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Exploited & Exposed      "*snore*" RBAddict666
This is another one of those songs that you'll play once and then never play again. The bass chart is one of the most boring I have ever played! There are 53 notes and all of them are long sustains. It takes over 3 MINUTES to even reach a 6x multiplier and just 4 notes will get that advantage.
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Twilight of the Thunder God       RBAddict666
If you play this on bass, expect very tired hands! The majority of the chart consists of extremely fast alt-strums which do last for quite some time. There are some sections with single sustains and about halfway through the song you'll get a slower alt-strum part.

Because the chart is made up mainly of fast alt-strums I can't give this a very high score. Some players might enjoy this song but others won't have as much fun.
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Ice Ice Baby      "Under (No) Pressure" RBAddict666
The song starts off with a 17 measure wait. When the 'guitar' does kick in, the first section consists of single notes mixed with easy sustains. Following this is the chorus which is the piano charted on 3 pairs of YB & BO chords. After that, you have pretty much played the whole chart as it's back to playing the same single notes followed by the chorus and then the single notes once more.

My FC score was just over 54K so there really isn't a whole lot to play here. It's rather boring as there are only 260 notes in the whole song.

If you haven't already got the Spotlight Pass or you are not doing the Rivals challenge, don't bother picking this up.
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Dirty Pool      "RB4 Chart" RBAddict666
I can't believe Harmonix has actually managed to make the chart of this song worse than it already was! The alt-strums were bad enough before but the addition of strum and trill lanes have made this song even more annoying to play.
Because of how broken these lanes are, you will miss a lot despite playing EXACTLY as it appears. It doesn't matter how fast you strum the notes, you will still hit them whether you strum slower or faster than they appear.
The number of lanes they added to the song is seriously excessive. In fact, there are 85 LANES in all!

The challenge that was present in RB2 & RB3 is now missing in RB4 thanks to the addition of lanes. It's just not fun.

Only get this song if you are buying the entire SRV pack. Otherwise, if you're buying separately, don't bother with this one.

If you're curious about what the chart looks like, here's a video I made showing it:
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Hold the Line      "Fun but boring at times" RBAddict666
Here it is, another Toto song that everyone was waiting for after Africa was released.

The song begins with the piano intro charted to double note chords that shift up and down the fret board before transitioning into the chorus which consists of single chord strums and chord sustains.

The verse consists of single note strums with sustains and a few hammer ons here and there.

The guitar solo contains sequences of very fast taps along with some single note strums and sustains and one trill lane.
The solo is perhaps the trickiest part which will make getting that Gold Star score pretty tough!

After the verse comes the final chorus which ends with multiple YO chord strums.

All in all it's a pretty fun song but I can't give it a perfect score as the chorus sections can be a little boring.

Recommended? Yes
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The Sound of Silence      "The Sound of Boredom" RBAddict666
The song begins with a 34 measure break so you'll be waiting a while before playing anything. When the bass finally kicks in it's just a series of single note and chord sustains. There are just over 110 notes in the song so avoid this if you only play bass.
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Terrible Lie      "Terrible Guitar" RBAddict666
The entirety of the chart consists of nothing but GR and GY chords. You strum each note one after the other 45 times as there are only 90 notes in this chart. About midway through the song you play nothing for about a minute. If you're a guitar player avoid this one.
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Chiasm      "WTF?!!" RBAddict666
This has got to be the biggest CLUSTERFUCK of a guitar chart I have EVER seen and played. This makes OGaP look piss easy compared to this. The song starts off with fast taps which shift across the fretboard. After two chord sustains you get a short section with some insane trills going into another section with short bursts of alt-strum notes. Following this is the first of two guitar solos. Now be prepared to miss A LOT of notes here as this solo is just a massive clusterfuck of FAST tap notes which are all over the fret board. After the solo is another section with short bursts of alt-strums going into a section with some simple notes followed by a fast hammer-on snake.
After this is a section with simple sustains and chords before coming to the start of the second guitar solo in the song.
The solo starts of relatively simple but gets harder at about 35%. However, when you reach about 50% this is when the solo gets COMPLETELY MENTAL with very fast tap notes all over the place! This is the reason why NO ONE has FC'd this on guitar. The solo ends with some sustains.
After the solo is done, you are now back to the fast taps that were in the intro and this goes on right until the end of the song.

