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bWo Found in: DLCQP Drums Tournament: Elimination Round 1
You`ll know by noon tomorrow. Promise.

Xtreme Nights did brackets for the guitar tourney. I find it easier to keep track doing it this way, but that`s something I can revisit for future tournaments.

Deadline has now passed - thanks to all who submitted scores.
9/24/12 12:13 AM
bWo Found in: DLCQP Drums Tournament: Elimination Round 1
As of this writing, there's a little less than two hours before the deadline.

Just waiting on a couple more scores.

Results and matchups for the next round will be on the site Monday, Sept. 24 by noon Eastern time.
9/23/12 10:06 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 9/25 - Green Day 03
Well, if you're going to do something like this, at least you're doing it during the biggest sale period in RB history.

Gonna take a pass on the new song and continue picking up pre-RB3 dlc.
9/21/12 10:05 AM
bWo Found in: 1,100 Rock Band songs get a PERMANENT discount.
Second confirmation of PERMANENT.

Awesome! Farewell, disposable income!
9/19/12 12:35 AM
bWo Found in: DLCQP Drums Tournament: Elimination Round 1
Results from the qualification round:

1. llamajobuddy (Total: 1,204,000)
Stigmata: 468,050
Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting: 332,975
Rio: 402,975

2. Chichoxo (Total: 1,172,125)
Ramblin' Man: 434,275
Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting: 332,975
Rio: 404,875

3. Josch22 (Total: 1,167,200)
Saturday Night`s Alright For Fighting: 332,875
Rio: 403,200
Ramblin` Man: 431,125

4. That Drunk Guy (Total: 1,144,475)
Ramblin' Man: 426,725
Rio: 386,375
Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting: 331,375

5. redskinsrock2689 (Total: 1,140,775)
Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting: 332,975
Love is a Battlefield: 375,475
Ramblin' Man: 432,325

6. himama123 (Total: 1,131,655)
Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting: 332,975
Space Cowboy: 367,555
Ramblin' Man: 431,125

7. Sycocoaster (Total: 1,088,400)
Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting: 332,675
Ramblin' Man: 409,625
Edge of Seventeen (Just Like the White Winged Dove): 346,100

8. troad86 (Total: 1,062,375)
Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting: 320,675
Love Is A Battlefield: 362,175
Ramblin' Man': 379,525

9. slowtoad (Total: 1,019,425)
Love is a Battlefield: 345,300
Truckin`: 361,000
Saturday Night`s Alright For Fighting: 313,125

10. Saint Harri (Total: 983,741)
Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting: 332,975
Spaceman: 308,750
Screaming For Vengeance: 341,746

11. Roskagib (Total: 909,900)
You've Got Another Thing Comin': 284,875
Sanctified: 314,075
Hangar 18: 310,950

12. jacobtheboffin x (Total: 905,439)
Clocks: 258,375
Jesus Built My Hotrod: 319,375
100,000 Years (Live): 327,869

13. RinG0OOdu74 (Total: 882,800)
Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting: 332,975
Oye Mi Amor: 265,700
25 or 6 to 4: 284,125

14. Jack123456 (Total: 838,542)
Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting: 326,225
Give Me Novacaine/She's A Rebel: 265,250
Bodhisattva: 247,067

15. Zenzuki (Total: 835,525)
No Fun: 275,600
Electric Crown: 283,625
The Killing Moon: 276,300

16. Daddio54 (Total: 827,150)
Peace of Mind: 272,200
Mony Mony: 274,275
The Killing Moon: 280,675

17. luci_twiggy (Total: 795,125)
Flirtin' With Disaster: 235,675
A Drug Against War: 246,575
Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting: 312,875

18. SLAAAAAAYER (Total: 746,575)
Story of my Life: 263,625
Rio: 235,975
Bodhisattva: 246,975

19. rageer (Total: 737,194)
Rude Mood: 319,850
Limelight (original version): 224,969
In My Head: 192,375

20. silverrat123 (Total: 727,765)
White Wedding (Part 1): 230,525
Bad to the Bone: 247,250
(Don't Fear) the Reaper: 249,990

21. iLimboBimbo (Total: 715,825)
Self Esteem: 229,550
Catcher in the Rye: 218,900
Tears Don't Fall: 267,375

