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Dirt Road Anthem      "Actually a lot of fun" Caleb
For being a two dot, pop-country song this one is pretty awesome.

It starts with some basic chord progressions and nothing too challenging or surprising. Once the second chorus hits though, you start getting some nice blues licks and leads to add more texture to what you're playing. The guitar solo(s) are nice too with plenty of hammer-ons and satisfying patterns to play. It's also a rather short song so you don't have to listen to it for too long either.

I would highly recommend if you like fun, easy songs to play. Definitely good for amateur players.
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Nevermore      "Dream Theater Jr? Arguable. Fun and insanely hard? Definitel" Caleb
No surprise here, this song is the most demanding of the three.

Symphony X are one of the most revered Prog Metal/Power Metal bands in existence and it's about damn time they get represented.

Guitar never lets up even for a second. It's filled with insane arpeggios and complicated patterns that will leave inexperienced players in the dust. I struggled to keep up and I am a pretty damn competent expert guitarist. The guitar playing is along the lines of Yngvie Malmsteen so get your tapping fingers ready...

Would recommend to anybody looking for a challenge, and only to expert players who can fend for themselves.
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Heir Apparent      "The most fun on guitar I have had in a long time" Caleb
Let me put this out there:


So naturally I smiled the whole time playing this song.

This song starts out slow, it builds up the atmosphere with some heavy sustains, and then drops it down to quiet piano....and then booming into the main parts of the song.

Scattered throughout you will find tricky chord combos, melodic sweeping acoustic sections, insane power chugs, and two nifty solos, the first one being crazy sweepy.

The song is long, but offers a lot of variety, also it just sounds awesome.

If you were a fan of Ghost of Perdition, definitely get this one too. If you are a fan of progressive music in general, get this song as it's deliciously fun on pretty much everything.
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The Coma Machine      "Not "Impossible" but still challenging" Caleb
This is a pretty underwhelming song for a BTBAM song on guitar, no insane solo and the guitar leads are pretty tame.

The majority of the consists of some chugs, with some awesome hammer on sections, but no solo makes me a sad panda.

I feel like they could have gone with something more engaging but it's still nice to see the band represented more. I would say buy it if you are a fan of the band.
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Send the Pain Below      "Seeend the paaain belowwwwwwww FEELS LIKE SUFFOHCAITIN" Caleb
I apologize for the title...

um anyway.

This song is the one EVERYONE knows by this band. No doubt, if you listen to any hard rock radio station, this song was played at least once on it.

It's a pretty decent angst song, with a pretty cool chart to boot.

The verses are mainly some alt strum guitar root notes with chords thrown in here and there, and the choruses are your standard guitar chord alt strum stuffings that most songs are filled with.

The bridge is a cool alt strum chord section with hammer on chords and semi-fun patterns to play in them. It ends with one more strum lane section (notice how a lot of these chevelle songs have these?) and repeat the song to the end.

It's again, not a bad one, not as fun as Face to the Floor, but just barely. If you had to choose ONE song from the pack I would probably save this one for later. But it's pretty nostalgic, and it would probably go well at parties so there's that.

I do not regret buying this, and it earned a few more plays from me so I give it: 3.8/5
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Face to the Floor      "I've had a taste of this chart, it's not bad." Caleb
Chevelle for me is one of those bands that had that one song that sounded cool, and thatsaboudit.

The song is off of one of their newest albums, hats off to the bull and I gotta say, it's not that bad of a song!

I've heard songs off of this album being played on my Rishloo pandora station (weird I know) and I have to say it's better than their older stuff by far.

Anyway on to the chart. It's a moderately simple chart that consists of slow descending scales with the odd chord thrown in. A little chord ascension during the pre-chorus, and the same pattern repeated for the chorus, and that's most of the song.

The bridge has this cool little chord pattern that jumps around the board a bit to offer some needed variety. Repeat the previous patterns and end it with a strum lane, and that's Face To The Floor in a nutshell.

Like I said, it's not a BAD song, nor is it a BAD chart. It's playable, fun, and semi-interesting. Buy if you're a fan, or if you need a little variety in your library. If you were to choose one out of the pack, this would be it.

