bWo Found in: DLC 1/5 - A7X, Megadeth & Slipknot
Will get the metal pack, Some Nights and Hold The Line. Nice to see more re-releases for those who didn't (or couldn't) get exports.
1/03/17 12:28 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 12/29 - Avicii, Kool & the Gang and LMFAO
Getting Celebration, pass on the others.
12/22/16 12:13 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 12/22 - Aerosmith 03
Day 1 buy. Good stuff.
12/20/16 11:43 AM
bWo Found in: Rock Band Rivals bonus songs
I agree. Treat these the same way as the 20 free song pack from RB2.
12/14/16 11:33 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 12/15 - Off the Charts 05
Might get Royals.

Hopefully we'll get a look at the free songs on the livestream today.
12/13/16 11:52 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 12/8 - Twenty One Pilots
Might get this somewhere down the line, but not a Day 1 buy for me.
12/07/16 1:57 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 12/1 - Kings of Leon, System of a Down, & The Weeknd
Will get Kings of Leon and The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk.

Would love Celebration or Get Down On It from Kool & The Gang. Possibly Janie's Got A Gun or Livin' On The Edge from Aerosmith?

Probably not gonna get much else this month.
11/29/16 11:45 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 11/22 - Green Day, Bruno Mars, & Coldplay
Dog said:
This week, we are treated to our 126th Green Day song.

Actually, it's 52, but who's counting.

I'll pick up all three. Also a sweepstakes running Nov. 28-Dec. 5, with some cool swag being handed out.
11/21/16 12:26 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 11/17 - Avril Lavigne
I'll pick this up. Three weeks with more than two songs released, nice!
11/15/16 11:23 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 11/10 - The Cure, Cyndi Lauper & Fine Young Cannibals
These DLC tracks are available individually for $1.99 each.

The Cure - "Lovesong"
Cyndi Lauper - "Time After Time"
Fine Young Cannibals - "She Drives Me Crazy"

*Please note that DLC tracks will be available for purchase on Thursday, November 10th.
11/08/16 1:52 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 11/1 - Hootie and the Blowfish
I'm in for the Hootie pack.

Predictions for the other six artists:

Avril Lavigne - Would prefer Losing Grip, but it's probably Complicated or Sk8ter Boi
Bruno Mars - 24K Magic
Coldplay - In My Place
The Cure - Love Song
Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Fine Young Cannibals - a pack with She Drives Me Crazy, Good Thing and Johnny Come Home
10/31/16 10:51 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 10/27 - Sia & The Chainsmokers
murakaz said:
Weird, did they ever give a reason for the change?

To line up DLC releases with weekly Rivals challenges.

Where did they announce the change?

Blog post announcing Thursday's DLC.

10/30/16 10:47 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 10/27 - Sia & The Chainsmokers
And going forward, DLC will be announced on Tuesdays for a Thursday release.

Next week will be DLC releases on 11/1 and 11/3, however.
10/27/16 8:35 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 10/25 - Maroon 5 & Matchbox Twenty
Oh, good. Thought the Amazon songs would be coming next week.
Will get 3AM.
10/24/16 11:27 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 10/11 - Andy Grammer & Shawn Mendes
Erin said:

10/12/16 11:36 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 10/11 - Andy Grammer & Shawn Mendes
Harmonix staff post here now - cool!
10/10/16 6:24 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 10/11 - Andy Grammer & Shawn Mendes
Will have to watch the livestream today. Leaning toward not getting these but maybe a look at the full charts will change my mind.
10/10/16 1:26 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 10/4 - Harvey Danger & Jane's Addiction
This month's lineup:

Not familiar with Andy Grammer or The Chainsmokers. Probably not going to get the Shawn Mendes and Sia songs. Will pick up this week's offerings.
10/03/16 10:54 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 9/27 - Disturbed & Fitz and the Tantrums
Just Handclap for me.
9/26/16 10:37 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 9/20 - Megadeth, Ozzy Osbourne, & Slipknot
Nicolas-1223 said:
I wonder if we're going to just go back to 2 songs after this or maybe we'll see the weekly 3 songs return consistently pretty soon? I hope so.

HMXCrisis said:
This isn't the norm moving forward. Then again, we don't exactly have a "norm".

Been a while since we had a metal pack. Will have to check out the livestream before I make a call on whether or not to buy some/all of these.
9/19/16 10:32 AM
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