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Okay, some questions have arisen as to what makes a review bad. I want to stress that I'm not out to eliminate all of the bad reviews, but rather I want to eliminate reviews that just have no explanation at all.

For example:

A guy, regarding Muse, wrote, "just plain awesome to sing." This is actually acceptable, as the person was pretty much echoing sentiments of others and it doesn't need to be eliminated.

Somebody else also wrote, on the same review, "Extremely repetitive, hard to keep a combo." This is also fine. It's short, but it quickly explains why they only gave it a two star review.

Now what's *not* going to fly is "Meh Song." So the person doesn't like the song... how is it to sing? There is no explanation here for why the song deserves a bad score, other than, essentially, "I don't like this music." Seeing as my little "Reviewers Creed" specifically says not to rate a song badly just because you dislike the music, this is not a proper review.

Now, as far as *good* reviews go, just use your own judgment on that. Overall, we're just looking for reviews that are worth reading. Reviews that really explain the song, or reviews that just happen to be pretty funny are all good picks.
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Okay thanks. I've been going on a flurry of flagging those bad'uns and this really helps.

I'm not sure if I flagged those, but I had what you have as a basic outline for flagging before.
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I'm probably guilty of a couple bad reviews.
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I probably am too, if you hate a song a lot sometimes you write biased reviews without thinking about it.
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Someone flagged by Bass review for The Perfect Drug, where I simply said "Almost nonexistent.".

I really think there's not much else you can say about that.
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