drdrummin_rb4 Found in: Song missing on exported list
I just saw at the bottom of the exports page, the option to include the delisted songs. My bad. By the way, I also noticed that the Oasis' song ("Rock 'n Roll Star) is now showing in the export list. Thanks.
8/04/17 10:41 PM
drdrummin_rb4 Found in: Song missing on exported list
Just FYI. All the delisted DLC songs have been recently made available for RB4 (both XBone and PS4), but ONLY for previous owners. You can't buy them, but you can download for free those songs you owe in a previous RB version, if in the same account and game system your RB4 is now. I guess the point is: keep the delisted DLC songs in the export list since they are compatible w RB4.
8/04/17 10:18 PM
drdrummin_rb4 Found in: DLC 7/13 - Iron Butterfly
To keep on w the guessing, I agree w 5 on guitar and bass. I would not be surprise if the bass gets a 4, though. Vocals is a 3 or solid 2. I think drums is a hard 4, but most likely get a 5 because the most intense part is in the last 4 minutes. The drum solo isn't fast or ridiculously complicated but it is super long (HMX said 75 bars ... that is between 2 and 3 minutes !!!). The drum cuts in the last 3rd of the song aren't difficult, but they are faster and continuous for several bars, after you've been playing for over 13 minutes (including that 3 min. solo). The basic drum rhythm for most of the song is straightforward, but there is no break until the very end. However, unless you're pounding the heck out of your drums, you should have enough energy for the last part ... you're gonna need it! If I see 5 devils in drums is because the RB charting will be rough and tough. It will likely get a 5 for band. In any case, the tier does not matter, this is must get!!
7/12/17 1:12 PM
drdrummin_rb4 Found in: Song missing on exported list
Hi. I noticed that the number of songs listed in the export is one short of what RB 4 reports. After checking the list song by song (crazy, right), "Rock n Roll Star" by Oasis is not showing up in the exported list. It is in the database and I selected it. For whatever reason is not been exported into a PDF format list. By the way, great job here. I see in the RB4 blogs that there are many players that like me, use this site as their prime source to track their songs. Thanks!
7/05/17 11:24 AM
drdrummin_rb4 Found in: Songs missing year of release (?)
Perfect. You guys are the best !!
10/15/15 1:12 PM
drdrummin_rb4 Found in: Songs missing year of release (?)
The following songs show under "Unknown" when sorted by "Decades" in PDF Karaoke List:
1) Cutting Crew - (I Just) Died In Your Arms - 1986
2) Lady Gaga - Monster - 2009
3) Queen - Death on Two Legs - 1975
4) Shinedown - The Crow and the Butterfly - 2008

I've compiled a list of nearly 1,100 songs and only these 4 have the problem. That is an amazing job guys !!! Thanks again for your great work in keeping this fantastic database updated.
10/15/15 9:44 AM
drdrummin_rb4 Found in: Song 'Seven' listed with a different band name than RB4
The song 'Seven', which is available as an RB1 export song, and now available for RB4 as an Amazon pre-order free song, is listed in your database under the band Vagiant. However, RB4 and Amazon have them listed under Tijuana Sweetheart. FYI for those trying to update their lists. Perhaps an additional entry or edit could be made in the database. Thanks for the great work !
10/08/15 9:08 AM
drdrummin_rb4 Found in: Incorrect RB4 on-disc export
Working great now. Thanks !!!
10/07/15 9:51 PM
drdrummin_rb4 Found in: Incorrect RB4 on-disc export
When trying to export to karaoke PDF, the exporter creates a list with the RB3 on disc songs rather than RB4.
10/07/15 8:39 AM
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