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It's been a while since we posted any announcements, but we've still been releasing stuff over the past few months. Since our last announcement we've had several releases.

Bullet by Drugstore Fanatics
Break Me by The Irresponsibles
Gordon Freeman Saved My Life by Miracle Of Sound
In a Hurricane by Blame Ringo
Garble Arch by Blame Ringo
Amazing Horse by Weebl's Stuff
A Death by an Unkindness
Words Cannot Express by an Unkindness
Lady Luck by Hillcrest

Out of our modest collection of songs we've been lucky enough to have over half of them ported to PS3, so that's cool. If you want more you can let them know at the PS3 RBN Request Thread.

We were truly amazed at the number of people who flocked to Amazing Horse, it was ported to PS3 within a month and it's sold over 3,000 copies at the time of this writing. We've had high expectations for tracks in the past that fell a little short, but this one did not disappoint!

And there've been a number of FCs of our songs that made us say WHAT. We know there are people out there that can FC anything in existence, but we didn't expect those people to play our songs. Thanks. :)

Pro Drums on Lady Luck by BraadyX3
Pro Drums on Bullet by Xepher85O
Pro Drums on Pretty Boy by GooseNation01
Pro Keys on A Death by sycocoaster
Pro Keys on Foundation by Elison Cruz

So, what lies ahead? Well, we've still got one more song from an Unkindness' 4 Songs EP to get out, Fragments, which should show up in the next few weeks. We've also got Devil at the Wheel by Crud coming out around the same time.

After that, I'm going to try to get as many Drugstore Fanatics songs out as I can before October. At a minimum, The Bear March and The Distance will be released, but they may also be followed by Pace Protection and You Got The Ball. Why October? Well, I'll have more on that in a future update.

Thanks to everyone for supporting our artists, in the future I'll be better about posting updates as songs are released.


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Where's [insert song title] by Miracle of Sound?
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All the stuff that's been ported over is great. I'm hoping those 2 newer an Unkindness tracks port over quicker than the first one did.

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When is sovngarde song coming on RBN?

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look at dat horse
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texx1986 said:
go listen to elton john then pantera kicks even gods ass
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That horse is amazing.
I thought Lou Reed was the Lou Reed of rap.
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Thanks for the link! I love the an Unkindness stuff.
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