22. PuppetMasterIX (Total: 691,597)
Promised Land: 127,247
Always: 269,775
Llama: 294,575

23. AceEmX2 (Total: 675,289)
Plush: 184,075
Smells Like Teen Spirit: 221,475
Tragic Kingdom: 269,739

24. DoofiestDoofz (Total: 664,225)
Gone Away: 211,900
Always: 225,425
The Epic, Part 3.7 (RBN Remix): 226,900

25. Yak (Total: 657,575)
Band on the Run: 181,800
Joker & the Thief: 176,675
Sulfur: 299,100

26. Styrofoam Tuph (Total: 605,134)
Where'd You Go?: 166,675
Fat Lip: 156,575
Tom Sawyer: 281,884

27. Xtreme Nights (Total: 603,700)
Colony of Birchmen: 174,275
Drag the Waters: 220,975
Gone Away: 208,450

28. MagicMurderBag7 (Total: 539,925)
I'm Amazed: 149,675
Breaking the Girl: 228,975
The Trees (Vault Edition): 161,275

29. BonScott46to80 (Total: 478,480)
The Clothes That Make the Man: 148,950
Public Enemy No. 1: 210,075
Timmy & the Lords of the Underworld: 119,455

30. Tim 13 (Total: 470,051)
Killing Loneliness: 145,125
Round and Round: 160,650
Train Kept A Rollin': 164,276

31. Wooden Glory (Total: 404,075)
Beer!!: 86,700
Shockwave: 159,275
Curl of the Burl: 158,100

32. Kranem (Total: 376,100)
It's My Life: 121,375
Higher: 105,425
Incubus: 149,300

33. Dr. Sardonicus (Total: 298,250)
Don't Stop (Color on the Walls): 78,000
We Are Young: 93,300
Funk #49: 126,950
9/17/12 12:00 PM
bWo Found in: DLCQP Drums Tournament: Elimination Round 1
Hello everyone,

Of the 50 players entered, 33 submitted scores in the qualification round. Two players informed me they were dropping out of the tournament, so 15 scores were not received.

As promised, the top 32 scores will advance to the Championship Division. The Consolation Division will no longer be required.

Here are the matchups for the opening round in the Championship Division (seedings in parentheses):

(1) llamajobuddy vs. (32) Kranem
(2) Chichoxo vs. (31) Wooden Glory
(3) Josch22 vs. (30) Tim 13
(4) That Drunk Guy vs. (29) BonScott46to80
(5) redskinsrock2689 vs. (28) MagicMurderBag7
(6) himama123 vs. (27) Xtreme Nights
(7) Sycocoaster vs. (26) Styrofoam Tuph
(8) troad86 vs. (25) Yak
(9) slowtoad vs. (24) DoofiestDoofz
(10) Saint Harri vs. (23) AceEmX2
(11) Roskagib vs. (22) PuppetmasterIX
(12) jacobtheboffin x vs. (21) iLimboBimbo
(13) Ring0oodu74 vs. (20) silverrat123
(14) Jack123456 vs. (19) rageer
(15) Zenzuki vs. (18) SLAAAAAAYER
(16) Daddio54 vs. (17) luci_twiggy

*** Scores from the qualification round will follow in the next post.

Guidelines for the remainder of the tournament are as follows:

-- You and your opponent pick one song each from the dlc you have in common. There are no restrictions as far as difficulty rating or length of song go. If you have no common dlc, play a disc song.

-- Choose different songs than the ones you used in the qualification round. As well, for those who advance, you will have to pick different songs in subsequent rounds.

-- These will be two-song, total-score battles. The winner is the player with the highest score when totals from both songs are added up. In case of a tie, I will pick a tiebreaker song of difficulty rating 5 or 5+ from your common dlc (or, again, a disc song if there's no common dlc) to play. You will have 24 hours to submit a score for the tiebreaker song.

-- Please try and get in touch with your opponent as soon as possible so you can pick your songs. The sooner you pick, the sooner you can play. There are links to each player's dlcquickplay page at the point where they entered in the sign-up thread so you can look at their dlc content as well as send a message. If you are having trouble getting in touch with your opponent, please let me know. As long as you submit a song selection, even if your opponent doesn't, you will advance.

-- Once you and your opponent have chosen your songs, send me a private message with your setlist so I know what to expect when you submit your scores.

-- Continue to send me scores via private message with a photo of your score at the end of the song (not your leaderboard rank) as proof. Continue to ensure your gamertag can be seen in the photo to confirm your identity.

