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I'll review the whole pack.

Saturday Night Special was the first, and worst of the pack. Despite the tier 5 rating, suggesting difficulty, I got a chordy, repetitive, and kind of boring song. It's got three solos, but they are not really interesting. Definitely the weakest. 2/5

What's your name was a nice comeback after SNS. It's faster, and it's got a good, satisfying solo. Not much else to say really, other than it's a classic song. 4/5

Now for Sweet Home Alabama. It's the same version from GH4, with a different chart. It was actually, better than I remember. With two solos, and lots of movement, it was a blast to play. The last solo is improved a ton since GH4. I highly suggest this if you are only buying one song from the pack. 5/5

Tuesday's Gone was the best I think. It was fairly slow paced, but it kept it interesting with lots of finger movement, and two rockin' solos. I actually thought it would the worst on guitar, and I was pleasantly surprised. It is very long though, so keep that in mind if you have a short attention span. 5/5

The pack was a fun experience on guitar, the only one I would avoid is Saturday Night Special. The pack also sounds great on Keys, so that's also a good reason to pick it up.

Over all a 4/5 rating.
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