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Wow, finally a Yes pack is released for rock band! It contains five of some of their greatest hits and all of the songs are great to listen to, and promise good times to be had....or do they? Is the pack really as good as it was hyped up to be? Read on and find out!

Heart of the Sunrise:
Now I am very familiar with this song, and listening to it I don't hear a lot of good guitar riffs. Sure, there is the opening riff that pervades the song, but outside of that the guitar seems very minimal, not very challenging. So when I saw the tier for the song, it kind of confused me. When I played it, I found the opening riff was fun to play. Alt strums and hammer ons make it pretty challenging. The riff pops up quite a bit, but sadly it is the only thing that makes it even remotely challenging. The rest of the song is just as I expected. Long, and not very guitar friendly. A good song though, and pretty much like "Riders on the storm" in the fact that there isn't a lot going on, but it still seemed to be enjoyable for what it is. Bass and keys seem much more fun. 3/5

I've Seen All Good People:
This song is one of my favorite Yes songs. It starts with an acoustic intro, witch is pretty much the same chords over and over. If you think the song is too boring, well up until that point it gets it's second wind and comes back with a kick. It gives you an awesome bouncy kind of riff, with various guitar licks scattered throughout to keep it interesting. In the middle of all of this is an intense solo with lots of hammer ons and scales. A very good guitar song, and I recommend this one to all. 4/5

Owner of a Lonely Heart:
Obviously the easiest song, it's Yes's pop hit and not one of their best musically. Surprisingly though it was a decent play. The song was easy without being boring, and it had a cool solo. Not much else to say really. 3/5

South Side of the Sky:
This one I am not as familiar with, but it sounded pretty cool in the preview. It starts with a chugging guitar riff with some fast hammer on licks, and arpeggios and scales for the chorus. It was pretty fun. But then the piano break happened. 4 solid minutes of no guitar. What...the...heck???? I was kind of frustrated at this, because I didn't know when the guitar would come back, and I was kind of left hanging. But after all of that waiting I finally get back to playing the main riff, and with a solo it ended strong. But damn was it a long wait...So really, it was a good song to listen to. The piano sounded challenging and the bass kept going despite the break. But dang was the guitar lacking! At least in HotSR you played during the slow parts. To wrap it up, what I played was fun, but the waiting was bad. 3/5

Starship Trooper:
This...was....EPIC. To be quite honest I didn't expect it to be fun at all. When I listened to the song, I didn't pick out anything other than the acoustic break that would challenging, or fun. But was I ever wrong! There are lots of hammer ons, and awesome arpeggios for the main riffs and melodic sections. And then the acoustic break....It was very hard...It keeps your fingers scrambling to hit the buttons, with lots of chords, anchored notes, and quick hammer on-to-chord switches....JEEZ. But after that it's back to the main riff. And afterwards, you end with the space jam. Pretty much the same chord progression with a flanger effect. Cool and spacey, but not too interesting tbh. Although you do end with a cool solo, that probably has one of the chokiest endings to a song ever...But overall it was very enjoyable and probably the best song. 5/5

Very good pack to listen to. But was it fun on guitar? Yes...and no. The songs are very technical, with cool licks and riffs that are a nice breath of fresh air to play. But the songs are also very long. The shortest song is Owner of a lonely heart, and the rest are 7+ minutes. The longest being 10:56. So really, the guitar can get drawn out sometimes and the waiting with some songs can just be unbearable. If you love Yes as a band, and enjoy their music, I say go for the whole thing. But if you only want a few songs, buy I've seen all good people and Starship Trooper. The pack sounded excellent on keys and bass however.

So I give it a 4.5/5 overall rating.
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