-- As a reward for doing well in the qualification round, players keep their seeding as they advance through the elimination round. For example, if the 32 seed beats the 1 seed but the 2 seed beats the 31 seed, in the next round, 2 would play 32, then the next-highest seed plays the next-lowest and so forth.

Deadline to complete this round is Sunday, September 23 at 11:59 p.m., Eastern Daylight Time.

And, finally, a word to Dr. Sardonicus:

You have my apologies for not having anyone else to play in what would have been the Consolation Division. I am more than willing to honour my commitment to award the prize, as outlined when the sign-up started, to you.

Any questions/concerns, let me know.

Good luck!
9/17/12 11:57 AM
bWo Found in: DLCQP Drums Tournament: Qualification Round
Qualification round has now closed.

I have a pretty good handle on the scores received so far, so I should have results up Monday, September 17 by noon Eastern Daylight Time, just so everyone can get started a little bit earlier.

Thanks to everyone who submitted scores.
9/17/12 12:09 AM
bWo Found in: DLCQP Drums Tournament: Qualification Round
45 minutes until the deadline - any stragglers, now's the time to get your scores in.
9/16/12 11:18 PM
bWo Found in: DLCQP Drums Tournament: Qualification Round
For anyone else who might be having problems sending pics, you can send me a link via PM to a free image-sharing website like photobucket or imageshack (several players who have already sent scores in use this method). Make sure I can see your gamertag in the photo to confirm your identity.
9/15/12 8:16 PM
bWo Found in: DLCQP Drums Tournament: Qualification Round
Sorry. Registration closed September 9. Thanks for your interest, though.

I plan on hosting tournaments for other instruments, so check back once this one is over.
9/15/12 1:43 PM
bWo Found in: DLCQP Drums Tournament: Qualification Round
Appreciate the feedback, Alternity.

There's always a better way of doing things, I suppose. This is my first time hosting a tournament and I wanted to see how this approach would work. I'm not opposed to tweaking the format for future tournaments.

I'm not a big fan of legislating what songs people have to play, which is a big reason why this format is the way it is. My philosophy is to leave the song selections in the hands of those who actually have to play them. If you have spent the effort and the money putting together a robust compilation of downloadable content, I believe that shouldn't be considered a disadvantage.

The qualification round merely serves as a way to give some justification to how the elimination round matchups are put together, rather than randomly choosing matchups based on an entry list alone. It's not the be-all and end-all way to decide a winner - that will still be determined once players commence head-to-head battles.

To reiterate, there are some limitations in song choices (the tiers and time limit guidelines) to try and keep the playing field as level as possible. Based on feedback, that could be something that could be revisited going forward.
9/15/12 9:08 AM
bWo Found in: DLCQP Drums Tournament: Qualification Round
That's too bad. If you change your mind, I'll still accept scores through Sunday at 11:59 p.m., EDT.

Scores from 17 players have been received as of this writing. Keep 'em coming.
9/14/12 9:34 PM
bWo Found in: DLCQP Drums Tournament: Qualification Round
himama123: These can be dlc songs, yes.

Razor_Shark: Sorry you have to drop out. Appreciate the heads up. If something changes over the weekend, you can still submit scores by Sunday at 11:59 p.m., EDT.
9/14/12 11:46 AM
bWo Found in: DLC for 9/18 - Smash Mouth and The Offspring
Probably picking all three up this week. Good to see there's been a lot of keys-supported songs the last little while.
9/14/12 10:09 AM
bWo Found in: DLCQP Drums Tournament: Qualification Round
Your scores from the three songs will be added up for a total score. That determines your ranking.

For example, say you score 200,000 points on the 5 or 5+ song, 100,000 points on the 3-4 song, and 50,000 points on the 0-2 song.

Your total score is 350,000.

I add up your scores from each song you submit, then rank your total scores. Top 32 to the Championship Divison, next 16 to the Consolation Division. Bottom two do not advance.

Or if some people choose not to submit scores, top 32 to Championship Division, rest to Consolation Division.
9/11/12 12:36 AM
bWo Found in: DLCQP Drums Tournament: Qualification Round
No worries - figured there'd be some questions. There's a learning curve for everyone involved, especially me as a host.

At least there's feedback, which means people are showing some level of interest.
9/10/12 10:11 PM
bWo Found in: DLCQP Drums Tournament: Qualification Round
Remember, all this round is about is qualifying. It really doesn't matter if you're first or 32nd as long as you're in the top 32 - assuming the points card is what you're after. Only two people out of 50 will not advance.

