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Painkiller      "A mixed bag" zyyzyyzyy
It's rare for a song on Rock Band to have a drum solo, but it's even rarer for a Rock Band song to have more than one drum solo. That's the case for this song, as there is two drum solos, one at the beginning and one at the end of song. Both are pretty fun to play, especially the latter.

However, everything between the two drum solos is meh. It's pretty repetitive and switches between two beats every minute or so with very little variation of any significance. It can actually get a little bit boring if you're good enough to hit the beat with no problem. Most of the song either a mildly fast pattern with three kicks between each snare, the second of which has a yellow note, and the snare being paired with a yellow note as well, or a beat that looks like Sleepwalker slowed way down. This stuff goes on for six minutes and doesn't really get all that interesting to a good player, while easily failing out a bad player.

Overall, it's an okay song to play, but it isn't something I would really play over and over again for the sake of doing so. The best way to describe this song would be "Two epic solos separated by an endless sea of triple-kick beats and other stuff that shows up over and over again"

Grade: B-
Rate: 4/5
Difficulty: Borderline ⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪/🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴 ;
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Suicide Note Pt. II      "INSANELY fast strumming" zyyzyyzyy
According to the ScoreHero Top 100 Rock Band Bass FCs, this is ranked #23 overall, being the highest ranked DLC song on the list and the second highest ranked non-RBN song (Visions is #14). And believe me, this song is WELL deserving of that rank.

That really fast drum beat you're hearing in the back? You'll be strumming twice as fast as the drum beat! I don't know how fast exactly the strumming is, but I'd estimate it's somewhere between 13-17 NPS. You need to be an absolute master at fast strumming, or you will have no chance to GS or even 5S this. It's actually not that hard to pass, but only because if you spam the strum bar so much with no sense of pattern you'll likely hit the vast majority of the notes in the fast strumming clusters (That should tell you how fast it is). This song on bass is up there with Nevermore (Morbid Angel RBN song, not the RB4 song) and Cimmerman Shamballa on guitar as the most difficult strumming songs on Rock Band.

I do recommend this song because it is a big challenge and it gets easier and more fun towered the end, but I have a few warnings about buying this song on bass. First, DO NOT buy this song on Rock Band 2, because then it will be impossible to FC and virtually impossible to GS due to the strumming limit. Also, by grinding this song, you may put your strumbar at risk of breaking. I am not exaggerating either of those warnings, I am actually being dead serious. Have fun and good luck!

Grade: B
Rate: 4/5
Difficulty: 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴
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Cry Thunder      "ASPOKDHFGPAWODJSB" SlayerIsTheStuff
I hate the Pro Keys chart of this song. It's just a bunch of sustains and it gets boring after 1 minute in. The LEGACY keys, however, is full of variety.

It still has sustains, yes, but it also has a bunch of HO/PO's after the first chorus. Other than the sustains, it's actually really fun. I don't know why the Pro Keys has less notes, though......

Buy it.

Rating: 4
Tier: 4
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Cry Thunder      "Stop crying" SlayerIsTheStuff
The Bass charts for Operation Ground and Pound and Through the Fire and Flames are fun, but they're mainly fast strumming. This song is completely different.

There is a bunch of strumming, but it also has a bunch of HO/PO's going thoughout the song. It is really fun and has your hands moving up and down the neck.

A perfect example of the best way to make a power metal Bass chart without relying on fast strumming.

Rating: 5
Tier: 3
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Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (Live)      "SO MUCH VARIETY!!!" SlayerIsTheStuff
This song is so fun. It's probably one of the best Guitar tracks I've ever played. It's hard to explain, but it's a mix of challenging and funness (is that a word?). There are 5 Guitar solos (I think) and all of them are amazing.

Definite buy for Guitarists.

Rating: 5
Tier: Devil
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Never Let 'Em Hold Ya Back!      "Half mediocre, half good, but the good makes up for it" Nicolas-1223
For the first half of this song, you only play the horn part on guitar. It gets rather tedious after a while, and it's annoying because there's actual guitar under the horns. However, you start playing actual guitar during and after the build-up in the middle, including a kick-ass solo that more than makes up for the first half of the chart if you can hold out long enough. It's very fun to play and has the potential to throw you off.
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Step on the Throat      "Don't step on a throat. That could affect someone's health" SlayerIsTheStuff
This song's Bass chart is basically the alt-strums of the Guitar, but instead of charting it to alt-strums, it is charted to sustains. This is what makes this chart a step down from the Guitar. The verses basically mirror the Guitar, but that's not saying much.

