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I just want to say thanks to everyone for their support over the years, and especially this past year.

That includes donations, which we've gotten from: SSoH, spiderdan, Shardspo, EvilAngelJS, drummerbmw, Cleaver1, doughnut18, bth3571, Sideshow, iCatz, bryanfury, AnimeCow, Spiderdan, madcapmatt, Alan, Shannon, and Carmen Those that wanted to donate but couldn't, I understand and appreciate you too, I'm in the same boat.

And lets not forget a special mention for SSoH, who generously matched the amount donated by everyone else combined with his money that he got from being rich and famous on Machinima. Your contributions are ensuring that the site stays afloat during this rough patch.

And as most know I branched off into a Rock Band Network project last year, thanks to everyone who's been associated with it including Alluminated Guy, Karmeleaux, Splync, Dog, Quina, Elisoncruz, Riles, and CloudWolf. And a special thanks to everyone who's bought and shared and YouTube'd the songs we've put out, it means a lot to us and the bands that we work with.

And thanks to Harmonix for creating this awesome interactive music platform that's changed the way I listen to music and presented me with the opportunity to work with these talented musicians that I definitely would never have gotten to otherwise.

And thanks to everyone who uses the site on a semi-daily basis, and who's shared the site with others helping it to build a formidable community and userbase of its own. I've put more work into this than I have anything else in my adult life, I hope that it shows and that it's been a useful tool for all of you out there.

And as for the coming year, I'm personally going to take a break from the Rock Band Network thing relatively soon and give some attention to the site, maybe bring some long awaited features to fruition. Beyond that, I dunno. Let's just have a good year, shall we?
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Thanks for all your hard work and for having this amazing website to keep track of how much money I give Harmonix, Activision, and Ubisoft m/
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I've jammed with so many cool people because of this website, its features are so damn useful and simple to use, it really is a thing of beauty. Your hard work does not go unappreciated by any means.
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I got laid because of this site. Thanks non zero!

Seriously, the work you have put in is appreciated by many.
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thanks for the awesomeness of this site non zero/staff. :) looking forward to whatever new features are planned.
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Thank you as well nonzero!
Besides being a great platform for finding fellow rock bandies, this site is just a good place to hang out!
I hope all goes well for you this year ;)
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xsivforce said:
I got laid because of this site. Thanks non zero!

Seriously, the work you have put in is appreciated by many.

Oh my lord. *Bows before*
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Glad to be a part of your life, if not even by facial recognition. =D

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You were the best boss ever, because you didn't fire us for making sex jokes about our clients. ;w;
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Good job dude. This site is a great tool.
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If it wasn't for this website, I wouldn't have met so many cool people, so thanks!
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Dankashe for all your thingkashes
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Hear hear
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This site is the best. :) Here's to a great 2012!
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I'd actually donate but i have no way to. Sorry about that.
But this site does really help me out a lot, so thanks.
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Thanks for all you do - this site is a 'must-check' weekly, for DLC junkies.

And thanks to all those that work to get the videos out of the charts and such. Your efforts save a lot of people money on poor or too easy/difficult a chart, and at the same time expand our musical tastes with tasty charts of an unknown artist.

Here's to a hopefully stunning 52 weeks of DLC in 2012!

Again, thanks for all the content and effort.
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Thanks to everyone who helps with this site. Cheers, and happy new year!
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Without this website.. I'd have nothing to lurk.
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Thanks for everything! This site has been a great way of improving the way I play rock band, find good DLC and talk to some prety awesome people. You also gave us some pretty awesome RBN stuff, and also allowed the greatest user ever to exist: GOPIRATE.

Here's to another great year of DLC quickplay :)
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Thank you for all the work and effort...I think besides facebook this is the one site i check more then a few times a day just to check out forums what songs friends have downloaded...best of luck in 2012 and Looking forward to another awesome year on DLCQP :)
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