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bWo Found in: DLCQP Guitar Tournament - Round 6
Setlist for the second-chance bracket final between Josch22 and Redskinsrock2689 is:

Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz
Electric Crown - Testament
Monarchy of Roses - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Both main draw matchups for this round (Rocker SVK vs. Vampire Jekyll in the semifinals and Verement vs. DragoonXD in the quarterfinal replay) have their songs now.

Results will be posted Thursday, August 9 by noon EDT.
8/03/12 7:44 PM
bWo Found in: DLCQP Guitar Tournament - Round 6
Hello everyone,

Following are the results from Round 5 of the tournament:



Vampire Jekyll def. Cloudwolf 3-0

Songs and scores:

Megalodon: Vampire Jekyll - 221,958; Cloudwolf - 183,727
Business Time: Vampire Jekyll - 284,120; Cloudwolf - 175,479
Tornado of Souls: Vampire Jekyll - 262,613; Cloudwolf - 192,665

llamajobuddy def. GreenPanda12 3-0

Songs and scores:

Katsushika: llamajobuddy - 303,268; GreenPanda12 - 219,745
Good Time: llamajobuddy - 236,730; GreenPanda12 - 233,351
Creepin' Up the Backstairs: llamajobuddy - 175,495; GreenPanda12 - 175,295



Josch22 def. Osaga the Great 3-0

Songs and scores:

Don't Stop Me Now: Josch22 - 25,604; Osaga the Great - 9,806
Killed By Death '08: Josch22 - 238,736; Osaga the Great - 172,564
Photograph: Josch22 - 160,100; Osaga the Great - 120,968


And here are the matchups for Round 6:


Semifinal #1 - Rocker SVK vs. Vampire Jekyll

Quarterfinal replay - Verement vs. DragoonXD (llamajobuddy to meet the winner of this matchup in Semifinal #2)


Championship - Josch22 vs. Redskinsrock2689

Same format as previous rounds - each player picks one song and I will pick a third song for you. I will send out the third song once I've received picks from both players.

Send me screenshots of your scores.

Deadline to complete this round is Wednesday, August 8 at 11:59 p.m., EDT

Any errors/omissions/problems, let me know.

Good luck!
8/02/12 10:44 AM
bWo Found in: DLCQP Guitar Tournament - Round 5
These are indeed my words, for those who were wondering. Sorry.

To all remaining competitors and those who have been following the tournament:

Upon further investigation, there is sufficient evidence about the credibility of non_monkey7000's participation in this tournament to warrant this person's removal from further competition.

An invitation was extended to the most recent opponent (Round 4) of non_monkey7000, Verement, to take non_monkey's place in the tournament, which would mean a berth in the main draw semifinals. Verement graciously offered to compete for this berth against non_monkey7000's Round 3 opponent, DragoonXD. DragoonXD has kindly accepted the offer. My thanks to both of you for your continued interest.

This will mean an extra round to the tournament will become necessary. Verement and DragoonXD's match will start Thursday when the next round begins. The winner of their match will face the winner of GreenPanda12 vs. llamajobuddy.

The other main draw semifinal between Rocker SVK and the winner of Cloudwolf and Vampire Jekyll will begin Thursday, as will the second-chance bracket final between Redskinsrock2689 and the winner of Josch22 vs. Osaga the Great.

My apologies for any inconvenience and my thanks to all for your patience.
7/30/12 9:25 PM
bWo Found in: DLCQP Guitar Tournament - Round 5
Participants in the second-chance bracket semifinal should have their setlist now.

llamajobuddy and GreenPanda12 should also have their songs in the main draw.

Cloudwolf and Vampire-Jekyll have their setlist as well, so that's everyone for this round.

Results and matchups for the main draw semifinals and second-chance bracket final will be posted Thursday, August 2 by noon EDT.
7/27/12 11:16 AM
bWo Found in: DLCQP Guitar Tournament - Round 5
To Doofiest Doofz:

Thank you for your feedback regarding the guitar tournament. It's unfortunate that any constructive criticism has been overshadowed by your choice of language.

I would have preferred your feedback have been directed privately and in a more timely fashion so that your concerns could have been addressed and allowed you to continue in the tournament, but since you decided to make your comments public and in an effort to be open and transparent about this process, I will respond publicly.

It is not my place to address issues you have with the tournament prior to when I assumed responsibility for it. I suggest you contact those in charge of the tournament at that time.

As far as your participation in the round just completed (Round 4), I received no request from you for an extension. I'm sure something could have been worked out, but was never given the opportunity to explore that possibility.

