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singemfrc Found in: RB4 Preorder Songs Missing
Were these songs omitted from DLCQP intentionally? A majority of them are also exports, but some are not such as the Tijuana Sweetheart tracks, Lodger, Blink, and a few others.

Full list at http://www.ign.com/wikis/rock-band-4/Pre-Order_Bonuses
1/07/16 2:41 PM
singemfrc Found in: Missing Rush Song
In addition to the three parts there is also "2112" the full 20 minute song that should be added to the list.
1/03/12 9:10 PM
singemfrc Found in: rbn ps3 seperate tab
Sorry for the "+1" post but in this case I thought itd be useful so you get an idea of how many people are interested in this.
1/12/11 7:21 PM
singemfrc Found in: Adding Rock Band Free Pack
Mcmax3000 said:
They're not in the Rock Band 2 export list on the site since they weren't part of the export.

I was thinking of adding them to the database but I wasn't sure what was being done with them as I normally stick to adding the Lips DLC. I think they should go in as DLC since they are available as DLC for everyone, regardless of whether they had RB2 or not.
Yep agree with this. In game they show up as imported from RB2, but since theyre available to everyone from the store whether they have RB2 or not, they should show up as DLC as the "HMX Free Pack 01"
1/04/11 10:45 PM
singemfrc Found in: Missing from RB2 export
Weird, you're right. When I go to "songs I don't own" it said I had every song, and Trees wasn't listed. But when I went to "songs I own" Tress was listed and unchecked, and it allowed me to check it and save it.
10/30/10 5:20 AM
singemfrc Found in: Missing from RB2 export
Rush - The Trees (Vault Edition)
10/29/10 5:47 PM
singemfrc Found in: Friend Deleted Problem
[Account Deleted] added you to their friends list. Do you want to add them to yours?

Selecting "No" does nothing.
4/29/10 10:00 AM
singemfrc Found in: RB Mobile?
I'll post some screenshots tomorrow. I havent been able to actually play a multiplayer game yet cause I dont know anyone else that has it!
4/17/10 5:17 PM
singemfrc Found in: RB Mobile?
On iPhone/iPod Touch (I havent tried the other version) you can either do random or invite. It uses facebook to connect to and invite users.
4/17/10 5:14 PM
singemfrc Found in: RB Mobile?
Is there a reason this game isn't included? Its a pretty full featured game, with both local and online multiplayer and DLC. I would definitely like to be able to find other people to play with, especially since some of it's trophies require multiplayer.
4/17/10 2:38 AM
singemfrc Found in: New Free Bird Notice
After reading this -> http://www.scorehero.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=102799&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=15

It appears that only Wii owners got the new chart, 360 and PS3 get the Smash Hits chart even if they had never previously owned Smash Hits.
4/01/10 10:49 AM
singemfrc Found in: GH Metal Pack
All 3 songs showing 0 intensity.
1/21/10 10:26 PM
singemfrc Found in: Fall Of Troy GH Pack
Currently not showing in songs list.
12/03/09 8:54 AM
singemfrc Found in: RB:Unplugged
DLC is out now, I've already downloaded it. Can this be added?
6/04/09 3:27 PM
singemfrc Found in: PS3 Multi-Instrumentalist DLC band looking for a fourth
OK, 1st of All you need to have ALL or very close to all of the DLC.

We are looking for someone very dedicated with a desire to be in a band and willing to make it work. And HUGE plus if you can play all the instruments well as we could switch around on certain songs a player is weak at. But don't hesitate to apply for a single position. If you're applying to be just a single instrument, say guitar, you have to be able to FC most of the songs.

Currently we have Myself, MAYRAluvsYA, and wesker-kun (from scorehero) in the band. Were just looking for that final piece of the puzzle to make this a great band.
We'll primarily be playing within the time frame of 6-10PM PST. Days can be decided on once the roster is final.

Right now the line up would be like so,but does not mean were looking for just a vocalist. If youre better at an instrument then the one of us then we can change the primary instruments. We don't want to play on the same instrument every time.

If you're interested, post here and also in the thread over there --> http://rockband.scorehero.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=25155
6/01/09 12:14 AM
singemfrc Found in: The "I buy all DLC" button
That's what I'm wondering..even if only a couple people use it, is it a big deal to leave it on?
3/06/09 12:58 PM
singemfrc Found in: The "I buy all DLC" button
Please put that back! Does it harm anything if only few people use it? I definitely do, I like that I don't have to remember to come in and check new boxes each week to keep my list up to date :)
3/04/09 10:49 AM
singemfrc Found in: Search for Ready To Rock
Completely missed that sorry
8/24/08 11:07 AM
singemfrc Found in: Search for Ready To Rock
If it's not too much trouble to add, would be nice to search for Ready To Rock just like you can for Who's Online.
8/24/08 7:07 AM
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