bWo Found in: DLC 12/22 - U2 Essentials
Day 1 insta-buy. Fantastic!
12/21/15 11:32 AM
bWo Found in: The Official Rock Band 4 Thread
Rock Band 4 online survey is live.
12/17/15 9:59 PM
bWo Found in: The Official Rock Band 4 Thread
CloudWolf said:
PS4 is not the same internally as a Xbox One. It's pretty much on Microsoft's end whether they want to release something that allows wired peripherals to work on the Xbox One.

Microsoft's about-face on backwards compatibility certainly has caused a lot of headaches, especially with such a peripheral-heavy franchise.
12/16/15 4:22 PM
bWo Found in: The Official Rock Band 4 Thread
Lowlander2 said:
... as does ION support, but honestly I'm not holding my breath. If it was that simple, we'd have it by now.

Well, PS4 does have it.

It's likely tied to demand. If Mad Catz is given proof that enough demand is there to justify the cost of development and manufacturing, they'll probably make it happen.
12/15/15 3:19 PM
bWo Found in: The Official Rock Band 4 Thread
Details on Rock Band 4 updates heading into 2016. AMA on Reddit if you want to participate.
12/15/15 12:00 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 12/15 - Off the Charts 02
Think I'll pick up Can't Feel My Face. Guess U2 is coming next week.
12/14/15 11:30 AM
bWo Found in: The Official Rock Band 4 Thread
Anyone getting the RB3 import on the Xbox One might have to go into the game add-ons for a song or two.

My download didn't include Llama, so I had to go looking for it.
12/12/15 10:44 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 12/8 - Opeth, Symphony X, & BtBaM
Just the RB3 import for me this week. Best of luck to the guitarists in the Brutal Mode battle!
12/07/15 11:57 AM
bWo Found in: Rockband VR
Passing judgment based on a two-and-a-half-minute trailer with barely 20 seconds of gameplay footage seems a tad premature.

I'm admittedly not a fan of VR, but I'm taking a wait-and-see approach until more details about the game are offered. If any game could convince me to think differently about VR, it'd be Rock Band.
12/06/15 11:34 AM
bWo Found in: Relicensing update 12/2
Bront said:
Is that the first RB3 era Delisted set of songs?

Yes. Previous update was in April (couple of Silversun Pickups songs).
12/02/15 8:26 PM
bWo Found in: Relicensing update 12/2
HMXJosh said:
Hey everyone,

Your favorite neighborhood relicensing update here. These songs will be removed from the store at the end of December:

BAP - Verdamp Lang Her
Caesars - Jerk It Out
KMFDM - Sturm & Drang
Little Fish - Am I Crazy
Picture Me Broken - Dearest (Iím So Sorry)
Veer Union - Seasons
Wir Sind Helen - Nur Ein Wort

We're also removing the Universal Motown Republic Rock 01 Pack, although all songs aside from Veer Union - Seasons will remain on the store as singles. We're expecting these songs to be removed across all platforms at the end of the month, although first party might update a little sooner or later. If you want to snag any of the above before they're gone, I'd recommend not procrastinating!

If you already have any of these songs in your library, they're not going anywhere -- they'll remain playable after being removed from the store. The rest of this thread has some other info about how relicensing works, and I'll watch for any questions you may have about this. Thanks!

Original post is at
12/02/15 4:38 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 12/1 - Beck, Cold War Kids, and More!
Beck and X Ambassadors for me as well.
11/30/15 11:33 AM
bWo Found in: The Official Movies Thread
Captain America: Civil War trailer!
11/25/15 2:44 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 11/24 - Van Halen
Getting them all.
11/23/15 11:54 AM
bWo Found in: The Official Rock Band 4 Thread
Nice to see there will be monthly updates going forward. Curious to see what that new gameplay mode will be.
11/21/15 12:27 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 11/17 - Ed Sheeran, Vance Joy, Walk The Moon, & more!
Not for me, at least not right now.
11/16/15 11:44 AM
bWo Found in: The Official Rock Band 4 Thread
It reminds me of some of the RB1 bonus songs.


I likely wouldn't have bought this, but free song is free.
11/11/15 2:21 PM
bWo Found in: DLC 11/10 - Audioslave, Godsmack, & Linkin Park
Just Audioslave for me this week. Might get the others later on if/when online multiplayer happens.
11/09/15 11:49 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 11/4 - The Hollies, Iggy Pop & Robert Palmer
Buying 'em all. Another good week.
11/03/15 11:51 AM
bWo Found in: DLC 10/27 - '80s singles
Buying `em all - yay for more INXS!
10/26/15 11:59 AM
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