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Riptide Resort      "Freen in Green: Hit and Miss." Caleb
First off, let me start by saying I love the band. Their video-game oriented music is really nostalgic of old megaman and pokemon games.

Now onto the song. Riptide resort is the latest song from the progressive band Freen in Green. Like the name suggests, it has a very tropical sound. Riptide Resort is also their first song in RBN2.0.

The song starts with a cool hammer on scale that goes up and down the RYBO notes. It's not too fast, so you can keep up with it pretty well. After that you play a nice relaxing riff while the steel drums play in the back ground. It's not hard at all.

The next part of the song takes you into some short hammer ons on the GRY notes, and then some chords with a quick gallop thrown in. This keeps up for a while, and the first solo comes in.

Now, there are three solos in the song. The first two are nothing special, they are mainly sustains with not much to offer. After the first solo you play a cool riff that alternates between the RB notes, and then a quick trill, and then the GB notes, and a quick trill. Then the second solo. Same as the first one basically.

Then it repeats the "Chorus" riff, with some more chords thrown in, along with that hammer on scale from the intro. After playing this for a while, the third solo comes in.

If you thought the song was too easy up until this point, well here is the hard as shit part. You got very fast down scales a la "Don't stop believing", and then a very fast alternating trill with the GRY notes. Very hard to combo unless your fingers are fast. It repeats the pattern once more, and then the outro.

Overall, the song is relaxing, yet challenging at the same time. If you like Freen in Green, then buy it. It's one of their best. Though not as good as "Ramp Truck" in terms of fun, it certainly is a good buy for a dollar.
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Moving in Stereo      "A rare case indeed" Caleb
This is one of my favorite songs by The Cars. So this review has the potential to be very biased, so I will try my best.

The majority of the song is a slow sequence of notes. A red note, A RB chord, and a blue orange hammer on. That is the pattern that dominates the majority of the song. It does not sound very interesting, and truth be told, it's not. However, it does come with a solo. Which is a nice break from the repetition.

I love this song however. So I do not get bored while playing it. If I were to rate, personally I give it a four. But since this is a slow song with little changes, I have to rate it a 3.
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Chilly Water (Live)      "One of the best RBN songs" Caleb
This song is nuts.

This is an amazing live song, with a sweet southern bluesy sound, and lots of solos. The solos contain lots of hammer ons and nice sweeps up and down the fret board.

First you start with a solo, that is pretty easy to start out with, and gives you a good place to warm up. The verses of the song are sustains, and then the main chorus riff is a cool chord switch pattern. It's kind of hard to explain properly.

Then comes another simple solo, and the verse and chorus repeated again. And then the best part. You've got a pretty lengthy guitar solo, that is still not so hard to make you fail. And then after that, a nice drum solo. Giving you a break so yo can prepare for what comes up next...

The last solo is a really tough one, you've got lots of fast sweeping scales and trills throughout the solo, and these fast parts are enough to make you fail if you are not prepared.

The rest of the song is pretty basic, but then you have the outro solo. Which is not charted as a solo, for some reason. It's fairly easy, and is a nice way to ease out of a very long session of jamming.

Definitely worth the two dollars, and a great song to play along to on guitar. Bass is also top notch as well, so I recommend it to bassists as well.
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Autumns of Optimism       Caleb
This is a cool progressive song with two solos, which I find very enjoyable.

It starts with a cool riff that has you moving up and down the fretboard quite a bit. Soon after, the first solo comes. It starts nice and mellow at first, and you get hit with some downward scales, "Surfing with the alien" style taps, and so really fast triplet scales.

Before you know it, it's back to another mellow riff that is really easy to play. Gives you a nice place to relax....and then the second solo. This time giving you large sweeps of hammer ons and scales, which keep up until the end of the song.

The song itself is pretty neat, it's got a cool sound and it's pretty relaxing for being a hard song. It was a nice change of pace, and I recommend if you have a dollar to spare.
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It's My Life      "um" Caleb
This is a classic party song by Bon Jovi.
But, it does not mean it is a fun song.

The guitar part is really basic...and really kind of boring.

You have got that talk-box chord section during the verse, which is like "Bowbow". Then in the chorus you have like, chord sustains like in "In the end."

The guitar solo is the highlight of the song, but that is not saying much. It's got a very slow trill, and the solo is very short...not very difficult is the slightest.

I mean, if you are looking for difficult songs, go somewhere else. If you want a fun song, it all depends on what your idea of "Fun" is.

Personally, I would never play this again on guitar by myself. But I'll let you be the judge.
03.03.11 3:17am 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Crooked Strings      "Surprisingly good!" Caleb
I was skeptic of this song at first, but it quickly turned into one of my favorite songs for guitar.

The verse riff is mainly a series of hopos scales, which are played at a moderate pace. Then you got this groovy beat kind of riff that goes on afterwards.

