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Review for whole pack Guitar and Bass Caleb
The first Soundgarden pack is finally released, and some big hits are included here.

Blow Up the Outside World:
(guitar) This song is pretty nice. Slow paced and very grunge-sounding. However in guitar it doesn't translate very well into the game. It's mainly a bunch of slow chords, with some melodic hammer on parts. It has one solo, but it barely redeems the song. 2/5

(bass) Bass was pretty much the same story for guitar, slow and plodding. I don't have much to add, except the outro for bass was surprisingly fun. you have a lot of alternating green and orange hammer ons that go on for the outro. But once again, it's only redeeming feature doesn't do much to boost my rating. 2/5

Burden in my hand:
(guitar) This is a pretty cool guitar chart. Lots of acoustic chord strumming, and some interesting chord changes. There isn't much to chart, but it plays nicely and the song is good. 3/5

(bass) This is the best bass song in the pack. It takes a while to get going, but once it does it gives you a lot of melodic hammer ons and bass chords to keep it interesting. Recommended for bassists! 4/5

Fell on black days:
(guitar) This is a very chill song. The guitar chart is pretty repetitive though. It's got a weird Hammeron chord pattern that changes from the RB chord to the YO chord. It's awkward at first, but you soon get used to it. It has a guitar solo towards the end, with some scales and alt strums. While repetitive, I found it the most fun since it is just a chill song you can just groove to. 4/5

(bass) Bass was pretty boring for the most part. It didn't offer much to entertain, and it just kind of slinked along. 2/5

(guitar) Not a challenging song by any means, but it was just such a cool heavy song with lots of chords and a neat solo. I found it fun to play. 4/5

(bass) Follows the same basic pattern throughout. Similar to the guitar chart minus the chords and solo. 3/5

Rusty Cage:
(guitar) This is one chart you either love or hate. It is definitely the most hard, and most awkward chart there is in this pack. The constant strum/ho/strum/ho pattern, and the note combos provide the challenge in the song. I found it fun after a while, and what started as despising it, turned into a slight enjoyment. I feel it will grow on me. 3/5

(bass) Just a simple strummy song wit a neat rhythm. Nothing special, but surprisingly fun. 3/5

The day I tried to live:
(guitar) Meeh I feel this is the second weakest chart. Just repetitive and uninteresting for the most part. It's just mainly chords and slow hammer on/chord transistions 2/5

(bass) Pretty much the same thing as the guitar chart, minus chords. 2/5

Overall: I enjoyed it on guitar for the most part, the songs are good and the charts are decent. Bass was kind of bland, except for "Burden in my hand". It was a decent pack for plastic guitarists, cool charts to compliment cool songs, if you only play bass though I only recommend "Burden in my hand."

I say buy the pack if you like Soundgarden. If you want one song, buy Rusty Cage for a challenge, or Fell on Black days for a fun chart. I give the pack a 4/5 for guitar, and 2/5 on bass.
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Caleb - *shouldn't have Reply
07.20.11 12:40 am
Caleb - Trill Lanes were actually okay for me. I was able to play them as long as I strummed the first note in each one. Ironically the only note I missed was one I should have, the part at the end of the solo with the strumming.

The riff is pretty chill. I mean, I loved Prayer of the Refugee in GH3 so maybe I am just weird.
07.20.11 12:40 am
Dog - It wasn't fun. Where's the fun? Show me. The part with the repetitive riff, the Goddamn rill lanes? Again where's the fun? Reply
07.20.11 12:37 am
Caleb - Opinions man. I didn't think it was that awkward. Reply
07.20.11 12:36 am
Dog - >Fell On Black Days
>Fun on guitar

Haha. No.
07.20.11 12:35 am
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