texx1986 Found in: New admin wanted
thanks for ignoring my every request for rb :/
9/27/12 9:00 AM
texx1986 Found in: Pa-rum-pum-pum-pum: the dlcquickplay.com drums tournament
1. ub3r-twist3d (PSN: ub3r-twist3d)
2. WoodenGlory (PSN: DudeForRock)
3. Zenzuki (Same)
4. Osaga the Great (XBL: Osaga the Great)
5. Dr. Sardonicus (PSN: Mike_From_Philly)
6. josch22 (josch22)
7. Sycocoaster (XBL: Sycocoaster)
8. himama123(PSN: himama123)
9. Daddio54 (Daddio54)
10. Yak (XBL: TheYakIsGo)
11. DoofiestDoofz (XBL: DoofiestDoofz)
12. rageer (XBL: PioneerRedcss)
13. OneOnTheRun (XBL: Odd One Offbeat)
14. Razor_Shark (PSN: RazorSharkz)
15. Phil E the Kid (XBL: Phil E the Kid)
16. llamajobuddy (PSN: llamajobuddy)
17. non_zero (PSN: nonzzero)
18.. Xtreme Nights (XBL: Dawning Wolf)
19. BonScott46to80 (XBL: BonScott46to80)
20. XDeathofaDreamX (XBL:XDeathofaDreamX)
21. texx1986 (XBL: TEXX isBEAST420)
8/28/12 2:17 PM
texx1986 Found in: New privacy option
i guess i know who to delete on my friends list on xbox live...what a bunch of posers
6/12/12 7:49 AM
texx1986 Found in: New privacy option
weird i am friendless now...
6/12/12 7:47 AM
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