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Rhythm Rocker
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I really appreciate all the hard work you put into this site, it makes so many things easier: finding friends with similar taste, dlc, and compatible instrument preferences, as well as previewing songs and charts, forums and help with Rockband related issues etc. I am happy to donate whenever I can, well worth the money, Thanks again.
Makin' Noise!
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Thanks for all you do non-zero (and staffers)....

Here's to another great year of dlc/rbn and DLCQP! :)
Build a man a fire and you'll heat him for the night!
Set a man on fire and you'll heat him for the rest of his life!
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Yes, this is a fantastic website. I have made lots of Wii Friends thanks to DLCQP! :)
Keep up the great work!
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Thanks for keeping this amazing site afloat sorry i cant really support (i got no job) but glad to have tried to by buying a couple of the songs up :D happy 2012 bring on 2013
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