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Released June 11, 2009 for Rock Band
Flight 666: Rock Band Edition
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Genre: Metal
Album: Flight 666: Rockband Edition (1984)

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This song is an endurance test. But it somehow manages to be a fun one. Your right arm and your leg will be in pain by the end, but the song changes up so much that you'll feel thrilled by the time it's over. Lots of pedaling, lots of fast cymbal beats, and lots of song in general. It's long, it's tough, and it's fun.
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Playing Bass at 11:58 is somewhat thrilling. Saccian
In general, I prefer to play Guitar when playing the stringed instruments or I guess I should say the plastic button ones here. I usually get bored with Bass as the note charts are often a lot less lively and just follow the rhythm guitar. Thanks to Steve Harris, playing Bass for 2 Minutes to Midnight is pretty fun.

The bass guitar here has more of a lead bass feel rather than following the guitar similar to many Rush songs. The song starts out with a simple bassline that eventually turns into a slower gallop. There are a bunch of cool licks during the chorus that go all over the 'fretboard' if you will. The song goes back and forth through the galloping and the more lively chorus and then back again to the initial bassline. There are a handful of HOPO's throughout the song as well to lessen strum-fest feel that many songs have for Bass.

This song has a quick tempo and you're never playing the same note for a long period of time. If you like, or at least don't hate Heavy Metal music, I would recommend this song for any Guitar/Bass player. To be honest I would recommend the whole pack as it is one of my favorites.
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