bWo Found in: DLC 9/13 - Jason Aldean & Sister Hazel
Will pick up both.
9/12/16 10:26 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 9/6 - Five Finger Death Punch & Good Charlotte
Lowlander2 said:
Wow, how'd this slip through the cracks?

Wrong graphic in their blog post. Oopsie.
9/02/16 2:44 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 9/6 - Five Finger Death Punch & Good Charlotte
And apparently next week's songs are Jason Aldean and Sister Hazel

9/02/16 1:47 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 9/6 - Five Finger Death Punch & Good Charlotte
Think I'll pick up both those next week.

Please let the Fitz And The Tantrums song be The Walker.

Please don't let the Disturbed song be the cover of The Sound of Silence.

And the ??? has to be the return of the artist pack.

EDIT: Twitter post suggests three separate artists. Oh well, at least we'll be back up to 3 songs per week.
9/02/16 11:20 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 8/30 - Heart & Winger
Will get both. Would've preferred Magic Man or Crazy On You from Heart, but What About Love? is ok. Seventeen looks pretty tough on guitar.
8/29/16 10:32 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 8/23 - Jason Mraz & Nicki Minaj
Think I'll wait for Winger and Heart next week, but I'll check these out on the livestream today.
8/22/16 10:21 AM
bWo Found in: Relicensing update 8/19
HMXCrisis said:
Hey gang,

Time for another update. The following pack and tracks are going to be taken down by or before September 16th:

"I'm With The Chili Peppers" Pack
"By the Way"
"Look Around"
"Monarchy of Roses"
"Parallel Universe"
"Scar Tissue"
"The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie"

Anyone who owns this content will be able to re-download it even after it is taken down from the store front. Microsoft and Sony have different content takedown timelines, and may take this content down on or before Friday, September 16th. If you want these tracks, now's the time to get 'em!
8/20/16 9:32 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 8/16 - Tonic & Vertical Horizon
The predictable choices from these artists. Buying both.
8/15/16 10:17 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 8/8 - Belinda Carlisile & The Barbazons
Already have Bad Catholics. Will pick up Heaven Is A Place On Earth.
8/08/16 11:26 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 8/2 - Counting Crows & Robin Thicke
Eh, I'll just pretend it's Word Crimes. Getting both.

So-so month. Definitely going to be some skippable tracks.
8/01/16 5:11 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 7/26 - Bastille & The Black Eyed Peas
The obvious choices. Will get both.

On to August!
7/25/16 11:02 AM
bWo Found in: Rock Band Rivals Expansion Revealed!
Sancho said:
I was on the RBRC so they're giving it to me for free, complete with the 10 pre-order songs, so that's cool

I need to buy an Xbone at some point before online comes out though

The Xbox One S SKUs are out Aug. 2 if you don't wanna wait for Project Scorpio. First-gen XB1s are going for $200 or less now.
7/21/16 2:12 PM
bWo Found in: Rock Band Rivals Expansion Revealed!
There's also a livestream at 4 p.m. Eastern time today.
7/19/16 2:31 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 7/19 - Billy Joel & Fuel
Buying both. Another solid week.
7/18/16 10:47 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 7/12 - Brian Setzer & Third Eye Blind
Buying both. Rock This Town looks amazing!
7/11/16 11:13 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 7/5 - Hinder & Pixies
Count me in for Hinder and Pixies.

And let's go with:


Brian Setzer - Rock This Town
Billy Joel - Uptown Girl


Black Eyed Peas - Pump It
Bastille - Pompeii


Third Eye Blind - How's It Gonna Be?
Fuel - Leave The Memories Alone
7/01/16 11:34 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 6/28 - The Killers & Toto
Buying both songs and holding out hope for Hold The Line somewhere down the road.

So, with next Monday being a holiday in the U.S., probably a Friday announcement for next week's DLC and July artists reveal.
6/27/16 10:35 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 6/21 - Imagine Dragons & Three Days Grace
I'll pick up both of these.
6/20/16 10:35 AM
bWo Found in: The Official Rock Band 4 Thread
Big thumbs up for the wired legacy adapter. Hope it's compatible with legacy Guitar Hero instruments, too.

Still waiting for more details on the expansion before committing to it.
6/14/16 6:46 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 6/14 - Goo Goo Dolls & MAGIC!
Buying both songs this week.
6/13/16 2:20 PM
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