The song is kind of hard to explain, a lot of it is in a random kind of pattern. But it's fun because it can keep you guessing.

The guitar solo was the best part. It was weird, because I thought I was playing piano. But you got a lot of fast hammer on parts, some scales and a series of quick descending scales at the end of it that could catch you off guard.

This song was insanely fun to play, and I will be checking out more Kiev in the future. It's only a buck, buy it!
02.28.11 3:05am 0 Replies | Reply +3 Relevance
In Circles      "Time to mellow out" Caleb
Sunny Day Real Estate is a great band. Their previous song released on the RBN, "Seven" was more intense than this song, with it's fast alt strums and chords. However, this song is tiered higher than it for some reason.

This is definitely mellower than "seven", and definitely easier. The song starts with an alternating pattern between the Y and O notes. Then into a riff with some chords followed by some hopos.

The verse is a pretty chill hopo section that wanders up and down the fretboard. And then the chorus is more chords and hopos. The song maintains a slow, mellowed out pace throughout. Nothing overly challenging at all.
The tier confuses me.

I do find this song more to fun to play than "seven". It's better musically as well.
02.27.11 4:05am 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Dirty Little Secret      "Cool" Caleb
Let me start off by saying, that this song is cool.

Now as far as charts go, it's pretty average. Just some basic chord changes and strums.

It does have a solo but it is the simple intro riff with GY chords and some sustains.

So, it is very easy. But it can be fun if you like the song.
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Strong Tower      "Could have been better" Caleb
This is song is good, but a rather weak showing on guitar.

For the verses you strum really slow, single notes, and during the chorus you strum some slow chords, with one hammer on chord for good measure.

That's it.

While the song is nice, the guitar chart doesn't really scream "Buy me!"
But I still bought it, to show support for the band because I know they have much better.

This song is pretty cool on Vox and Drums though.
02.04.11 9:47pm 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
Would?      "One of the better AiC songs for axe players." Caleb
This song is great, and one of the better ones for plastic shredders.
It's got a lot going on in the song.

The verses are mainly Chord sustains and hammer on chords, nothing special. The chorus is a bunch of fun chord alt strums with a hammer on chord thrown in for good measure.

Then comes the solo, not hard at all, but watch out for the trill at the start, if you are not expecting it, it will ruin a SR FC.

And the last chorus is some sustains, more melodic but way more easier than the previous ones.
The last part is the hardest.

You've got lots of alt strums, and gnarly chord switches that can mess you up. If you didn't screw up at the start of the solo, than you will here.

Overall, a nice guitar song that is not boring for once. Repetitive; yes, but not uninteresting. Keeps your fingers moving. And it's pretty short too.
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Closer to the Heart      "Decent" Caleb
You may be thinking, "Why such a low rating?" Well I'll tell you, it's really not that great.

You start with that cool, instantly recognizable acoustic intro that just sends shivers down your spine. That part is fun.
But the rest of the song is just your basic chords and alt strums, nothing challenging, or too different from any other song that has chords and alt strums.

And then there's a solo, not a very hard one. It's got some hopos, but nothing relatively challenging, or interesting.

The song is great, and it's pretty decent to play, but when you look at all of the other Rush songs on guitar, this one isn't anything special; however, bass is another story. Definitely buy it if you play bass.
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Epic Symphony in A Flat Minor, Second Movement: Blitz      "Van Friscia is a genius." Caleb
At first I did not like this song as much as the First Movement. It was too long, and too hard to make it any fun. But after playing for a while, and getting better at it, I started to enjoy it more.

The song has tons of variety and movement, so it's hard to break it down for you...
It has TONS of solos, galloping sections, fast chord switches, and LOTS of ho/pos.

The solos contain lots of really fast snake triplets, so get your fingers ready.

I say get this if you really liked the First Movement.
But novices should steer clear, THIS SONG WILL BREAK YOU.
Not for the faint of heart.
01.15.11 3:14am 2 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
In the End      "Same as Numb, but worse" Caleb
I love the song, don't get me wrong. But this has to be some of the worst guitar charts ever.

All you play is sustain after sustain after sustain.
Sustains in the verse.
Sustains in the chorus.
WAIT FOR IT. Sustains in the bridge.

NO VARIATION. Nothing to keep it interesting, and nothing really to warrant a purchase other than purely for musical value.
01.11.11 11:25pm 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
Crawling      "Ugh" Caleb
I knew this song would suck to play.
Boy was I right.

This song consists of blue root note alt-strums on the verses, and chord alt-strums on the chorus.


That's it.


Ummm....enjoyable if you like the song....but, whatever.

So yeah
01.11.11 9:14pm 0 Replies | Reply -4 Relevance
Numb      "Numb is a fitting title." Caleb
I like the song, but it's brain dead on guitar.

Just your basic chord sustains, and some simple alternating Y and O notes in the verse.

No variation at all. It is kind of enjoyable though if you like the song, hence the rating.