It all depends on your motivation, I suppose. If you want the points card (which I assume most do), then fine, pick the longest songs you can. If you don't play drums as much as other people in this competition, or aren't interested in the points card, that's fine, too.

The rationale behind keeping the songs at six minutes or less - as well as the different difficulty levels - is so that those who can fc the really long songs don't dominate the competition. If you're really good at a really long song, fine, you can play that once we get into head-to-head battles provided your opponent has it.

I wouldn't want anyone to think they have no chance at competing for something. The goal is to encourage as many people to participate as possible. Doing a qualification round will hopefully maintain a balance between those who want to be really competitive and those entering who might not care about winning as much, but are still curious to see how far they might get.

Legislating what songs people should have to play is something I'm not all that in favour of. As long as you understand the guidelines, pick whatever song you want. Obviously, those with a lot of dlc will have an advantage, but I have no control over how many songs people have and the fact that you've got a lot of songs to choose from shouldn't be something to be held against you.
9/10/12 8:54 PM
bWo Found in: DLCQP Drums Tournament: Qualification Round
Add up the total score of all three songs. That will determine your seeding for the Championship or Consolation Division.
9/10/12 6:04 PM
bWo Found in: DLCQP Drums Tournament: Qualification Round
Keep the song selections at less than six minutes for this round, please.

Once you get to the elimination round, play anything you like as long as your opponent has it, too.
9/10/12 3:31 PM
bWo Found in: DLCQP Drums Tournament: Qualification Round
Once again, the official entry list:

1. ub3r-twist3d (PSN: ub3r-twist3d)
2. WoodenGlory (PSN: DudeForRock)
3. Zenzuki (Same)
4. Osaga the Great (XBL: Osaga the Great)
5. Dr. Sardonicus (PSN: Mike_From_Philly)
6. josch22 (josch22)
7. Sycocoaster (XBL: Sycocoaster)
8. himama123(PSN: himama123)
9. Daddio54 (Daddio54)
10. Yak (XBL: TheYakIsGo)
11. DoofiestDoofz (XBL: DoofiestDoofz)
12. rageer (XBL: PioneerRedcss)
13. OneOnTheRun (XBL: Odd One Offbeat)
14. Razor_Shark (PSN: RazorSharkz)
15. Phil E the Kid (XBL: Phil E the Kid)
16. llamajobuddy (PSN: llamajobuddy)
17. non_zero (PSN: nonzzero)
18. Kranem (PSN: Kranem)
19. ThatDrunkGuy (PSN: ThatDrunkGuy)
20. silverrat23 (XBL: silverrat23)
21. GreenPanda12 (XBL/PSN: GreenPanda12)
22. jacobtheboffin X (XBL: jacobtheboffin)
23. Xtreme Nights (XBL: Dawning Wolf)
24. RinG0OOdu74 (RinG0Odu74)
25. Shazadchichoxo(Wii:Chichoxo)
26. BonScott46to80 (XBL: BonScott46to80)
27. XDeathofaDreamX (XBL:XDeathofaDreamX)
28. texx1986 (XBL: TEXX isBEAST420)
29. expertwin (XBL: WorthBestGamer)
30. Saint Harri (XBL: Saint Harri)
31. StyrofoamTuph (XBL: StyrofoamTuph)
32. Roskagib420 (Wii: Roskagib)
33. Xyzebra420 (Wii: Xyzebra420)
34. luci_twiggy (PSN: luci_twiggy)
35. Tim_13 (XBL: Tim Kaine)
36. nascarfan19 (XBL: nascarrocker)
37. OtisDB (PSN: OtisDB)
38. HGinCT14 (XBL: HGinCT14)
39. Redskinsrock2689 (PSN: Redskinsrock2689 XBL: Redskinsroc2689)
40. iLimboBimbo (XBL: iLimboBimbo)
41. MagicMurderBag7 (XBL: MagicMurderBag7)
42. Tiime II Reload (XBL: TiiMe II Reload)
43. Jack123456 (Wii: Jack123456)
44. PuppetMasterIX (XBL: PuppetMaster9)
45. slowtoad (PSN: slowtoad)
46. Kayu (PSN: kayuwoody)
47. AceEmX2 (XBL: AceEmX2)
48. Wagner966 (PSN:wagner966)
49. troad86 (troad86)
9/10/12 10:52 AM
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