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There should be a Rickroll button that automatically switches over to Never Gonna Give You Up.
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To be fair, Never Gonna Give You Up will be one of the greatest vocal songs in the game. Every other song this week is terrible, though.
I thought Lou Reed was the Lou Reed of rap.
You'd hit it.
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>Never Gonna Give You Up

It has the DLC or else it gets the hose !!!!
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Great week, getting all of it.
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I take back everything bad I ever said about HMX.
Not really but still, GOTY DLC right there.
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Getting it all.
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Some better than others, but all better than a lot.

Will buy all.

You folks that say you don't know Mr. Big should have one of those "oh that song" moments when you hear that track.
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The only song I don't like is Alone, the rest is awesome (love me some guilty pleasure songs). I will probably buy them all.
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Singstar recently had an update and had Heart's Alone as well. I was really close but I'm glad I didn't purchase it. I had faith that the "rock" songs at the Singstar store would come to Rock Band someday. So I refrain myself from buying those songs. With the pro keys, anything is possible now. But I prefer to have those songs on ROCK BAND!

Thank you Harmonix! First time in over a month buying an actual DLC for me.

I've been waiting for My Only Star for the longest time. This makes me sooo happy.

I wish it was Wild World by Mr.Big though.
It's a Pumbloom! :0
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Great Heart pick, sick and tired of hearing "Crazy On You", so glad they didn't pick that one!
Figured the most requested song would be "Never Gonna Give You Up" getting that for dat bassline!
Stoked for "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" too! Glad it's not the god awful Miley Cyrus version.
Mr. Big was a big suprise. Picking it up as they're one of my favourite 90's bands!

All in all a 4 out of 4 pack, and probably a better pack overall than the last valentines pack. Lady Antebellum, & B.O.B let the side down last year.
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Never Gonna Give You Up was expected and im okay with it. Everything else in the other hand...

Also, people don't seem to understand what trolling and Rick Rolling actually mean.
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Not as great as the Valentines Day pack last year but still good. Each and every one of these is AOS = already on Singstar.
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D: What!? First time in a month I wanna buy DLC! :D Never Gonna Give you up! Never gonna let you down! Never gonna run around, and hurt you!
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After frustrating everyone on the RB forums, they've finally enacted their revenge.

I need a lie down.
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Not as good as last year's, but I guess it's decent in its own right. Mr. Big and Poison probably tied for best songs this week but I guess none of them are terrible

I give it a whatever/10

This girl has the best reaction faces

Anyway message me if you're buying the whole pack and want to help out with videos Tuesday morning
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To Be With You is an awesome harmonies song. Gets the ladies in the mood.
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Turns out I'm 20 MSP short of having enough for the pack. Well, guess I won't buy the Heart song
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CloudWolf said:
Turns out I'm 20 MSP short of having enough for the pack. Well, guess I won't buy the Heart song

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Remember when you guys thought Metallica or Muse were coming?
Fair and Balanced

texx1986 said:
go listen to elton john then pantera kicks even gods ass
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