Only buy if you are a fan.
01.11.11 9:11pm 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
Grind      "Dat solo" Caleb
This song is kind of average, which is sad because this happens to be one of my favorites from AiC.

The verses are mainly a slow, plodding chord progression, with some ho/pos and sustains; which are slow too. Nothing special at all.

The chorus is a bit better, it's definitely more melodic. But still really simple.

The solo is what makes the song, and it's quite challenging. With plenty of ho/po snakes, alt strums and other tricky bits.

But then it's back to the ol' grind.

I only recommend this song if you really like the band. It's not terrible, but not exciting in slightest. The solo is the only redeeming feature, and it doesn't do much to boost my rating of it.
01.10.11 2:20am 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
Midnight Rider      "The little brother sitting it's older brother's shadow." Caleb
This is a really underrated song. People would probably choose Blue Sky over this in a heartbeat, I know I did. But after playing this a few times, I have come to respect it.

It starts with a tricky acoustic intro that has some quick YBO ho/pos mixed in with a YO chord, but that's over quickly.

The majority of this song is a slow paced green note, red note, YB chord sequence during the verse, and a sustain fest during the chorus. Hardly difficult at all.

The solo is the most challenging aspect of the song, it's got some quick ho/pos and some hammer-on chords. But it is a short solo, and it's over with fairly quickly.

After that it's wash, rinse, repeat.

Sounds boring, right? Well, sort of. If you're a difficulty whore, stay away. But if you love great music, laid back guitar riffs, and A CROWD SINGALONG, than buy it lickity-split!

This is great southern rock, and the much underrated younger brother of Blue Sky. Guitar is not the highlight of this track, but it certainly is a great song for being so short.
01.07.11 3:15am 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
Children of December      "My favorite song to sing" Caleb
This is a really underrated song I believe.
First off, it's got really cool lyrics that I can relate to, and lots of variety in the ways you sing.

It's not too difficult, so you can cruise along pretty smoothly with no difficulties, just make sure you breath.

One of the most underrated songs for vocals I believe, I highly recommend this one.
01.01.11 2:09am 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
Eternal Divine Angel Death       Caleb
This song is great.
The guitar chart for the most part is a fairly slow paced chord fest, with some moderately paced movement during the verses.

As you're cruising along, the solo hits you hard. It's got some really fast strumming parts, and after that you got really fast triplet scales that demand OD hoarding if you are not capable.

Recommended for people looking for a good challenge.

It's also a great song for vocals.
12.28.10 7:20pm 0 Replies | Reply +4 Relevance
Redemption      "I don't know what to think..." Caleb
Part of me liked the challenging bass riff, but on the other hand, it was so annoying as well...
It's basically a super fast double-strum rhythm the whole way through, with other various bass fills and stuff.

But because of the super fast speed you need to strum this, it's REALLY hard to keep a consistent combo, making very annoying to gold star.

The guitar chart is infinitely better than this.
12.21.10 9:31pm 2 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
Simple Man      "D:" Caleb
This song is just great. It's mostly alt strums and chords, but because the song is so awesome it just makes it incredible. The solo is the highlight. Lot's of hopos offer a nice break from the strumming.
12.08.10 8:53pm 0 Replies | Reply -1 Relevance
Kokko - Eagle of Fire      "" Caleb
This is the first song I failed since XIV by choatrope.

It starts out easy, but that solo is just madness. OD hoarding is encouraged.
12.08.10 8:50pm 2 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
Flag in the Ground      "POWER METAL" Caleb
This song is so awesome.
The chart consists of alt strums, and sustains for the most part. It's not really hard, but the solo hits and it becomes madness.

It's way harder than it looks, and buyers beware. It will rip you apart.
12.08.10 8:49pm 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
We Die Young      "Good song" Caleb
Alice and Chains have never really had great songs for guitar. Sure, Cantrell is a good guitarist, but these songs don't usually translate well for plastic guitarists.

This song is a good example. It's got a good main riff, but that's all you play outside of the solo. The solo, is basically a really fast strum part like in "Bat Country's" solo.

The song is so short though, so it's really not that hard. I only recommend if you like the song, or the band.
12.08.10 1:57am 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
Down Below      "More Kramus!" Caleb
This song sounds really different from "Embrace your rage." It's more hard rocking.

The song starts with a chordy intro with a nice beat, and shortly after that blasts you with a blazing solo to get your blood pumping.

The majority of the song is chords and chord switches, but the beat and chorus are pretty catchy so it shouldn't be too boring.

But then the second solo arrives. Tons of fast hopos with scales and stuff similar to second half of "I wanna be your man's" solo. Very fun, and then the song ends with the same chorus riff and stuff.

Outside of the solos, this song is very basic. But the energy and drive of the solos really makes the song, and provides a decent challenge for expert players. I really recommend this one over "Embrace your rage" for guitarists.
12.02.10 10:39pm 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
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