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Alice in Chains II – $11.99

* Alice in Chains “Down In A Hole” | Lead/Alt. Lead/Rhythm/Alt. Rhythm [Eb Standard] | Bass [Eb Drop Db]
* Alice in Chains “Heaven Beside You” | Lead/Rhythm/Bass [Eb Standard]
* Alice in Chains “No Excuses” | Lead/Rhythm/Bass [Eb Standard]
* Alice in Chains “Nutshell” | Lead/Rhythm/Bass [Eb Standard]
* Alice in Chains “Rooster” | Lead/Rhythm/Bass [Eb Standard]
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texx1986 said:
go listen to elton john then pantera kicks even gods ass
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Not the band I expected from the hint, but a pretty good pack. Lead's really good when it's lead (especially Down in a Hole), but when it's chords it definitely tends to drone on as Alice in Chains does sometimes. Bass is pretty middling for the same reason of droning, but still a good time with a couple stronger than others. Rooster in particular suffers from the droning problem, which is a shame because it's a song I like, but it's not a terribly fun experience to me.

Still, a good penultimate pack for the year. I think No Excuses is the first song I've requested to get released, so 2018 is clearly going to be chocked-full of those.
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