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bWo Found in: Free RBN 10-song pack coming to RB4 on 11/20
Runa216 said:
Wait, what? I heard nothing about this. I hope you're not trolling because I love that song!

Not sure how it works on PS4, but it was in the Ready to Install folder for me on XB1.
11/18/17 7:53 PM
bWo Found in: Free RBN 10-song pack coming to RB4 on 11/20
And I guess Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy) by Big & Rich is now ready to install for Spotlight Pass owners. Yee-haw!
11/18/17 12:12 AM
bWo Found in: Free RBN 10-song pack coming to RB4 on 11/20
Happy anniversary!

The Acro-Brats – "Hair Trigger"
Anarchy Club – "Collide"
Bang Camaro – "Blood Red Rock"
Bang on a Can All-Stars – "Shadowbang (Head)"
Dance for the Dying – "Thug Love"
Freezepop – "Doppelgänger"
Graveyard BBQ – "Cheat on the Church"
Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives – "Soy Bomb"
The Main Drag – "How We’d Look on Paper"
Symbion Project – "Exploited & Exposed"

11/17/17 12:15 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 10/12 - Alice in Chains
So the Rivals Spotlight Pass pack turns out to be:

Garbage - "Stupid Girl"
Ted Nugent - "Stranglehold"
Vanilla Ice - "Ice Ice Baby"
Avenged Sevenfold - "God Damn"
Rick James - "Super Freak"
Blue Öyster Cult - "Burnin' For You"
Asia - "Heat of the Moment"
EDIT: Alice in Chains - "Down in a Hole"

Pretty good value for $13.49 if you are still on the fence about whether to buy this before Season 2 ends on Oct. 18.
10/04/17 9:24 AM
bWo Found in: Relicensing update - RBN (XBLIG) for Rock Band 2 & 3
haoestrelalp said:
Soon, I hope
I want so much play my RBN songs on RB4

I would like that to happen, too but ...
- there's the nightmare of relicensing songs when dealing with literally thousands of stakeholders (including authoring groups that likely no longer exist)
- previous-gen DLC entitlements are still being worked on almost two years post-launch
- Harmonix is a much smaller studio than it was during the RBN heyday
- they're getting DropMix out the door this month and have a Switch game in development, plus it sounds like they have other unannounced projects they're allocating resources to

tl;dr - RBN seems pretty low on the priority list
9/13/17 11:09 PM
bWo Found in: Relicensing update - RBN (XBLIG) for Rock Band 2 & 3
So, basically RBN will continue to stay up?

For now, yes. But as WoodenGlory said, if there's something you want to get, you should go get it soon. Microsoft is shuttering previous-gen console services, and it's hard to say how much longer these tracks will be available.
9/13/17 9:28 PM
bWo Found in: Relicensing update - RBN (XBLIG) for Rock Band 2 & 3
HMXOwl said:
Hey everyone,

Good news on this side, RBN songs are staying up for purchase!

With the news that XBLIG content would be pulled in late September, concerns sprouted around purchasing Rock Band Network songs (which were user-submitted through the Xbox Live Indie Games portion of Xbox 360) for use in Rock Band 2 and Rock Band 3.

We're here to say there is no concern, as the content will remain up for purchase past this month. We don't have a hard date on if or when they will come down, but we'll be sure to update as details reach us.

Original post: http://forums.harmonixmusic.com/discussion/234236/rock-band-dlc-re-licensing-info-updated-quarterly#latest
9/13/17 2:58 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 9/7 - Vanilla Ice & Whitney Houston
The 8/3 post also included the rest of August's DLC. This week was the first since then where we didn't have some idea about what was coming.

Curious that the rest of this month's DLC hasn't been confirmed yet, tho'.
9/08/17 1:57 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 9/7 - Vanilla Ice & Whitney Houston
Songs can be purchased individually for $1.99 each. The Rock Band Rivals Season 2 Spotlight Pass can be purchased for $13.49.

• Vanilla Ice - "Ice Ice Baby" (Part of the Rock Band Rivals Season 2 Spotlight Pass)
• Whitney Houston - "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)"

Please note that this week’s DLC tracks will be available for purchase on Thursday, September 7th.


Word to your mother.
9/05/17 12:03 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 8/3 - Blondfire & The Shelters
Will pick up the Garbage and Sugar Ray tracks.
8/03/17 11:04 AM
bWo Found in: Relicensing update - Rock Band Blitz
HMXOwl said:
Hey everyone,

After a good gap, it's that time again. The demo and full game for Rock Band Blitz will be coming down on or before August 28th. Released in 2012 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation®3, it's not backwards compatible on either Xbox One or PlayStation®4 (nor will it be in the future), but all 25 songs on the soundtrack can be brought over to Rock Band 4 at no additional charge. The steps for that process can be found here.

Speaking of the songs, all 25 songs featured on Rock Band Blitz were released as standard DLC after the game came out. Those versions of the songs will remain up until further notice.

tl,dr - Songs are safe, game and demo are going.

25 songs for $15 is a pretty good deal if you haven't picked this up yet.
7/31/17 10:56 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 7/20 - The Black Keys & Wilson Phillips
Buying both.

Wonder if next week will be the Carrie Underwood and Grand Canyon songs that were leaked last month.
7/18/17 4:19 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 7/18 - Legitimate Front
Defy Ventures is an entrepreneurship, employment, and character development training program for currently and formerly incarcerated men, women, and youth. https://defyventures.org

A worthy cause for $1, will pick this up.
7/17/17 10:52 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 7/13 - Iron Butterfly
The vocal break is much longer - taps (cowbell), 189 measures, taps, then another 70 measures.
7/14/17 1:47 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 7/13 - Iron Butterfly
Gonna guess tier 5 for guitar and bass, devil tier for drums and tier 3 for vocals (though I could see it being lower for vocals).

A must-have at any price.
7/11/17 12:16 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 6/29 - Fleetwood Mac & Rush
As expected. Getting Freewill.
6/27/17 3:28 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 6/22 - Cyndi Lauper & Paramore
Picking up both of these.
6/20/17 10:36 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 6/8 - Dream Theater & Pierce the Veil
30,000 posts!

Will probably pick these up.
6/06/17 2:26 PM
bWo Found in: Welcome back!
It's back again after being down for almost another week. Why does it keep going down? Can't we get a solid answer? :(

The Internet is a magical and terrifying place. Makes some people Wannacry.

Glad to be back, tho'.
5/23/17 10:29 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 5/25 - Blink-182 & The Hunna
If either/both are Spotlight songs for a Rivals challenge, I'll pick 'em up.

Yay for the site being back!
5/23/17 10:27 AM
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