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80s Mix IV – $7.99

* Huey Lewis and The News “Hip To Be Square”
* Ratt “Lay It Down” - Drop D
* Steve Winwood “Higher Love”
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texx1986 said:
go listen to elton john then pantera kicks even gods ass
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Aw yeah Hip To Be Square!

Wondered why RB never went after that one for the Huey Lewis pack.

Heard of Higher Love, but not too jazzed on it.
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Dog said:
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Lay It Down did not meet my expectations, Round and Round is an absolute blast and was hopin' for something like that but I felt way more trapped in a box playing this one. Still an above average guitar part (even though I think the chords feel a li'l awkward) and an average bass part, but it's not the knockout hit I expected it to be, for my own tastes I would have waited for it to be on sale if I had known I'd feel this way but gambled and lost.

Higher Love is a very middle of the road experience, nothing terribly surprising on either part but they're passable. Kinda surprised they didn't alt-chart some during the chorus for lead, I feel the synth horns are the way more iconic part there but I guess I am biased for horns.

Hip to Be Square is a pretty fun song, the preview shows the worst part on bass for some reason? Whatever. An enjoyable experience on guitar and bass, the one I recommend most of the pack. Again I feel like the horns are iconic enough to have been charted to lead, but I guess I should go forward assuming there's no actual guidelines for alt-charting which will just make the whole thing frustrating when an oddball pops back up again.

Alright pack, pick 'em up if you like 'em, give 'em another look during a sale. Still can't believe we got just one Huey Lewis and the News song, but it's definitely the one I wanted most. Hopin' to see I Want a New Drug and expectin' to see The Power of Love tossed into later mixes, if not a full pack for the band.
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