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Modern Love      "Modern Love, it terrifies me!" Caleb
First of all, not a huge fan of the song right off the bat. Let's dance is so much better.

Anyway, this song is has been downrated to hell and I'm adding to it saying, this is one of the most mundane charts in the game.

Holy hell, is it boring. You play standard two note guitar chords throughout the song and it's nothing but repetitive patterns upon repetitive patterns. It offers no challenge, no variety, and no redeeming qualities that make me want to play the song again. Two dots? That's an overstatement.

Avoid the song for it's guitar, unless you REALLY need your Bowie fix.

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Crusader      "Best Bass of the RBN? Certainly up there!" Caleb
Who would'a known? This song kicks ass!

Not only is it good on keys and guitar, but the bass is amazing!
You've got a bouncy gallop-y riff throughout most of the song, which mimics guitar pretty well. Every post-chorus is an awesome ho/po riff that goes up and down the board.

And the bridge....This is after the guitar solo, there is A FREAKING BASS SOLO. Not only was I not expecting it, but it was incredibly fun to play with scales and cool patterns that seemed uncharacteristic for the song, but still managed to be awesome.

The rest of the song is cake.

Damn, definitely get this song. It's great on everything!
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American Pie      "Good bye Rock Band....for now" Caleb
I know in my heart that we will have another rock band some day, but for now we shall give it a rest until sometime in the future.

This song is fantastic, I thought it was gonna be kinda boring on guitar, but it turns out I was wrong. It's got every thing!

It starts out with some basic acoustic notes played in a fun manner, until it speeds up and turns into electric guitar. The rest of the is a beautifully played stream of steadily strummed notes with hammer-ons every now and then. It's never the same, it keeps changing and changing until the very end with more acoustic parts.

This was a very fun song, and it made me cry.

Seriously, this game was amazing and this song was perfect to end it on.

Buy it if you have any respect for the series at all. :)
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Helena Beat      "Best bass this week" Caleb
This song is probably the best FTP song I know so far, it's so catchy and I can't stop playing it. I will admit the guitar part is less than extraordinary, but the bass is another thing.

The song starts with a periodic descending sustain chain during the first verse. Nothing too exciting or interesting but once the chorus comes in, it all gets better from there.

You a series of root notes, sustains and even a few quick hammer on sections that move your fingers all around the neck. Even though it's not very difficult, it still offers a great feel to play. Then post-chorus you get this cool little bass interlude that moves even more than before.

Repeat the same pattern for the second chorus and then it throws you into the breakdown. In here you start with a root green note to build up, and then you start hammering on the blue orange and red notes in a cool little pattern for a kind of a "bass solo" and then the third chorus and the rest of the songs is cake.

This song offered up a lot of variety for being only a 3 dot and I definitely recommend buying this song if any for bass this week. Very good!
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Battles and Brotherhood      "Bullsh*t Chart" Caleb
This song is pretty cool. I bought it because it was on the Skate 3 soundtrack and I thought it sounded pretty cool. It's a pretty awesome song, but I learned a valuable lesson that I should take to heart...ALWAYS LOOK UP THE CHART.

I am writing this review as a warning and hopefully start a trend of reviews that warn the buyer of what they are getting into.

So the song starts off with the main riff which is like a chugging section with ascending chord notes. The main chorus riff is chord sustains with some gallops every now and then and the outro is probably the most chokeable, since it throws an odd stream of gallops and chords that will confuse the heck out of you.

All of this offers a nice challenge and can actually be fun to play...that is until you notice what is wrong.

There are two solos and a bunch of interludes with scales and chugging scales a plenty....what is wrong however is how you play these parts. You strum them! That's right every part that should be hammer-ons are forced strums instead. Think visions, only slowed down a little. For instance there is a part in the second solo that has a descending scale section that would naturally be played with hammer-ons but instead it is strums. This charting decision does not make sense and it just feels awkward.

Songs should not be charted realistically just for challenge, I feel that's what Wavegroup did here and it was not wise. I only recommend buying this song if you like it enough, I did not find the chart to be very fun, but some might be able to find joy in it.