Overall, this song is fucking insane to play on guitar. Only get this if you are a masochist and feel up for a challenge! There is a reason why even the best RB & GH players can't FC this on guitar. In fact, this is #1 in the Top 100 Hardest Guitar FCs thread on ScoreHero!
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Moves Like Jagger      "Interesting outro but still boring" RBAddict666
The majority of the song is just strumming single red and green notes with the occasional blue and oranges thrown in. The chart starts to pick up when Christina's section comes in with slightly faster strums and more frets used. When the chorus comes in again, the chart gets interesting with some fast alt-strums and hammer-ons where you have to move up and down the fretboard. However, this only lasts for about 40 seconds. Overall, this is a pretty boring song to play on bass. The only thing that saves it from a one star is the outro.
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Raise Your Glass      "Boring" RBAddict666
This is probably one of the most boring bass charts I've ever played. After 45 seconds of nothing you finally get bass to play but they are just simple short sustained notes. After another 30 seconds of blank space, you get the same notes again. Then there's another 25 seconds of blank space followed by playing the same notes over and over again. The whole song consists of easy sustains and a lot of blank space. I cannot understand how HMX thought this was a tier 2. This surely should've been a 0. Unless you're going for an FGFC on bass, don't play this song.
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Surrender (Live)      "Repetitive" RBAddict666
Having just played this song on Standard Expert Keys I can see why this song is rated extremely low. The song starts off with a snake pattern that goes from green to red to yellow and then back to red and green again. This pattern continues for the next 15 or so seconds. After that the notes move up the board where you are now playing another snake pattern going from red to yellow to blue then back to yellow and then red again. The problem with this song is that the ENTIRE SONG is the same pattern over and over again. It's extremely easy to play but it gets boring after playing the same notes after the next 2 or so minutes non-stop. Finally the notes move up the board again. However you are still playing the exact same pattern but going from yellow to orange this time. Like what the other reviews say, if you are only a Keyboard player, skip this song.
05.30.12 10:28pm 2 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
Need You Tonight      "Easiest Keys song EVER" RBAddict666
I don't think there is much to say about this song on Keyboard. Both the Standard and Pro versions only have 24 notes and they are ALL the same chord. If you're after an easy expert Keys / Pro Keys FC then this is definitely one to play.
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Down Under      "Great song but boring bass chart" RBAddict666
The bass chart is nothing special. At 4.2 stars it's a bit too overrated. The song starts off well with a nice intro consisting of hammer-ons and chord HOs which somewhat mimics the flute at the start. However, after that, the rest of the song is just single strummed notes throughout with some occassional hammer-ons. If you are only a bass player, I'd pass on this.

I gave the song an extra star for the intro which was fun while it lasted.
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I Believe in a Thing Called Love      "BUY THIS SONG NOW!!!" RBAddict666
This has got to be one of the best songs ever released in Rock Band. The whole song is extremely fun to play. The chart starts off with some chord sections which occur during the choruses. Also, in the song are three guitar solos, each of which are a blast to play.

The first solo consists of simple chords and chord hammer-ons which are no problem to hit.

The second solo consists of sustains, chord hammer-ons and some very nice hammer-on sweeps.

The third and final guitar solo is probably the highlight of this song. You start off with some simple sustains going into a really fun hammer-on section where you hold down the green button with one finger and tap each of the other notes with another finger.

After the solos, comes the chorus once again finishing with a Big Rock Ending which is really fitting here.

Overall, this has to rank in the top 10 guitar songs I have played. I recommend you get this song NOW!

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Wait and Bleed      "HORRIBLE" RBAddict666
I've played some really bad guitar charts in the past but fucking hell, this chart has got to be one of the WORST I have EVER played! The hammer-on chords are extremely annoying to hit. You have to cross your fingers from GR to GY and back to GR again while also strumming GY and GB chords too. There are some OK parts with alt-strum chords but most of the song consists of awkward chords and really bad HO placement. Not only that, but the 360 version has serious problems with notes going completely off sync at the ending. This song is really NOT FUN in the slightest. AVOID! Such a shame too, since I really like this song.


EDIT: Seems that the syncing problem is fixed in the 360 version now.
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Never Let Me Down Again      "Nothing but sustains..." RBAddict666
Bass players, avoid this song. The only notes here are single sustains that last for the entire duration of the song. That's it, nothing but sustains for 4 minutes.