I'm not saying that the Guitar part is fun, but it at least has more movement.

I would recommend this song for Vocals or Drums. Mainly Drums.
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Royals      "Guitarists: This kind of wub's just ain't for us" The Walrus
If you are exclusively a guitarist, you should know:

There are 116 notes in this song.

This song is ranked as easier than Grenade and We Will Rock You.

The first verse and chorus go by without you playing a note.

You are playing the "wubs" that are straight quarter notes.

That really should tell you everything you need to know.

Get it for that one guy at parties that only plays guitar but is always saying "But I can't do expert! It's too hard!" But don't get it if you want anything more.
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England Rock Anthems      "Quite horrible" SlayerIsTheStuff
A bunch of chords in the first 10 seconds of the song, then you don't play anything throughout the song.

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Here Comes Tomorrow      "Funnest C&O Guitar Chart" SlayerIsTheStuff
Most of the C&O Guitar parts are ok at best, but this one is completely different!

The intro and chorus charts are a bunch of HO/PO's chained by chords. This part is very fast and, to an extent, challenging. The verse charts are kinda boring, because it consists of only chord strums. However, the HO/PO section is the majority of the chart and these strums ONLY happen in the verses.

Fun Guitar part!
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Hell Yeah      "ASDF Movie" SlayerIsTheStuff
This song's Bass is very slow and it feels like forever when I finish the song. It is basically all sustains with a very few HO/PO's, but even then, it happens for a few seconds before going to sustains.

Not for Bassists.

Rating: 1
Tier: 0
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Nobody Gives a S*** About Us      "NOH!!" SlayerIsTheStuff
This song's Keys is a bunch of notes after the Guitar solo. It is kinda fast, but it's not that long and it stops abruptly.

Not fun at all.

Rating: 1
Tier: 2
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Low Rider      "Ugh......................" SlayerIsTheStuff
I hate this Vocals chart, and not because the song is bad (far from it), but it is way undertiered. Why? Because I try to sing it how it is, but I always miss. And this is coming from someone who FC'd Heavy Weather - The Storm ov the Undead. The only saving grace is the ungodly amount of cowbell, but this doesn't count toward your score. Bad chart.

Rating: 1
Tier: 1
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Teardrops Fall Like Rain      "Teardrops Fall like Rain......." SlayerIsTheStuff
....when I play this song's Keys chart.

Oh, there we go. A bunch of chords and a bunch of ascending and descending notes (that aren't fast) and there is a bunch of empty space that keeps on going....and going....and going.....and going.....and going......and going...and going....oh there's the thing from the there's the empty space......and going.....and going.....and going.....and going......and there's the thing from the beginning....then the song ends.

Boring Keys chart.

Rating: 1
Tier: 2
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Battle of Egos Intro      "Waiting...............oh there it is" SlayerIsTheStuff
The Vocals take forever to come in, but when they do come in, it is pretty fun. The only cons about this Vocal track is the waiting time and the shortness of the song.

Buy it, maybe, but I'd recommend Bass or Drums.

Rating: 3
Tier: 2
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England Rock Anthems      "ENGLAND!!" SlayerIsTheStuff
There are only 2 words in the song: England (2x)

Both are talkies and have a huge chunk of space in between both.

Not fun at all. Buy for Guitar or Drums. Especially Drums.