Let this be a template for what not to do when charting songs.
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Gravitational Lensing       Caleb
Having never heard this song before I was quite pleased with how it turned out. The song is like a mix between BtBaM and a little BfmV. It's not bad, but it could be better.

The chart itself was quite fun though. You've got an anchored descending scale during the verses that speed down attempting to break your combo with bizarre patterns and tricky strums. This pattern is broken up with a weird alt strum pattern with the R and G notes, and then throws back in.

Once the chorus comes up it's pretty much smooth sailing. Easy chord strumming proves for a relaxing cruise while you gain your stamina back from the onslaught. And once it's over you're back in with another verse, another chorus, and then solo.

The solo is reminiscent of Amberian Dawn-type soloing, lots of fast sweeps that will twist your fingers, and a nice long sweep of moderately fast hammer-ons to end the solo nicely. A few picking sections later and you're back at the chorus, and the song ends.

While the song itself was a little mediocre in the quality department, the chart was decently challenging with some fun patterns to offer. Definitely buy it those last 80 points are bugging you, and you would like something neat to play.
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Stray Cat Strut      "Classy Jazz Goodness!" Caleb
This is a song written and performed by Brian Setzer. This particular recording is not the original, but a re-recording. It doesn't sound too different however, aside from a few tweaks here and there.

The guitar part usually gets all the attention here, with it's fun blues riffs and cool solos. But that low bass in the back is equally as fun.

It's not difficult, really it's just an anchored green note as you alternate between the different frets on the neck. The pattern continues for the whole song, so it could get kind of tricky as keeping the rhythm might be hard. But once you get the hang of it, it's quite fun. It feels like a pattern one would play on an upright, sounds like it too.

The pattern may go on for literally the entire song, but it's repetitiveness isn't as bad as one would think. The song is short enough, and that bouncy jazz riff is so infectious that it's hard not to bounce and groove along with it. I would certainly choose bass over guitar anytime this song comes up online.

Recommended for moderate funtimes.
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Bullet      "A very fun experience that offers a ton of variety" Caleb
I am by no means a fantastic drummer, but I was able to pull off this song and pass it with a 4* sightread.

It's pretty tricky, you've got the main verse rhythm that goes up and down the toms constantly with tons of cross-overs and a couple paradiddles. The chorus rhythm is a pretty basic beat with some fills thrown in, and the rest of the song offers varying rhythms and fills to keep it interesting.

Being that this is my first drum review I really don't know what else to say, but as an amateur drummer I had a ton of fun with this an I really recommend it.
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The Spirit of Radio (Live)      "I feel inclined to review " Caleb
So basically this song is kind of controversial among rhythm guitarists. It sounds awesome to play, but most seemed very upset with the way GH handled it. I've never played that chart to be honest, so I can't make any fair comparisons. But I believe this is a pretty OK chart.

The main riff is pretty crazy, you've got a GRY GRO snake pattern that throws in a speedy BYRG scale in the respective order I listed. I found this riff to be pretty fun to play, as it takes a lot of technical skill to pull off correctly, and it really felt awesome.

The rest of the song is your basic rush style chord and alt strum verse, with the repeated intro riff during choruses.

The song slows down at the end, and gives you a cool plucky section, and then the guitar solo, which is easy compared to the intro. It's just a bunch of fast alt strum bursts with a quick snake at the end to round it up. The song plays out until the BRE.

Overall it's a fun song. Like I stated in the intro, it has plenty of challenge and takes lots of skill to play accurately, but once you get it down it's a blast. Is it impossible? Arguably, but I still get it if you a Rush fan.

And those wondering about the live version, it sounds like the one from GH5, so it's not a terrible live version. Not as good as the one from Exit...stage left, but it's decent and Geddy and everyone still played it with vigor and energy like they always do.
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Ghost of Perdition      "Best song this week" Caleb
Having never heard an Opeth song in my life, I have to say I was eagerly looking forward to this as I have heard good things about them. I was very pleasantly surprised.

The song is very long, nearing 11 minutes. But it keeps it interesting the whole way through. The songs riffs constantly change and move around, keeping your fingers interested and brain working.