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Unbelievable      "Unexpectedly fun" RBAddict666
Wow, this is surprisingly fun for a Tier 1 Bass chart. The chart consists mainly of single strums but the notes move up and down the frets every second and there are some double strum notes to hit too. During the choruses there some hammer-ons which make it easy to switch to other notes with some sustains. Overall, an "unbelievably" fun song to play on Bass!
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Parallel Universe      "Ummm... ouch!" RBAddict666
This song was just NOT fun on Bass at all. The entire chart consists of nothing but 4+ minutes of alt-strums throughout with a few split-second breaks. My hand was starting to get tired after just about a minute and then when the speed picked up at the end I just couldn't keep up. I don't mind alt-strums but when they go on throughout the ENTIRE song, I just don't like it.
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Antibodies      "Awkward" RBAddict666
This song is very annoying to play on guitar. Not only is it undertiered but the chart is very awkward and horrible to play. The song starts of with some single notes and alt-strum chords and the pattern carries on until the chorus with simple 3-note chords and sustains. After that, the same pattern of annoying notes continues until the chorus once again.
Finally, after that is the most annoying part of the song. All this is, is a really awkward pattern of alt-strum notes and 2/3-note chords. This goes on until the end of the song. The only good thing I can say about this is that the choruses are easy to play. Everything else is just annoying. I just cannot understand how HMX thought this was Tier 2 when that ending surely makes it at least Tier 4.

Rating: 1/5
08.16.11 4:17pm 3 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
South Side of the Sky      "Great song let down by a long guitar break" RBAddict666
I do like this song. It has some very fun parts to play like the hammer-on and the chord sections. However, after about 2 minutes there is no guitar to play for the next 3 and a half minutes. Instead, you will be stuck listening to piano and harmonies with nothing to do but stare at the screen. After the long section of nothing the guitar chart resumes with the fun riff that was heard at the start and then the song ends with a fun guitar solo with lots of hammer-on sweeps.

Summary: A great song with some very fun parts but it's let down by the 3 and a half minute section of nothing.

Rating: 3/5
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I've Seen All Good People      "Starts off boring but picks up half way through" RBAddict666
The song starts of with plucking some chords and playing some hammer ons but after that comes a 3 and a half minute long chordfest. However, after you are finished with that, the song really starts to pick up with fun hammer on and chord plucking sections. Then comes a guitar solo which is very fun to play with some nice hammer on sweeps and a lot of HO triplets. After that comes some more hammer on parts with more note plucking until the end.
Overall, this is a fun song that starts off a bit boring with a long chordfest but really picks up after that. Not quite a 5 but it gets a high 4 from me. :)
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Mr. Crowley      "Really undertiered" RBAddict666
Don't be fooled by the tier 2 difficulty on Keys. It is really much harder than you think. In fact, I failed this once due to the really hard ascending notes that occur before and during the guitar solos and also near the end. The organ intro is really awesome to play but can be hard due to the 5 fast ascending notes. There are also some nice broken note sections (just like extended sustains from GH but on Keyboard) to play during the choruses.
Overall, I found this a fun chart to play and I think this is more like a tier 4 rather than 2 because of the ascending notes.

5/5 - First ever review for Keys. I played this on Standard.
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Tubthumping      "Repetitive" RBAddict666
If you enjoy playing the same note pattern for the whole song then this is the song for you. It's just G,B,Y,R,Y,G,B,Y,R,Y,Y,Y,Y,Y,Y,Y...... over and over again. *yawn*

06.15.11 3:30pm 1 Replies | Reply -1 Relevance
Stand Back      "Boring alt-strum fest" RBAddict666
How in the hell does this song have 3.5 Stars for Bass?! This chart is just not fun. The ENTIRE song consists of alt-strums. That's it. No hammer-ons, pull offs, chords AND sustains. Just alt-strumming 2,257 single notes NON-STOP for 5 MINUTES. If you are only a Bass player then avoid this song unless you like long alt-strum fests.

04.17.11 8:46pm 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
Edge of Seventeen (Just Like the White Winged Dove)      "OUCH!!!" RBAddict666
This is undoubtedly the most PAINFUL guitar chart I have ever played. About 99% of the song is alt-strums with only 3 notes used; red, yellow and orange. There are brief occassions where you play some chords but they don't last long and then it's back to the strumming once again. Then at one point you will see some RY alt-strum chords but then it's back to alt-strumming those single notes again with a VERY BRIEF use of the green and red notes near the end.

With more than 2,300 notes and lasting more than 5 minutes this song will leave you with a VERY tired hand.

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