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Paramore Song Pack – $13.99 / Steam

* Paramore “Ain’t It Fun” | Lead/Rhythm [Drop D] | Bass [C# Standard]
* Paramore “Brick by Boring Brick” | Lead/Rhythm [E Standard] | Bass [C# Standard]
* Paramore “crushcrushcrush” | Lead/Rhythm [Eb Drop Db] | Bass [C# Standard]
* Paramore “The Only Exception” | Lead/Bass [E Standard] | Rhythm [EADGBD#]
* Paramore “Pressure” | Lead/Rhythm/Bass [Drop D]
* Paramore “Still Into You” | Lead/Rhythm [Drop D] | Bass [C# Standard]
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texx1986 said:
go listen to elton john then pantera kicks even gods ass
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Wow I didn't expect Brick by Boring Brick to beat out Careful or Ignorance. I also realized I forgot That's What You Get when I took a stab in the dark and figured that would be in the pack, surprised neither it nor Misery Business made it.

Not an instantly appealing pack to me (good coverage of their career, though), but I'll see how it looks to play in the preview video, and maybe some of these songs that don't do a lot for me will grow on me once I get into the parts.
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Pretty good guitar pack overall, surprisingly pretty good bass pack also; even The Only Exception has decently engaging bass when it's there.

That song's still probably the weakest of the pack to play, surprising no one because it's the soft single, but it's still passable and probably the best of those; definitely beating out Glycerine and Jane Says with what's there and the room to fill in your own parts to make it your own.

Ain't It Fun is probably my favorite to play in the pack, really good bass part and a pretty good guitar part. Pressure is really good on guitar and pretty good on bass. Brick by Boring Brick is pretty good on both! crushcrushcrush still ain't my scene will likely end up deleted as such, but I recognize it's a pretty good guitar part and a passable bass part. It just sounds to me like three earworms sewn together with no regard for how they fit and it just feels awkward to me every time I hear it.

Hopin' to see licensing be less weird in the future and see Misery Business sometime. Won't be surprised if we see That's What You Get, Careful, and/or Ignorance down the line. I'd love to see Feeling Sorry, Playing God, and Turn It Off (the outro is so pretty), but not holding my breath for any of those.
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