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Released January 21, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Alternative
Album: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (2009)

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rhythm chord fun Drumony
A new track by French alternative rock band - Phoenix. The band has been around for about a decade receiving international recognition elsewhere but the U.S. Not 'til the release of their latest album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix which helped earn the band a grammy nomination and praise in the U.S. for 2009. The song "1901" (paying tribute to life in old Paris) has been receiving worldwide attention and is currently background music for a recent car ad in the U.S. The playability of the guitar track most notably consists of a lot of two chord notes and some three chord notes. While transitioning between notes you often strum a single note before returning to a steady not too difficult array of chords that can be down-strummed the whole way if you choose. The tune is definitely fun to listen to but doesn't include a whole lot of challenge for your advance/expert RB player. Guitar is fun even without any solos. A nice addition to your RB library I must say.
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Starts out simple with some nice synthy held notes, then you go into your typical bass strumming... but then the chorus comes and out of nowhere you start strumming triplets, then quintuplets (is that a thing?), and leading out of the chorus you actually get some bass chords, which is a nice rarity.

Some may think it's nothing special, but I enjoyed the hell out of it when I played it. It kept me on my toes.
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So Mogwai
I'm actually going to go as far as to give this one a five star score.. Even though it's considered a "chordfest" and it's not exactly that hard/challenging. In fact, it's quite easy. I sightread FC'd it, and have played it a few times since and have FC'd it each time.

But it's such a fun song, even without being hard. I somewhat think I enjoy it so much because I like the song/band a lot. Still though, for a "chordfest" this one is fun. I'd suggest it to players, especially those who aren't super good at guitar and would prefer an easier song.
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Enjoyable and lots of variety nascarfan19
I enjoy playing this song a lot. A lot of it is hi-hat cymbals and kick pedal, but there are other parts that make it more fun.

The one part that confuses me is the backwards hi-hat pattern pre-chorus. I just find it confusing to have to use the weak hand (for most people) to hit something that is really hi-hat. Considering the sound, I would put it on the blue pad. However, that's what gives the song a lot of challenge!

The song is overall enjoyable to listen to and is fun on all instruments!
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Hey hey hey hey hey! Caleb
Really fun. This song is so catchy and it gets me moving each time.
Vox are challenging, the pitch shifts a lot, and since I'm not familiar with the lyrics, I messed up more than I should have.
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Strummin, Strummin, Strummin, Strummin! Caleb
It's a chordgasm at heart, but it's got a nice beat. And it's a very catchy song. Most would probably recognize it from a car commercial.
Not very good for guitarists, but it's enjoyable at most.
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Fallout Phoenix
Writing reviews for songs considered chordfests are a little difficult. It's not really a review if all I write is a four letter statement that reads "This is a chordfest." All I can really do is tell you the various patterns that play through the song.

It opens up with a YB chord segments and introduces the Orange fret in the chords and then it just dabbles with GY and RB chords. There are a few three chord notes but nothing absolutely spectacular. However for a chordfest it does a good job entertaining the player.

Chances are you have also heard this song on the radio before, if you've listened to any Alternative rock stations, it's possible you have. Regardless it's a standard chordfest without any new tricks to back it up.

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Lots of strumming, but once you get past that, the song is solid.
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