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The export offer has expired.
3/07/16 12:55 PM
bWo Found in: Bring Rock Band 4 to PC (and Rock Band Network)!
It's more of a licensing is going to take a while because you have to contact hundreds of people and/or authoring groups and do deals one at a time. I suspect a lot of those authoring groups no longer exist.

$1.5 million in 35 days is a lot to ask, especially given the concerns others have listed in this thread. Once the initial push stalls, who's going to be there beating the drum to keep interest going? There's no online face of the company that people know and have built a connection with.
3/02/16 4:41 PM
bWo Found in: The Official Rock Band 4 Thread
And if they thought $775,000 in 18 days for Amplitude was a challenge, good luck with $1.5 million in 35 days -- and no John Drake to carry them to the finish line with a marathon livestream.
3/01/16 3:34 PM
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I'll seriously consider this, but having gone through instruments and song buying on the Wii, Xbox 360 and now Xbox One, I'd probably limit purchases on PC to just RBN content.
3/01/16 2:32 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 2/23 - Zac Brown Band
Think I'll pick these up. The Wind reminds me a bit of Sin Wagon.

Preview video seems weird. Too much band animation and not enough of a look at the charts.
2/22/16 5:43 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 2/16 - Five Finger Death Punch, Motorhead & Royal Blood
Probably gonna take a pass. Rocket League is out on XB1 this week.
2/15/16 11:17 AM
bWo Found in: The Official Rock Band 4 Thread
They're now starting to show up in-game.
2/11/16 11:32 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 2/9 - Bruno Mars, J. Gelis Band, Orleans and more
Buying 'em all.

So that leaves Five Finger Death Punch, Motörhead, Royal Blood and Zac Brown Band for the rest of the month. I'm thinking RB2 and/or LEGO imports will be ready by 2/16 or 2/23, then.
2/08/16 11:50 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 2/2 - Daft Punk, Kelly Clarkson & Outkast
Judging by the sneak peek, looks like it'll be assorted singles and no artist packs this month - hopefully the Valentine's Day songs will be bundled as a pack to make it a little easier on the wallet.

Perhaps a four-pack on 2/9 and three singles apiece for 2/16 and 2/23.
2/01/16 5:08 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 2/2 - Daft Punk, Kelly Clarkson & Outkast
Super stoked for Outkast and Daft Punk! *Searches for Polaroid camera*

Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease let the Motorhead song be The Game.
2/01/16 4:53 PM
bWo Found in: The Official Rock Band 4 Thread
Apparently the RB1 to RB4 export is available now on Xbox One.

How-to guide is here:
1/22/16 3:25 PM
bWo Found in: The Official Rock Band 4 Thread
January update is now a first week in February update, no DLC on 1/26 and RB1 export to RB4 on Xbox One unlikely to happen this week.
1/21/16 1:34 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 1/19 - 90s Grunge
Will have some money left over after getting some soon-to-be-delisted songs, so I might as well pick these up.
1/15/16 12:12 PM
bWo Found in: Relicensing update 1/13
HMXJosh said:
Happy 2016 everyone. We're now officially living in the future.

A few relicensing updates for you. These songs will be removed from the store before the end of January:

Guns N Roses “Chinese Democracy” (LP Chinese Democracy 01 Pack)
Guns N Roses “Scraped” (LP Chinese Democracy 01 Pack)
Night Ranger “You’re Gonna Hear From Me” (Night Ranger 01 Pack)
Nazareth “Hair Of The Dog” (single)
I Mother Earth “Levitate” (Single)
Hawkwind “Master Of The Universe” (Single)
Superchick “Stand In The Rain” (Single)
Silverchair “Straight Lines” (Single)
LP Chinese Democracy 01 Pack
Night Ranger 01 Pack
Tom Petty A Woman In Love (It’s Not Me) (Live) / Century City (Live) / Jammin’ Me (Live) / Nightwatchman (Live) / The Waiting (Live)
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Live Anthology Pack 02

The exact date they come down depends on first party timelines, so I wouldn't dilly dally if you want to snag any of these.

As always, if you already own these songs, they'll remain playable in your library, and you can ignore this message!

Original post is at:
1/13/16 3:58 PM
bWo Found in: The Official Rock Band 4 Thread
HMXJosh said:
Surprise change to plans! When we pulled the curtain back from what’s coming in our January update, we acknowledged the "Band Fail Overdrive Squeeze" as a clever use of game mechanics to maximize points, and reinforced that it wasn’t an exploit. The favorite words of gamers everywhere were heard, “working as intended.” This shocked a lot of you. Like…a lot, a lot. To spoil the end of my little update here, we’ve taking your feedback seriously and have revisited our thoughts on the feature. Scores inflated using this mechanic will not post to the leaderboards after the January update (which comes with a well-timed leaderboard wipe, among other snazzy things).

To take a step back, we design Rock Band to be played by many different people. We know some people share the game with their families, sometimes including young children. Some groups only play occasionally, never bumping up to Expert difficulty, let alone touching Brutal Mode. Some enjoy playing with friends as a fun social event, even if some of them don’t have the same guitar-strummin’, drum-drummin’, lyric-singin’ chops that they do (New Year’s Eve was huge for this). There are also hardcore, score-chasing Rock Band fiends, topping the leaderboards all day, every day.

That said, this feature was designed with group play in mind, specifically to help encourage the feeling of being a savior for a fallen bandmate. We didn’t want to start the Overdrive drain because a bandmate fails out. Through some clever use of this mechanic, people have found a way to improve their scores by deploying Overdrive before a short, complex part of a song, followed by a bandmate failing, which stops the Overdrive drain. This made it possible to reach scores not attainable through solo play.

So, how are we fixing this? Well, if we detect that someone fails out when another player already has Overdrive deployed, the savior will end the song with no score, and nothing will post to the leaderboards. Note that this doesn’t affect you for just “saving” a bandmate that has failed out, only if they fail when you have Overdrive engaged. If you play with No-Fail Mode enabled, this won't affect you one way or the other. We’re also looking at adding some sort of messaging that lets you know why you didn’t get a score here, as well as other instances that kill your score (e.g. Pausing too many times in a song). This won’t be in the January update (killing the Overdrive squeeze just managed to be snuck in), it would be in a later update this year.

That’s the long and short of it (But mostly the long thing. Did I really need five paragraphs to say ‘we changed our minds’?). We really do appreciate the feedback you all give us. Everything you say is truly taken to heart, and even intentional decisions are never immune from being questioned or changed. We’re looking forward to seeing who tops the leaderboards for each instrument after the update drops later this month!
1/11/16 7:54 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 1/12 - Disturburbed 04
I'll give these a try.
1/11/16 6:14 PM
bWo Found in: The Official Rock Band 4 Thread
So, now that weekly DLC is a thing again, it's possible Rock Band will pass the 5,000 mark in song offerings.

According to this site's database, there are 1,860 DLC, 2,158 RBN and 317 imports released as of today's offerings. That's a total of 4,335 songs.

I assume that number does not cover songs that couldn't be imported to other RB games, so factor in Enter Sandman and Paranoid from RB1 and Any Way You Want It, Battery and Let There Be Rock from RB2, the number rises to 4,340. I'm not sure how you'd treat Run To The Hills, Give It Away and Spoonman - I'm thinking you wouldn't count them twice.
12/29/15 11:37 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 12/29 - Coldplay, Ellie Goulding, Weezer, & More!
Weezer and Coldplay for me as well.
12/28/15 5:20 PM
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