It also comes with two solos, the first one being really short and quite easy, and the second one is really fun. You've got fast sweeps, and tricky finger placement to keep you on your toes.

There are also some cool acoustic sections during the quiet parts that move around a lot, and mix in some chords as well.

The song itself is beautiful, a good mix of growling, combined with an alt metal twist and good prog drumming makes it a neat song to listen to. If any more Opeth was released I would hop on it in an instant.
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On the Backs of Angels      "Completely unbiased." Caleb
You see it correctly, a three. I really think this deserves a three, and here's why.

First off, the songs general pacing on guitar is pretty slow. You've got the same chugging riff pattern during all of the verses, and a slow acoustic picking part in the intro and choruses. The second verse changes it up with a sort but fun alt strum section though.

The solos are the only good part about the song I would say, but they are short, and gone in the blink of an eye. The first two are nearly identical, with the exact same patterns and speeds. The third solo is a bit more challenging, with a really fast finger twister part, but nothing outright impossible.

The song is overtiered for sure, and is actually a decent song to listen to...but it is just dull for the most part on guitar. I am a casual Dream Theater fan so this song really did not appeal to me on guitar. Drums and Keys sound more fun for sure though.
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For We Are Many      "Forced Strums? Not as bad as one would think..." Caleb
I read the other review for this song, and I think it's a little unfair. During the verse, you have an anchored green note pattern with some gallops thrown in, and a short strummed scale. Now I don't know why this bothers people, but it does apparently. The "forced" strums are not as bad or annoying, and they aren't that often. I found the alternating ho/po/strum pattern to be fun actually.

The chorus is a cool pattern that consists of alt strums switching between the green fret, and some chords. The bridge consists of some cool chord strums, and a few hammer on scales.

The solo is definitely the best part of the song, with many fast sweeps and short snakes to twist your fingers.

I think it was very fun, and definitely not was I was expecting.
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Katsushika      "Probably the only rishloo song to get this rating from me..." Caleb
Now, first and foremost (and anyone who has played it or listened to it would know this) it is severely undertiered, back to that in a second. First off the chart.

The song starts with some slow gallops and a few distorted guitar notes. Quite simple stuff. Then a slow zig-zag pattern like in "Still Alive" for the rest of the verse. This part is quite fun. As the song starts building up, it launches you into the first chorus.

This is where you should realize something is off. The song is tiered as a 3, which is "moderate". The chorus contains tons of fast alternating scales of ho/pos witch are sure to fail you out if you were not expecting it. This is certainly not moderate. However, it is fun to play if you are capable. I had a blast and it was totally awesome and full of energy.

Repeat what I said for one more time and that's the first half of the by now you are wondering why I rated it so low? Well the song is great, my favorite off of the album. Just atmospheric and wonderful. The chart up until now has been questionable, but good why?

Well here it is. After the bridge, and the last buildup to the climax you strum these fast 16th notes continuously for 30 seconds until the song ends.

YEAAAAAAAAAAH no. I do not find that fun in the slightest, I will be playing this song on guitar when I feel like losing an arm, or breaking my guitar.

Bottom line, this song needs to be re-tiered for the sake of the beginners, and the last part is such a buzzkill for funness.

Buy at your own risk.
09.18.11 4:45am 1 Replies | Reply +4 Relevance
Wish You Were Here      "Better than pardon me" Caleb
This song is better than the other song, "Pardon Me" but that is not saying much.

You got a similar chord pattern for the main riff as seen in Pardon Me. Pretty basic stuff, switching from GY to RB, BO and so on. But what I thought made it better than Pardon Me was the verses. The verses contain a lot of ho/pos to my surprise. Not as much as "Dig" had, but there were a bit and it was kind of fun to play that. The song itself is great though and I certainly recommend vocals. But once again, even though the guitar had more Ho/pos he chart still manages to be somewhat bland. Fans of the band only I guess.
08.23.11 1:12pm 1 Replies | Reply +4 Relevance
Pardon Me       Caleb
Okay so Incubus finally got more songs in the game. How well do they hold up though? Not so well.

Pardon me starts with some sustains and kind of an ambient guitar part, then the guitar kicks in with some simple chords. The verses are strange, you've got sustains, and then this weird alt strum part on the green note. Not hard to play, but it sounds weird and I don't that's guitar. But oh well.

