love to listen to and most of which are pretty popular....but there's very little in the way of FUN songs. Sadly, people around here stopped playing Rock Band with me, so unless a song is outright fun, I have little reason to play it.

And I wish I could go to the back catalog, but there's maybe a half dozen songs that I want to pick up that I haven't. The only saving grace lately has been RBN.
7/09/12 12:03 PM
Runa216 Found in: DLC 7/10 - Daughtry 01

Don't be stupid, my musical tastes include everything that isn't heartless, radio friendly modern pop, and 90% of what's released lately has been heartless, radio friendly modern pop. I like playing stuff that's FUN, and there hasn't been that much coming out that's fun. I'd buy the popular stuff if anyone nearby gave even the slightest of damns about rock band anymore, but I can't even bribe my friends to play it with me anymore.

I still love the game, I still buy DLC when I can and I keep up to date with the game, but it's been dying a slow, painful death for three years now.
7/09/12 11:58 AM
Runa216 Found in: DLC 7/10 - Daughtry 01
toymachine said:
Man your posts in 2012 and your posts in 2010 are drastically different haha

that's becuase the DLC offerings in 2010 and 2012 have been drastically different.

Here's what I've bought all year:

Iron Maiden
Sum 41
Edgar Winter
2112 (it came on PS3 in 2012)

I'm semi-interested in Bullet for my Valentine and Fireflies, but neither actually looked fun to play. I've invested more in RBN than I have mainline DLC.
7/09/12 11:55 AM
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