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Zenzuki Found in: Welcome back!
Welcome Back indeed! :)
5/26/17 3:39 AM
Zenzuki Found in: RB4 disc songs not listed?
Disc songs are not considered DLC. Thus they wouldn't be listed as such here.
5/05/16 4:24 AM
Zenzuki Found in: DLC 1/12 - Disturburbed 04

Not a big fan, but have all their others... so why break the streak! :)
1/12/16 1:21 AM
Zenzuki Found in: Saddest Thing You've Seen Today
Another Legend leaves us too soon!

RIP Mr. Bowie!

Ziggy is travelling among the stars now!
1/11/16 5:19 AM
Zenzuki Found in: DLC 12/29 - Coldplay, Ellie Goulding, Weezer, & More!
Know a few of the artists... Don't know any of the songs... Listening to them, they all seem fine.

I'll buy them all... to support HMX and ensure future dlc releases that I will know and enjoy more!
12/29/15 1:11 AM
Zenzuki Found in: Saddest Thing You've Seen Today
R.I.P. Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister!

A legend Lost!
12/29/15 12:40 AM
Zenzuki Found in: Rockband VR

No online money.... but apparently plenty for this garbage!

People have bitched and cried for years over the Kinect and Eyetoy type devices; i.e not wanting to pay for them, see no use for them, etc., yet somehow HMX actually hopes to see people dropping a ton more money on another high priced peripheral?!?! One that you have to stick onto and cover your entire FACE?!?! After many people have just spent so much on BiaB bundles, extra guitars, DLC, etc.?!?!?


This isn't going to turn out well HMX. I love you, but sorry, this is going to prove to be a big waste of money, dev. time and other resources that could have been used more wisely on things that will turn/generate a profit for you all. Mainly things that MOST people want and will generate money for HMX in the form of RB4 improvements/additions.

3D and VR has never, ever, been able to gain mass appeal or long term traction with the general populous (outside of maybe the tech geeks/nerds and possibly the moviephiles, etc).

There just isn't going to be a big enough market to generate any kind of ROI to justify doing this!?!?

Doesn't look like common sense or the bean-counters have stopped you all from charging ahead with this though, so good luck!

Let's just hope this stinkbomb's ultimate crash and burn doesn't affect the long term growth and commitment to the one true (always been there for you) source of income... RockBand!

Me personally, I hate seeing this being made when I'm looking at an "incomplete" (read: less the full featured) product in RB where I can't even play RB4 with my "bandmates" from around the world that I've had for so many years on RB and been able to do so on every game previously.

Not to mention all the other things wrong with this game that have now seemed to splinter the RB community! As it appears we are now starting to see a playerbase of RB3 players and another of RB4! You should be spending your time and resources doing the things that put your playerbase back together and nurturing the one game and it's users that have always been there for you and never let you down.... like you're doing to them right now! :(


/soapbox dismount
12/04/15 7:53 AM
Zenzuki Found in: Saddest Thing You've Seen Today
Rest in Peace Scott Weiland ...October 27, 1967 December 3, 2015

Sad day.... Addiction's a bitch! RIP Scott!

EDIT: Link to Story
12/04/15 7:02 AM
Zenzuki Found in: Relicensing update 12/2
It should also be mentioned that should you still have RB3 (and/or want to play these on keys for the songs that have them)... is to buy these for RB3. You'll then be able to play them in both RB3 & RB4.

It would also (in a way) make them a dollar each! If you want to look at it like paying a dollar for each RB version of the songs.
12/03/15 3:09 AM
Zenzuki Found in: The Official Rock Band 4 Thread

I will see if it does the same on XBO!

May as well try GD and LEGO while I'm at it?
10/08/15 5:22 AM
Zenzuki Found in: The Official "What Did You Get Today?" Thread
Got the game digitally, guitar bundle on way, as well as the adapter. And all dlc bonus songs that are available(XBO, PS4, Amazon)!

And a couple of other songs I found while re-dl'ing all my music over to RB4.

Pretty stocked up!

And ready to ROCK!!! :)

Now, if HMX can just sort the issues with packs, screwed up songs, etc.
10/08/15 1:31 AM
Zenzuki Found in: Rock Band 4 / Guitar Hero Live added
And we're back in business!!!

Thanks Zero the Hero!
10/08/15 1:22 AM
Zenzuki Found in: The Official Rock Band 4 Thread
Gamer... I'm trying that code on Amazon while putting in my pre-order and it does nothing! :(
Maybe they stopped the promo code?

Where'd you find out about the code?

EDIT: I went back in and tried again.... SCORE!

It took $15.00 off the price and since I'm prime... free next day!

Total price: $9.99

Excellent find on that code Gamer1st! :D
9/23/15 7:51 AM
Zenzuki Found in: 17 more songs revealed for Rock Band 4
Saxy Man said:
This is the snobbiest shit I've read here in a while.

+1... o.O
8/05/15 1:55 AM
Zenzuki Found in: First 6 songs announced for Rock Band 4!
Have all but 13 of the 30 songs...

So 60 (disc) + 13 (extra) + 4 (amazon bonus) = 77 New Songs, a new game and a Shiney New Guitar for 130.00!

That's not that bad a deal! :)

Would have preferred more songs, but can't complain that I already have most of the "bonus" songs, as I chose to buy them previously and have (for the most part), enjoyed playing most of them over the years!

Really need to know about the online play thing though.... may be a pre-order cancel if online play is out!
6/16/15 2:28 AM
Zenzuki Found in: Random Topic 4: Live Free Die Random
My thoughts exactly bWo! :)
6/04/15 11:51 PM
Zenzuki Found in: Random Topic 4: Live Free Die Random
Get a job!!! :)
5/29/15 12:19 AM
Zenzuki Found in: Re-licensing update 4/29
Definitely pick these up if you dont have....

Both are goodies! :)
4/30/15 1:57 AM
Zenzuki Found in: DLC 1/13 - Singles-Oh my Glob, there's new DLC!
Karmeleaux said:
I love all the people coming back now that there's Rock Band DLC.


I know right? hahaha

Can not wait to play these...

New DLC feels good!!!
1/13/15 3:21 AM
Zenzuki Found in: DLC 1/13 - Singles-Oh my Glob, there's new DLC!
Off to the rock band store I go!! What a way to start 2015!!! New dlc... Fuck yeah!

EDIT: Whomever adds the new singles may want to revise the previous release from "final hmx release" to just "Don McLean"
1/12/15 6:32 PM
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