Then the chorus riff comes in, you got chords and more chords, and more and more chords. And then repeat the beginning of the song, the verse and the chorus again and you have got the whole song.

Was it fun? Eeehhh depends. It was certainly repetitive to say the least. I don't think I will be playing this a whole lot on guitar, the chart was just kind of bland. Stay away unless you really like the band. Now VOCALS however, they were pretty fun.
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Child in Time      "Not for everyone" Caleb
Okay first off I love this song, and it's probably my favorite DP song ever.Deep Purple has been known for great guitar songs like Highway Star and Smoke on Water, and an insane drum song for Space Truckin. With the addition of Child in Time, this marks the longest Deep Purple song in the game, and probably the only DP song to be labeled as "prog"

Now like the title says it's not for everyone. It is very long and for the most part, pretty boring. You play a "Duh duh DUUUH" style rhythm during the majority of the song, before and after the solo. The solo itself is extremely difficult. You've got fast snakes and licks that mix in chords and some strummed notes, as well as some scales during the keys solo. The speed and note patterns are very difficult to grasp and can leave players frustrated beyond belief.

And here is where the title comes into play: Obviously skilled players will have more fun with it. If you are able to confidently play the solo, you will love the challenging patterns and insanity it brings to the table, giving your fingers a real treat. If you love the song, the boring parts won't be too much of a burden because you'll be too busy humming the lyrics and screaming the oos and aahs.

I do not recommend to those who are looking for some fantastic. I only say buy if you like the song or challenge. I liked it because of the challenge and the song itself is great. For all of those Deep Purple and classic rock fans, Child in Time is a great song to add to your collection
08.16.11 1:23pm 1 Replies | Reply +5 Relevance
Am I Crazy      "LITLEFISH dlc is FREE not great" Caleb
This song is coolfree but notfun VERY BORING

bass-worst part for song
drums-coolI guess
vocals- i can't speak FRENCH so no

worst dlc since NAKED BROTHERS band
08.16.11 12:04am 10 Replies | Reply -4 Relevance
Epic Symphony in A Flat Minor, Third Movement: Zero Hour      "Out of all of the Epic symphonies, this is the best" Caleb
I recently played all three in a row from first to third. And I must say that the third movement is the best. Why? Well read on.

This song is perfect, it is difficult while not being totally impossible. While the first and second movements were great songs, they seemed to be more focused on difficult guitar charts rather than good musical value and a smooth play through.

The first movement seemed to have no flow, the song felt sectioned off. The second movement was way too hard and too long. Fun for when you are in the mood, but it certainly offers little to no break and really tires you out.

The third movement seemed more well-refined than the previous two. The songs main riff is a series of gallops with some anchored hammer ons. The song also comes with two solos, both of which have lots of moderately fast hopos.

Certainly not a hard song for an experienced player, but it is definitely more enjoyable and truly feels like a symphony. The guitar shines, but most of the time outside of the solos, it is mainly a rhythm part. Which does work to it'd advantage, it keeps it from being a constant shred fest.

I highly recommend it to those wanting a truly epic song to play.
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The Battle of Lil' Slugger (Remix)      "Such awesomeness" Caleb
This is a great song, lots of good beats and you can totally imagine the end boss fight taking place listening to it. It reminds me of Earthworm Jim music.

Anyway, the chart. It starts with a GO trill, and then a GY chord. After that, the main riff comes in with a neat chugging rhythm. All very good and all. But this song is devil tiered for a reason.

The first solo comes in and hits you hard. Fast scales, snakes and a TTFAF tapping section all thrown in 30 seconds of solo time.

Then it relaxes with a sustain, while the keyboard plinks away in the back. After that, back to chugging. And, a second solo. Easier than the first, but still blazing fast. In order to squeak by in this song, save your OD.

The song is very short. Once the last solo is done, you beat the song. But for being so short, there is a lot of awesome thrown in. Not only is the song great, but there is a ton of fast, difficult sections to satisfy those who need speed. A good buy if you are looking for difficulty, and it's a dollar!
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