Rating: 1
Tier: 0
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2 Minutes to Midnight       dxdg
This song is an endurance test. But it somehow manages to be a fun one. Your right arm and your leg will be in pain by the end, but the song changes up so much that you'll feel thrilled by the time it's over. Lots of pedaling, lots of fast cymbal beats, and lots of song in general. It's long, it's tough, and it's fun.
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Need You Tonight       dxdg
The drums for this song are odd. Like, it's clearly not an organic drummer for most of it, but you're playing all the machine parts anyway. But that kinda makes it fun, too. And slightly awkward. The awkwardness of it detracts a point, but you can't help but feel like you're genuinely having fun the whole song. It's a little repetitive and doesn't deviate a ton from the general beat, but the short song length helps keep that feeling down a bit.
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Once Bitten Twice Shy       dxdg
This song starts out really really boring. The first verse and chorus are seriously just a simple kick and snare/hi-hat pattern, but without the groove. Super easy. Fortunately, the song recovers halfway through with a really fun series of fills, and then the song changes it up constant, with some fun fills throughout and some fairly jamming patterns. So if you can stomach the first half, the second is a lot of fun.
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Desconocido      "Gran Delfín de xilófono, no compre si enfermo." SlayerIsTheStuff
This song is very catchy and is the only Latin song on Rock Band (that's racist). Everything in this song is fun, but the Guitar part is what sticks out the most.

Right off the bat, we have a bunch of green strumming with chords thrown in (kind of like Upstream, but easier). This part is really fast and hard. Then it goes to a bunch of easy stuff. The verses are hard to explain, though. Then there's the chorus, where the riff from the beginning comes back, along with more fast alt-strumming.

Then a bunch of ascending HO/PO's pop out of nowhere. It then goes back to the verse riff with a few minor things changed. The chorus comes back, but this time, the fast alt-strumming was turned into FREAKING FAST STRUM LANES! Then it repeats the post-chorus and a riff from the beginning then it ends.

Great Guitar part. BUY IT!!!!!!!!!

Vendí mi alma a una roca de piedra.

Rating: 5
Tier: 5
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Jumping Ship      "SO MUCH VARIETY (Part 2)" SlayerIsTheStuff
I don't play Drums that much, but this song's Drum chart is incredibly fun! There are so much fun sections in this song, including fun toms, tons of bass pedal, and Santa Claus. There are so much fun parts in this song, that it's hard to explain!

Buy It!!!!

Rating: 5
Tier: 6
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Crazy Idea      "Christian Rock rocks!" SlayerIsTheStuff
This song is awesome and really fun as well. This song is a strumfest with little to no HO/PO's, which makes it really fun! If you hate strumming, you'll hate this song. If you love strumming, this song is for you.

Rating: 5
Tier: 5
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Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Bach)      "(Insert horror movie music here)" SlayerIsTheStuff
This song's Bass chart is the left hand on the piano (or in this case, organ), however, it still manages to be just as fun as the Keys chart. There are multiple pauses, yes, but there is also a bunch of fun-to-play HO/PO's, a trill, and so much fun thingymajigs.

Buy it, unless you don't like the fact that the Bassist on stage doesn't play in this song.
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Battle of Egos Part II      "Strum. toe......." SlayerIsTheStuff
The last part of the Battle of Egos. We had a Bass review on the Intro, a Guitar review on Part I, and now part II.

The Bass starts out with a very simple pattern of notes with an HO/PO thrown in every now and then. Then it starts to alt-strum, but throws in a triple-strum and a couple of ascending HO/PO's. It then goes back to the beginning riff then immediately back to the verse riff. Then it starts to add more and more HO/PO's and have you strum more stuff. Then it starts to do some basic strumming. Nothing to be seen here before it goes back to the verse riff again, but this time, it has a lot more variety. Then it goes back to basic strumming with HO/PO's.

Then......the Bassist's Dream.........a bunch of really fast strum lanes. It goes at lightning fast speed and it will surely break your 4x multiplier if unprepared for. And just when you think it couldn't get any better, they throw in HO/PO's in the middle of the lanes.

Then it goes back to one of the previous sections. Then it starts to slow down with a few easy to hit notes. Then it goes back to the strum lanes!!! YAY!!!!!!1!!!! The song then ends with the easy to hit notes.

Definite buy for Bassists. Especially for the strum lanes.

Rating: 5
Tier: 6
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PON DE FIOR      "Ear" SlayerIsTheStuff
This song has so much variety. There are easy sections, like sustains, but there is ALSO a bunch of triplets and HO/PO's and near the end, you get a bunch of HO/PO's going up and down like a snake. It's very fast and fun.

Buy this "song"
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