It's my understanding, according to a post of yours in the Round 4 thread, that you were, to paraphrase, going to be home by Sunday (July 22) at 2 a.m., then spend a few days catching up with friends, giving you a day to finish the round, which ended at 11:59 p.m., EDT on July 25.

You had time to do that as well as post about other topics on this discussion board, yet you couldn't have done something as simple as send to me your song choice. You have an issue with there being a month or so between rounds, then when that issue is rectified, you still manage to find fault with the process, albeit only because it inconveniences you.

As it turns out, even if you had only sent me the song you were allowed to pick, you would've advanced to the next round, as your opponent didn't send in any song selections. You had time to correct Sancho on the definition of Indie Rock as recently as yesterday and make a seemingly disparaging comment about another subscriber to dlcquickplay.com, yet couldn't find five minutes to pick any song from your dlc collection and let me know that would be your song of choice for the round? I would appreciate any insight you could provide into why this is the case.

I also found your point about $20 buying 10 songs quite interesting. Seems to me the remaining players in the field would have something to say about whether or not you would in fact earn the privilege of receiving the ability to buy those songs -- at no charge to you since you did not pay a registration fee to enter the tournament while taking advantage of the generosity of the previous organizer who has been kind enough to honour his agreement to pay for prizes to the winners.

My first loyalty in assuming responsibility of this tournament is to those who have deemed this worthy enough of their time and effort to have stuck it out this far and are willing to keep going under the existing setup. I hope those still in the tournament will continue to move forward.

It is my plan to host tournaments for other instruments, using a different format, with a goal being to address the concerns you've raised. Hopefully the level of interest will be as good or better than it was initially with this one.
7/26/12 6:12 PM
bWo Found in: DLCQP Guitar Tournament - Round 5
Hello everyone,

Based on the information I've received and having eliminated anyone who didn't send results in, we have six players left in the main draw and three in the second chance bracket.


Results from Round 4 were:

1. D3mon Eyes Kyo vs. Doofiest Doofz - no scores received
2. daysleeper318 vs. Rocker SVK - no scores received from daysleeper318, so RockerSVK advances
3. Cloudwolf received a bye to the next round
4. Tiime to Reload vs. Vampire Jekyll - no scores received from Tiime to Reload, so Vampire Jekyll advances
5. not_monkey7000 vs. Verement - not_monkey7000 wins 2-1.
Songs and scores were:
Red Devil: not_monkey7000 - 188,162; Verement - 127,798
I Want A New Drug: not_monkey7000 - 171,397; Verement - 149,088
Blue Sky: not_monkey7000 - 0; Verement - 288,197
6. Iggy Sparks vs. Starz 007 - no scores received
7. Greenpanda12 received a bye to the next round
8. Harihazler vs. llamajobuddy - no scores received from Harihazler, so llamajobuddy advances

Matchups for Round 5:

1. Rocker SVK receives a bye to the semifinals, since both potential opponents are eliminated
2. Cloudwolf vs. Vampire Jekyll
3. not_monkey7000 receives a bye to the semifinals, since both potential opponents are eliminated
4. Greenpanda12 vs. llamajobuddy

Winners of matchups 1-2 and 3-4 will meet in the semifinals.


Results from Round 4:

1. The Walrus Vs. Redskinsrock2689 - Redskinsrock2689 wins 3-0.
Songs and scores were:
Ramblin' Man: The Walrus - 329,243; Redskinsrock2689 - 335,418.
Killing in the Name: The Walrus - 224,572; Redskinsrock2689 - 238,618.
Lazy Eye: The Walrus - 327,766; Redskinsrock2689 - 393,915.
2. Josch22 Vs. Dragoninforcer - Josch22 wins 3-0.
Songs and scores were:
Love Shack: Josch22 - 233,717; Dragoninforcer - 232,841.
Texas Flood: Josch22 - 197,553; Dragoninforcer - 164,152.
Caravan: Josch22 - 229,941; Dragoninforcer - 208,286.

Semifinal matchup:

Josch22 vs. Osaga the Great

Redskinsrock2689 receives a bye to the final

Same format as previous rounds - each player picks one song and I will pick a third song for you. I will send out the third song once I've received picks from both players.

Send me screenshots of your scores.

Deadline to complete this round is Wednesday, August 1 at 11:59 p.m., EDT

Any errors/omissions/problems, let me know.

Good luck!
7/26/12 3:31 PM
bWo Found in: DLCQP Guitar Tournament - Round 4
Round 4 has come to a close - thanks to those who participated.

