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Released April 7, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: Mantis (2009)
Author: Andrew-Buch

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1348, 13+(4+8), 13+(12), 1(3)+1(2)=5 Stars. It's right there Karmeleaux
Look, download the demo. You play a bass chord and a few hammer-on scales, among other things, within the first ten seconds. I can't see that not selling the song to you.

From there, you strum yellow a lot until you get to another rhythm. This one has different types of HO/PO scales, which are all a blast.

After that, the vocals come in, and the bass is reduced to sustains. But they scale upward, and the scale changes is the second part of the vocal parts. The vocals drop out and the intro rhythm picks up again, and then...

This is a five-star part right now, without a question. The guitar solo is kinda missable to me, but the bass part during it is not. I'm going to try to communicate hammer-ons as lower case notes, so here's what it looks like: GybRboRbGybRboRyG~~~. It's just such a blast for me, I can't see anyone not enjoying it.

From there, yellow strumming into the second rhythm again, and the second rhythm through the outro.

It's not incredibly varied in the number of rhythms, but the rhythms themselves have a lot of variation within them, so it should be a pretty good time for any bassist.

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