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Released November 20, 2007 for Rock Band
Queens of the Stone Age 01
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Era Vulgaris (2007)

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Fast alt-strumming, lots of movement, great solo Madotsuki
Throughout the intro and verses of this track you're playing a riff that consists of 2-note chords with LOTS of fast pre-chord alt-strumming that is incredibly fun, and you play this riff quite a bit during the song.
There are a few points in the chart that the pre-chord alt-strumming suddenly speeds up extremely quickly, likely breaking your streak (kind of like some of those Silversun Pickups songs).
Some sections have you playing some single-notes, which is a nice break from the main riff.
The section before the bass break is pretty tricky, with some quick movement back and forth across the fretboard, and some fast rows of notes the may require alt-strumming.
The solo is very active and difficult, theres lots of movement all over the place and plenty of HO/POs to keep your streak broken and your eyes on the screen.
Overall, this song has lots of movement, fast alt-strumming and a number of other tricks to keep you on your toes and keep you coming back to this great guitar chart.
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Very active chart, some tricky HO/POs. Madotsuki
Theres quite a bit of movement throughout this track, and its actually a hell of alot of fun.
During the verses theres mostly notes that move all around with very few HO/POs, but you're never really staying in the same place, and the great rhythm really keeps the verses going.
Theres a section where you're playing some very quick HO/POs in-between some notes repeatedly that is pretty tricky because you have to quickly jump your fingers across the fretboard, and its quite difficult, but at the same time, extremely fun and probably the best parts of the song. These quick HO/POs progressions repeat often, and they never quite stay in the same pattern.
Theres a bass break that is basically just the verse's notes, and before that, theres rows of notes that may require some alt-strumming, which is an absolute blast.
Overall, this song has alot of movement, and is incredibly entertaining, the verses are a bit repetitive, but the song changes enough and has a enough tricks to keep you entertained.
If you mainly play bass, you will very likely enjoy this, and I would recommend it if you like QoTSA.
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