Results and the Round 5 matchups will be posted on the site Thursday, July 26 by 5 p.m., EDT.
7/26/12 12:02 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 7/24 - Foster The People & The Strokes
CloudWolf said:
Rock Band Blitz

Sadly, not an option for us Wii users. :-(

But understandable why another FtP song was used. Houdini would've been a nice choice from them, too.
7/20/12 12:25 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 7/24 - Foster The People & The Strokes
Think I'll get all three this week. Would've preferred Pumped Up Kicks but Helena Beat sounds pretty fun.
7/20/12 10:19 AM
bWo Found in: DLCQP Guitar Tournament - Round 4
Again, thanks to Xtreme for filling in any gaps. Any oversights were purely unintentional on my part.

Verement and non_monkey7000 are off and running with their selections.

TiME II Reload and Vampire Jekyll should have their songs now, too.

Harihazler and llamajobuddy have their picks in and have been sent their third song.

dragoninforcer and Josch22 are good to go in the second-chance bracket.

The Walrus and RedskinsRock2689 have their song selections now, so that's both second-chance bracket matchups taken care of.

Daysleeper318 and RockerSvk have their third song.

Keep 'em coming!
7/17/12 9:42 PM
bWo Found in: DLCQP Guitar Tournament - Round 4
Thanks for fixing the matchup, Xtreme. Just waiting for song selections from everyone now so I can send out my picks for everyone's third songs.
7/17/12 10:07 AM
bWo Found in: DLCQP Gtr Tournament: Round 3: Closed
Hello everyone,

Non-zero has given me access to everything that was sent to Xtreme Nights following the completion of Round 3.

It's just a matter of me compiling scores and updating brackets. I will be working on that later today and hope to have everything updated within the next 24 to 36 hours.

For those who have been following along, the person Xtreme alluded to as far as hosting future tournaments is myself. I fully intend to do so for other instruments once the guitar tournament is complete, using a format that hopefully tweaks this one in a good way.

Thanks to everyone for your interest and patience.
7/16/12 4:47 PM
bWo Found in: NFL 2012 Thread
At one, point.
7/14/12 10:19 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 7/17 - B-52's, Staind & Young The Giant
B-52s and Young the Giant for me.

And yes, I will be singing "Glove Slap" during the chorus. :-)
7/13/12 11:45 AM
bWo Found in: Top Ten: Your Favorite Albums
In no particular order:

Jeff Healey Band - See the Light
Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - Into the Great Wide Open
Sloan - One Chord to Another
The Tragically Hip - Road Apples
Living Colour - Vivid
Tenacious D - Tenacious D
Foo Fighters - Foo Fighters
Sting - Dream of the Blue Turtles
The Police - Synchronicity
Flight of the Conchords - Flight of the Conchords
7/08/12 8:32 PM
bWo Found in: The Official Movies Thread
Pumped for this and The Dark Knight Rises.

Really hope The Hobbit lives up to the other three. Wonder what the big fight scene will be? It's got a lot to live up to after the awesomeness of Helm's Deep and Minas Tirith.
7/08/12 9:34 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 7/3 - All-American Rejects, Mudvayne & Rise Against
Agreed on Wonderboy.

The D performed Deth Starr and Throwdown on TDS, both sounded pretty good.
6/29/12 11:26 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 7/3 - All-American Rejects, Mudvayne & Rise Against

Apologies if the link doesn't work, it should lead to the D's performance on TDS this week. Fingers crossed something from Rize of the Phenix makes its way on here sometime soon.
6/29/12 11:17 PM
bWo Found in: Interruption in DLC Service for SCEE, NOA & NOE Starting 4/3
That is unfortunate - hopefully whatever issues there are will be rectified sooner than later. (Fingers crossed the 4/1 theory is true). At least you can still access the library.

But that, combined with the frustrating skips on the Wii and trouble connecting with other players at times, does make it that much more tempting to move to the Xbox.
3/23/12 12:06 AM
bWo Found in: Zelda - Skyward Sword
xx666xx said:
I'm 36 hours into this and I have still not completed the game yet.
And let me just say fuck the Silent Realms! HATE those places especially the last one!

Also, Beedle can fuck off if he expects 1,600 Rupees for a Heart Piece!

xX666Xx -- It took me 68 hours to get everything and finish the game (and that was with a walkthrough), so yeah, pack a lunch. Beedle will give you 50 per cent off an item once you complete the sidequest where his prized bug goes missing, so wait until then to buy that Heart Piece from him.

gamefaqs.com is a good spot to go to for tips.
1/08/12 12:28 PM
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