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Released December 30, 2011 for Rock Band
Rush 2112
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Genre: Prog
Album: 2112 (1976)

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20 minutes that no guitarist will ever regret. PuppetMasterIX
This 20-minute long epic is all about a guy in a dystopian future unearthing an ancient guitar... Well, okay, it's actually a bit more complicated than that, but with a synopsis like that, it's very easy to assume that this is one for the ages on guitar. That assumption would be entirely correct.

There are a whopping 61 sections total in the suite, and only Temples of Syrinx and Presentation have repeats of any sort while the rest are entirely progressive. No section throughout the song - not even the scarce repeats - overstays its welcome, being present for long enough to keep the player entertained while not dragging to the point of tedium.

The riffs throughout the song are dynamic and never tiresome. Whether it's being presented with a wide array of patterns in "Overture"; to playing engaging chord progressions in "The Temples of Syrinx"; to playing along with the initially simple, but gradually blooming complexity of "Discovery"; the song never ceases to bore the guitarist. Even when the song exceeds the 10-minute mark, it is hard for guitarists not to be entertained, as they play varied riffs and an awesome solo in "Presentation"; pick the slow, somber melodies in "Oracle: The Dream" and "Soliloquy"; and perform their way up to the "Grand Finale", complete with a tricky solo and concluding with the climactic Big Rock Ending.

There are five solos total, with almost all of them being diverse and challenging in their own ways (though one in particular is not really worth noting). The first and third (present in "Overture" and "Soliloquy", respectively) are just right on the difficulty plane, while the second and fifth solos ("Presentation" and "Grand Finale") are fairly challenging, but are also some of the standout moments in what is already a medley chock full of memorable riffs. In contrast, however, the fourth solo (also present in "Grand Finale") has only six notes, making it possibly the easiest guitar solo in the game's history, but that's easy to ignore considering the quality of the other solos.

If you're a guitarist, it is your obligation to drop the $5.50 needed to purchase this song. Heck, if you play any of the other instruments, spend that Lincoln and two quarters on this song. It's a 20-minute pastime that you will not regret any time you decide to play it. It's one of the single best options available in the DLC store, and one of the best tracks all around that has ever graced the game. My highest recommendation.
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