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Released October 26, 2010 for Rock Band
Rock Band 3 Import
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Tanx (1973)

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Instrument Played: Sax Dr Sardonicus
It's sad that one of my favorite songs on disc has such a boring keys part. For the first 3 minutes, you play two patterns, both mimicking the guitar part. You just play the E and G note between each other whenever the guitar does this pattern, which means there's also quite a bit of space between, namely whenever the vocals come in. For the bridge, you play a pattern with a little more variety and movement, but that's basically two patterns strung together that repeats more. Right at the end, however, there's a sax solo that's easily the best part of the chart, with notes everywhere and fun scales throughout. Right after this the song ends.

The way the song plays out reminds me a lot of Moves Like Jagger on bass. For the whole thing, you play the same boring pattern right until the end, where it gets to be a lot of fun. But is it worth waiting 3 minutes for a rather short payoff? I'd say no.
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Moves Like a Bee Karmeleaux
The intro/pre-chorus/chorus is doubling the guitar line, which means it's sustain-focused, but it also has a little movement, some strum changes including short double-strum, and a repeating short fill at the end that's fairly fun.

The verses are focused on quarter notes on blue, but that's really the tip of the iceberg. It routinely throws something new in there, perhaps a yellow or red eighth note between them, perhaps an extra blue into a red sustain, all sorts of simple but fun tricks. Not to mention at the end of verses there's some mean scales.

The verses are really fun, the other rhythm is okay, this would be just barely a four-star thanks to the scales. And it's like the song heard me - during the sax and guitar solo, the bass goes into an eighth note rhythm, and scales wildly and frequently. It's really fun.

Some people won't be able to make the trek through the sustain-focused part, but the verses are pretty fun and the ending is a blast, so I'd say check 'em out, they're worth it.

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