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The RBN songs page has a new column called "Author". You can sort by it, and if you click the Author's name it'll take you to their very own DLCQP page.

Also added Advanced search for songs, if you click the "^" beside the search button (I don't have a fancy graphic for it yet) you can filter the songs page by pretty much any piece of information that we keep on it.

P.S. You can do the song filtering on profile pages too. So for instance, if you want to see how many "Punk" songs you have in common, you can.
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Oh neat. I've always wondered how many songs are credited toward a Greatest Hits album.
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The new search is way cool, but I've found a couple of minor bugs:

1) Songs page, RBN tab, adv. search, check drum pro mode (no other criteria) - search returns all tracks. Checking pro mode works as expected if you also filter by drum tier (only tracks marked as pro are returned).

2) Filter by drum tier doesn't work right if you try to show all tiers from 0 to whatever. A search for tier 0 - 3 only returns tier 3. A filter of tier 1 - 3 works as expected.

I've already found and purchased one song I overlooked before thanks to this new feature, though. Awesome work.

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