esquehill Found in: DLC 10/26 - Chuck Berry & Jackson 5
...send more Chuck Berry.
10/26/17 7:52 PM
esquehill Found in: DLC 9/21 - Rick James & Switchfoot
Nice one!
9/22/17 7:46 AM
esquehill Found in: DLC 6/22 - Cyndi Lauper & Paramore
She's so unusual.
6/24/17 7:06 PM
esquehill Found in: Relicensing update 4/21 - Beatles: RB DLC
Beyond sad, sigh.
4/25/16 6:52 AM
esquehill Found in: Bring Rock Band 4 to PC (and Rock Band Network)!
Will I have to rebuy all my DLC? I did when I went from Wii to Xbox, sigh.
3/07/16 9:37 PM
esquehill Found in: Trouble with the xbox rb3 music store...
Says something like "no items are available for purchase at this time".
Happens when I try to buy dlc or premium t-shirts.
It's been this way for the last couple of days.
Is this an issue with other folks on xbox, as well?
1/17/15 9:37 AM
esquehill Found in: "Find Players" not working
Working ok now. Thanks!
2/19/13 10:37 PM
esquehill Found in: "Find Players" not working
Can't even find myself... with all options wildcarded.
2/02/13 12:25 PM
esquehill Found in: over 35 or non thrash metal players
Sounds good! My gamertag is esquehill;
I sent you a friend-req in xbox-land.
1/11/13 6:56 PM
esquehill Found in: How to show RB1+RB2+RB3 songs?
If I change my preferred console to xbox (from wii),
THEN the options to set xbox rb1/rb2/lego/greenday/trackpacks imports become available...
3/04/12 12:06 PM
esquehill Found in: How to show RB1+RB2+RB3 songs?
Sorry, I'm sure this has been covered before... but, I have xbox RB3, and I added the RB1 and RB2 songs (on the xbox), but I don't see where I add the RB1 and RB2 songs as added here on; so that I get a merged list of RB1+RB2+RB3 ondisk songs; so they show as available in for play in RB3...
Am I missing something??
3/04/12 11:43 AM
esquehill Found in: Find players... never does.
It doesn't find my username... doesn't find anyone's username on my friends list.
Is it busted? ...or what could I be doing wrong?
8/31/11 10:28 PM
esquehill Found in: why cant i play online with my rb3 its been 1day and countin
Yes, the rb3 rock central servers have been down & up today and yesterday. I played for a while, then after a while I started noticing leaderboard results showing up after finishing a song (instead of just "your previous best score was 12345". Then I get usb death after a few songs, and when I reboot, I'm unable to connect again. Curiously, I tried RB2 and it worked fine. Sigh. The sure way to test whether you are really connected is to try to look at the leader board... if you are not connected you get a message "you must be online and signed onto a registered profile" .... or something like that...
12/23/10 7:10 PM
esquehill Found in: "Find Players" is not updating?
The "Find Players" page is not reflecting the additions
of DLC that I've made (and friends have made)
over the past weeks... it seems locked in the past somehow.
12/11/10 9:39 PM
esquehill Found in: site not usable with 1024x600 display
The box for reply-to-private-message is anchored off-screen,
down and to the right, I'm unable to make the "submit" button
visible on the screen, though I can type in a message...
Does this function work ok for you on a 1024x600 display?
I'm using firefox on xp. Forums work fine, though...
11/16/10 8:29 PM
esquehill Found in: site not usable with 1024x600 display
It would be great if this site were more usable with a 1024x600 display, commonly found on netbooks. Thanks!
11/15/10 6:56 PM
esquehill Found in: The Official Rock Band 3 Thread
During online play in wii-land, the display behind the note highways is a screensaver-like kaleidoscopic/flashing graphic display. Is that also true on xbox and ps3???

This means (for wii, anyway) that you never see the characters of your online friends. Sigh.
11/01/10 3:47 AM
esquehill Found in: RB2 Export Details, 70 songs transfer, 5 cut, 9 delayed
No Visions? Why not?
10/26/10 5:02 PM
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